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Exercise Prevents Premature Death of Arthritis

If you pay attention to the latest health findings, you already know that an inactive lifestyle and low fitness, two traits that characterize many people with arthritis, increase a person's chances of developing several potentially fatal chronic disease, including coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and possibly strokes and cancer. As you may also know, coronary artery disease, which causes heart attacks, is the leading killer in the United States and most other industrialized nations. Though you may not necessarily die as a direct result of your arthritis, it can ease you into a lifestyle that's lethal. People who use their arthritis as an excuse to put their feet up and coddle themselves for the reminder of their days are likely to reduce the number of those days.

In 1987, Dr.Kenneth E. Powell and his colleagues from the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta scrutinized over 40 respected studies that began early as 1950. The group's goal was to asses…

Does Love Change As We Age?

If The Beatles were right, love is all we need and money can't buy it. Given that we change, and relationships change as we grow older, could it be that love changes as we age?

Singing about love can be easier than trying to define it. Ancient Greek has four distinct words for love: ag�pe, �ros, phil�a, and storg�. So what's being asked is whether ag�pe (a consuming passion for the well-being of others) or phil�a (a companionable love) replace �ros (a love of passion) as we age?

The love stories that we've been brought up with are mainly about young people. Rarely do we hear about the young lovers as older people. And the youngster's focus doesn't seem to shift away from each other's physicality and whatever sexual desire they might have for each other. The idea of growing old together doesn't get a jersey.

Older adulthood is not without its challenges with this population facing transitions such as retirement, empty nesting, and changes in health.

Research te…

Botox Treatment - The Wonder Surgery

Botox is one of the most reliable treatments available that can fight the signs of ageing effectively. Botox injections are widely used all over the world.

Have you ever wondered why these TV and movie celebrities look way younger than their real age? You'll be surprised to know that Botox anti-ageing injects are the real secret of celebs and movie stars in Hollywood and Bollywood as well.

Another amazing quality of Botox that many people don't know is that this wonder injection is also used to treat various medical conditions. Scientists are evolving the use of Botox, which is effective to treat different medical problems.

Let's take a look at some medical conditions in which doctors are using Botox injections:

1. Headaches

It has been clinically proven that Botox injections can reduce the intensity of migraines in both men & women. The treatment incorporates up to 40 injections, which are applied around face and neck. A few patients may not get help or relief instantly a…

Can Fermented Foods Help Prevent Cancer?

There's no doubt about it - cancer and nutrition are two peas in a pod, and the only way around the cause and effect of a poor diet is to improve it. Naturopathic oncologists are educating their patients of the importance of eating cleaner, healthier foods. There's no denying the fact that many of the foods sold in stores are over-processed and under-nutritious.

Consuming these types of foods will only lead you down the path to health problems, which may include obesity, irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut and cancer (especially of the colon). This is why it's essential for you to eat fermented foods. There's evidence that suggests it can help fight against cancer. The bacteria inside of fermented foods can help suppress cancers of the colon, breast, liver, intestine and various other organs.

Butyrate, which is a short-chain fatty acid, is found to induce programmed cell death of cancerous cells found in the colon. This fatty acid can be found in cultured milk products.…

How to Raise Female Libido Naturally

Your body undergoes a lot of changes during menopause. A shift in hormonal production triggers a drop down in your libido or sex drive. Not just this, lack of estrogen can also lead to vaginal dryness that can make intercourse immensely painful. There are a couple of other issues such as stress, depression, relationship issues, certain medicines etc. that can take a toll on your sex drive.

However, you do not have to suffer in silence. Here are some great ways to boost female libido naturally and safely:

1. Begin With Exercise - Regular exercise is one of the best ways to tackle some of the root causes of low libido which include poor blood flow and stress. Exercise helps boost blood flow not just throughout the body but also to the clitoris. In addition to this, it's a great stress buster too.

2. Try Some Cayenne Peppers - Cayenne Peppers are great for increasing blood flow to your girly parts. Thus, they can be a great help in boosting your libido or sex drive.

3. Spend Some Quali…

Magnesium Deficiency Can Make You Feel Very Ill

If you are suffering from, poor concentration and memory, low energy and adrenal exhaustion, insomnia, depression, muscular and/or menstrual cramps or headaches and migraines, then you may be low on Magnesium.

Magnesium is one of the most common vitamin deficiencies today. We can find Magnesium in leafy green vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds. One of the most common reasons for this increased lack in Magnesium is because of the way our food is being farmed and processed. Also, our high stress lives either mental and/or physical adds to the problem, as our body uses more Magnesium during these stressful times.

Our body needs magnesium to work properly. We generally find it stored in our organs, bones and a small amount in our blood stream. It is harder to detect a deficiency because of where it is stored and you may not even realize that you are lacking in the vitamin until you start to have the physical signs. The early signs to look out for can include things such as loss of ap…

How Science And Religion Eliminate Mental Health Problems

Every mental disorder can be cured when we understand that we have to stop having the behavior imposed by our anti-conscience and we do what God shows us in our dreams.

Obedient students and patients always find solutions and evolve. You have to be one of them.

Disobedient patients keep listening to the repetitive thoughts sent by their anti-conscience, and this is why they cannot abandon the vicious circle of craziness.

