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What Are The Causes And Risk Factors For UTIs?

Anything that hinders the bladder from emptying out completely or causes an irritation in the urinary tract can cause a UTI or urinary tract infection. There are several risk factors that may make you more susceptible to this condition.

A Blockage
Kidney stones, an enlarged prostate and certain types of cancer can cause a blockage anywhere along the urinary tract. This obstructs the flow of urine and makes it difficult to empty the bladder.

Bathroom Hygiene
Wiping from the rectal area towards the urethra after going to the bathroom can cause bacteria to get deposited at the urethra, resulting in an infection.

Not Urinating After Sex
During intercourse, bacteria from the colon pass into the bladder because of pressure on the urinary tract. In most cases these bacteria are expelled naturally by the body within twenty four hours. Sometimes however, some bacteria get left behind on the bladder causing an infection.

High Blood Sugar
High blood sugar in the body provides an optimum environment…

How Is Degenerative Disc Disease Treated?

Degenerative disc disease can cause a wide range of symptoms, the most common of which is lower back pain. Other symptoms can include neck pain, tingling or numbness in the extremities or pain in the buttocks, arms and hands.

If you have any of the distinctive symptoms of the condition, a doctor will first do a thorough diagnosis to rule out any other conditions. After a diagnosis of degenerative disc disease is confirmed, in most cases the doctor will prescribe some kind of non-invasive, conservative treatment to manage the pain and improve mobility and flexibility.

Common Conservative Treatments
Conservative treatments are usually non-invasive, which means there is no surgery involved.

Managing the back pain and the other symptoms is done with a combination of medication and physiotherapy. Doctors often prescribe steroid medications to reduce the inflammation and soothe the pain. In most cases, the steroid medications are administered orally. This helps to provide immediate relief fr…

Type 2 Diabetes - Do Genes and Diet Interact?

Much has been written on how genes affect our body and how nutrition affects us, but what about genes and nutrition together? According to research reported on in the British Journal of Nutrition in January 2017, genes and diet can combine to do more than either could do alone. Scientists at the University of Singapore and several other Scientists in the United States and China compared insulin resistance in identical and non-identical twins. In Type 2 diabetes the body is resistant to insulin. Both dietary fat and family history are linked with insulin resistance. So what happens when the two occur together?

A total of 162 pairs of identical twins and 149 non-identical twins in southeastern China were included...

identical twins had more diabetes-related attributes than non-identical twins.

The dietary fat intake, insulin sensitivity, and insulin resistance were strongly linked genetically, linked more closely in identical than non-identical twins...

dietary fat intake was 52 percent gen…

4 Reasons Why Weight Management Hypnosis Will Be Valuable For You

The desire to release weight could well be the number one desire in the developed world. And there are probably more different ways to supposedly solve the issue, than ever before, and yet here we are in 2017 with a greater obesity problem than ever, plus there is more diabetes and more people frustrated about their weight than ever before.

Using hypnosis for weight management is the perfect way to make your healthy diet and exercise work faster and better. But the main reason hypnosis helps is by bi-passing all the reasons that you have not succeeded up until this point.

So where is your barrier to weight loss?

Emotional eating. You know how it works, you have a bad day, someone upsets you, you get bad news or your teenager is driving you nuts? So outcome your favorite comfort foods. Chocolate, cookies, pasta, alcohol, cola, salty snacks, etc.

You eat or drink way to much in an attempt to feel better, but after the initial moments of taste pleasure, you just keep shoveling it in, until y…

Why, When And How To Select A Good Makeup Artist?

Do makeup according to the season or reason. One of the most desired thing for a person is to look good and this statement absolutely stands true in case of girls. Their desire to make them look good often ends up in getting gaga over the best makeup artists that they can get for themselves.

Why Get A Makeup Artist?
The very first thing to understand here is the fact that makeup and that too a perfect one is something as similar to a work of art and that not everyone can actually make the best out of it. A good beautician can actually ensure the fact that they have done a marvellous job on the person and make them look exceptionally beautiful.

Trusting a professional with the makeup is definitely one of the best things that people can do for themselves no matter what. The professional makeup artists can not only ensure a transformation but also the best one actually.

How To Select A Good Makeup Artist?
There are various ways that one can opt for a good beautifying artist for themselves. Th…

Wedding Makeup? Trust Only A Professional And Know How To Find One

There is absolutely no uncertainty in the actual fact that the humans are really possessive about just how they could look. The people may be female or male ensures each and every opportunity of looking good no matter what. That is absolutely why people can be ensured of the extremely fact they can complete with the best results only with proper makeup.

The wedding is definitely a situation that calls for proper makeup and that too in the most extravagant way. This is one particular time when people are simply gaga over the fact that they are going to look the most beautiful.

This can though happen only with the very help of the best available beautifying agent. Yes, it is extremely true that a good Wedding Makeup Artist is extremely necessary when it comes to the makeup in a wedding house.

Why trust a professional?
Wedding as already mentioned is definitely one of the major occasions and this is exactly why one simply wouldn't love anything that might just ruin it. This is possibly t…

Quit Smoking - Are You Bonding With Your Cigarettes?

Do you want to know how to cut back on smoking in just one day? All you have to do starting from now, is to take the time to truly bond with each and every cigarette you have.

Sounds weird? OK the reality is that most cigarettes you have during a busy day pass by largely unnoticed, your mind will be elsewhere, or the smoke just burns itself down in an ashtray.