God repeats the same messages many times in many different ways until the dreamer will finally agree to do what He is showing him or her.

The dreamer must combat the absurd thoughts sent to his conscience by his anti-conscience instead of listening to them, and agree with God.

God is a very patient doctor who never abandons anyone, but if you don't obey his guidance, you are merely wasting your time, while you are exposed to numerous dangers. You have to follow God's guidance in order to evolve and stop being a victim of your satanic anti-conscience.

You must trust…

Our Healing Vibration

Cultures from all over the world have acknowledged the existence of a universal energy force flowing through everything in the world, including the human body. It has been called 'Prana' in India. 'Chi' in the Far East and 'Amimu' in some shamanistic traditions. Many refer to it as 'Spirit' or the 'Life Force.'

Ancient sages and modern scientists agree that everything in life is formed of vibrations. Vibration is the result of force or energy concentrated in some mysterious way and caused to vibrate, shake or oscillate at different speeds. The difference between one object and another is a question of rate of vibration.The number and arrangement of the electrons within an atom make up these vibratory differences.

Energy is something we put out into the world. When we notice this interconnection and how we affect one another, some start to take more responsibility for the energy we radiate. Meditation shifts energy. Once we begin to operate at a h…

Type 2 Diabetes - Why This Form of Diabetes Is Becoming More Common

It is no secret Type 2 diabetes is prevalent in our society. There is a good chance nearly everyone knows someone who is afflicted with this form of diabetes if they don't deal with blood sugar problems themselves. Even if we don't divulge these sensitive details to strangers, it is almost a guarantee many of the people around you do not have the healthiest blood sugar levels.

These facts are true for one simple reason: Type 2 diabetes is becoming more common. Large numbers of people are diagnosed with each passing year. From a medical standpoint, this is a disaster. For many adults, this is a reality. The epidemic is clearly here to stay. There is no telling if it is going to continue worsening, but signs indicate it will if we are to trust the current trend. Statistics are not favorable but attempting to deny them would be futile.

On a positive note, we can identify why Type 2 diabetes is becoming more common. Through the identification of the underlying causes, we can deter…

Quit Smoking - Better Than Before

In health terms what almost everyone likes to report after some intervention or action is that they feel better than before.

The faster that happens, the happier people are with their therapy. We are all in a rush and delayed gratification doesn't work well for most of us.

Advanced hypnosis as a therapy has that exact effect of the majority of people. They come in to a hypnosis clinic, and walk out as a non-smoker. This is definitely a better than before experience. But as the television ads say, there is more!

Each week for at least the first month there will be more better than before moments. As you breathe more easily, and your energy increases, you are better. As your purse or wallet remains much fuller each week, that is certainly better.

Of course most of the changes will go unnoticed, because they are subtle of you simply don't get a strong feedback from that part of your body.

For example, your brain, It doesn't register pain, so you won't notice that the inflamma…

Family Dental Plans: Top Five Benefits

Family dental plans are often compared side by side to insurance. Instead of comparing them, it should be noted that both have their own long list of benefits. Because family dental plans are a newer alternative to getting care at a discount price, most people are still unaware of the benefits that family dental plans come with.

Only Pay for What You Use

Because medical insurance companies are required to cover certain things, the cost of all of that is included in the cost of the monthly premium. Therefore insurance coverage is so much more expensive than a family dental plan.

Instead of paying for everything, members will receive a discount card that gives them discounts on the services that they need.

Lower Cost

Speaking of cost, that is one of the main reasons that many people opt for a family dental plan instead of insurance coverage. The cost of one of these can be under $10 per month compared to the hundreds of dollars that insurance coverage can cost.

This is because these companie…

Cavities in Kids: What Happens When They Aren't Taken Care of?

Children are often at an increased risk of cavities due to several factors. Certain risk factors can increase a child's risk of developing cavities, such as poor nutrition, lower socioeconomic status, and lack of insurance.

Unfortunately, children that have cavities that do not have insurance are often left to suffer while their parents save the money to get the problem taken care of. This can be more than an inconvenience to children, it can cause problems that may last a lifetime.

Lower Self-Esteem

When children do not have a healthy smile, they do not have a pretty smile. No matter what a parent says, a child will often feel self-conscious about their smile, resulting in them shying away from their peers, developing lower self-esteem and they may fall into a depression.

Low self-esteem can then have a snowball effect because it leads to an increased risk of teen pregnancy, drug abuse and risky behavior when children turn into teenagers.

Decreased Functioning

Dental disease can cause…

Discount Dental Work: Finding Care at an Affordable Cost

Finding discount dental work often gives people the vision of visiting a dentistry school full of inexperienced individuals that will make mistakes that will cause a life of oral pain. This is because people associate money with quality.

It is a common misconception that you get what you pay for. If the cost is low, most people assume that the quality is low as well. That may be true when it comes to handbags, but it is not when it comes to discount dental work.

Instead, the quality is usually the same regardless of how much money patients save. Now that it has been determined that there is nothing wrong with getting something done at a cheaper price, the key is finding exactly how and where to get discount dental work.


Plans are a great way to get discount dental work. Most providers will accept dental plans, and offer the same quality of work at a discount price. These plans help patients save money just like an insurance company does, except there is no approval process for most…