Or perhaps you light up one after the other during an evening of drinking, losing count of how many you smoked.

My challenge to you, assuming that you want to quick is to take the time and notice every single smoke from now on.

As you draw heavily and your lungs expand, just imagine all of that smoke inside your lungs. Perhaps you may wonder how it gets from there into your blood stream.

As you let out a long slow stream of smoke, in the time honored way of smokers over the ages, you could consider that some of the smoke has made its way to your brain. Maybe you could breathe out some of the smoke through a tissue.

As you ponder the s…

How To Sleep Better And Achieve More

If you want to sleep well, wake up happy, have more energy and passion for the day ahead, here are my top 3 tips for achieving this. A few changes to your daily routine and habits can make a significant difference.

1. Create an evening routine. About an hour before you go to bed, you need to have a routine that starts to tell your brain and your body that you are preparing for sleep. This might be changing into your relaxed clothing, having a warm drink, listening to music or meditating. It needs to be something that is soothing and relaxing to you. No TV, phones or media. Maybe take a bath or do some deep breathing. Changing your sleep pattern won't happen overnight. You are re training yourself and that can take time, so patient is needed.

2. Work with a coach. Look more closely at your whole life. Look at what is working in your life and what isn't working so well. Is there any stress within your life that is disturbing your sleep? Is there anything about your environment or…

Preventing Kidney Stones - Get a Grip on Renal Calculi

The main symptom of kidney stones or renal calculi are side or back pain that does not disappear. You can also have pink urine or urine that has a bad odour, fever or pain when urinating. Experts say the incidence of renal calculi s is increasing, though they cannot pin point the reason. Men are more prone to this condition than women. Age is also a factor. The chances of renal calculi rises after a man passes the age of 40 and continues to increase until 70. For women, the risk peaks at age 50.

Each day, about 190 liters of blood flow through the kidneys. The kidneys remove blood waste, including various minerals and other substances, so that they are passed through the urine. In people with kidney stones, certain minerals in the urine combine with other wastes and begin to form a stone.

Kidney stones are not all the same. The most common type is Calcium stones made of calcium oxalate. The less common types of stones are made of uric acid or other elements, all found naturally …

Your Health Is Your Business, Indeed

Do you agree with this statement, or do you believe that your health is your doctor's business?

You might say, "I'm not an MD-how can I be more knowledgeable about my health than my doctor, who has studied medicine for many years?"

Well, let me tell you something: When it comes to your own body and your own health, you're more knowledgeable and more powerful than you can imagine.

You even have the potential to make your own diagnosis because you, more than anyone else, know what's missing in your life. And you may be surprised to learn that whatever it is that's missing is your prescription for healing.

It's been well documented that our jobs, relationships, loneliness, stress and worry can be the cause of physical illnesses, including heart problems, back pain and diabetes. These individual health problems combine to adversely affect our overall quality of life and well-being.

But there's plenty you can do:

• Learn as much as you can about your health …

Do Home Remedies Work for Dental Pain?

You have a toothache or you have a nerve that has been exposed due to a missing filling. The pain can be unbearable and you need relief right now. Is there anything you can do at home with what you have to take away the pain?

Natural pain relief has been around for centuries. The rise and ready abundance of pain medication had temporarily steered pain suffering dental patients away from the natural, at-home remedies. A new trend has emerged over the last few years where the pendulum is swinging back to the DIY, natural, at-home pain relief remedies.

Do these at home pain remedies work?
The answer is a mixed yes and no. Some remedies don't work while others are effective at reducing the pain. The following remedies are effective in temporarily reducing dental pain.

If you do have dental pain, it is still best to get treatment and care from a dental professional. Only a dentist can diagnose the cause and source of your dental pain, whereby doing away with it for good.

When temporary pain…

What To Expect Before, During and After Vaser Lipo Treatment

When you're considering vaser lipo treatment, always do your research and only choose a reputable cosmetic clinic with qualified doctors. You can check to see how many cosmetic procedures the doctor has performed and have a look at their before and after photographs. You can also check them out on internet forums, as these are a great source of information.

The Consultation
When considering vaser lipo, the first thing you should do is book a consultation to see the doctor. Some consultations are free, but this isn't always the case. At the consultation, your requirements and expectations will be fully discussed and they will recommend the procedure that will get you the most effective results for your body.

The consultation will involve:

Taking your medical history.

Understanding your expectations and what you want from the procedure.

If you are asking for several procedures, they'll decide whether you can have the treatments done together, or whether you'll need separate ap…

What Kind of Auto Repair Services Are Important in Winter?

As the temperatures get colder, we start thinking about winter weather. It is important to know what auto repair services are needed before the snow starts flying. In addition to taking care of needed auto repair issues, there are several maintenance checks to think of, such as:

• Antifreeze -- Your radiator is filled with antifreeze to protect your vehicle through the winter. The correct ratio of antifreeze and water in the tank is generally 50/50. Have your radiator inspected to be sure that it is full and that it has the right antifreeze/water ratio.

• Tires -- Your tires have to work extra hard during the winter, so it is important that they be in good condition. Your safety may depend on it! The tire tread depth should be 2/32 inches to be safe, says the National Highway Safety Board. If your treads are less, then you should consider replacing your tires, possibly snow tires. Another thing to be aware of is tire pressure. During cold temperatures, air contracts and your tire pressu…