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How to Get Over Your Fear of the Unknown

Do you constantly fear what is about to come in your future? Do you fear the unknown? Do you procrastinate as a result of that? Fear not - this article is going to make you overcome your fear of the unknown.

First of all, you don't have to worry as you venture into the unknown. You can take tiny steps every day towards your goals. They don't have to be big ones. Start small and slow.

As you leave your comfort zone out into the unknown territory, tell yourself: I can figure it out as I get along. I don't have to know everything. Repeat this statement several times every day until you completely believe it. Life gets easier and you are more aware and alert.

You overcome your fear of the unknown by overcoming the supreme fear of your life, which is fear of death. If you can overcome this fear, you will never be scared of anything.

So how do you overcome your fear of death? By doing bold deeds and confronting upright whatever comes your way without hesitating or procrastinating. …

EFT for Vets With PTSD

We've heard so many stories of veterans who live with PTSD in Iraq and Afghanistan or vets who come home and struggle with PTSD. For a long time, there was a stigma around the kinds of emotional pain and traumatic stress that vets were experiencing, and they tried to hide it from friends, family, other soldiers and vets, and doctors. This may be changing. As it's becoming known that PTSD is, in a way, a "normal" reaction to experiencing the horrors of war-seeing buddies die or get injured, killing other people, being injured oneself-soldiers and vets are feeling less fear that they'll be stigmatized and are accepting the fact that they're suffering from PTSD.

PTSD is painful and has consequences in one's life

As a veteran of wars, knowing that you have PTSD and accepting the fact is a good first step. That doesn't take away the emotional pain, though. It's with you every day. There are a number of treatments being used to try to help vets heal from…

Type 2 Diabetes - There Are Health Benefits Connected to Eating Onions and Garlic

Some of the devastating complications of Type 2 diabetes include heart and blood vessel disease, kidney disease, and high blood pressure. Researchers at Shahid University in Tehran, Iran, found a link between eating onions and garlic and a smaller risk of diseases often associated with Type 2 diabetes.

Their work, reported on in March of 2017 in the Journal of Hypertension, compared men and women 26 to 54 years of age enrolled in the 6-year Tehran Lipid and Glucose Study. Compared with participants with a little or no intake of onions or garlic, individuals with the highest intake of garlic and onions had a...

64 percent lower risk of heart and blood vessel disease,

32 percent lower risk of diabetic kidney disease,

26 percent lower risk of developing high blood pressure.

Unfortunately, the vegetables did not lower the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes itself. The investigators concluded their work demonstrated a protective effect of onions and garlic on the heart, blood vessels, and kid…

Sticking to Your Diet - What Is Your Light Bulb Moment?

Every year millions of people around the world start diets and the majority of them give up within a few days or weeks, leading to feelings of failure and disappointment.

It is easy to start but it takes some mental effort to keep going, but it is easier to stick to your diet if you have had a light bulb moment.

Most people start a diet to lose weight to look better and to feel better about themselves. Unfortunately this only works long term for the most dedicated or the severely vain.

Failures tend to erode our self-confidence making each successive attempt less and less likely to be successful.

The light bulb moment is when you discover a reason for maintaining your diet that is so important that you can overcome all of your past failures and all your subconscious resistance, and simply just turn your diet into a lifestyle.

8 Such reasons as:

A serious health diagnosis.

Feeling left out of some activity because of weight or fitness.

Requirements for a great job.


Special occasions.


How To Quit Smoking When You Are Sceptical Of Succeeding

One of the biggest impediments to successfully quitting smoking is your internal belief system. Henry Ford once said that if you think you can or you think you can't either way you are right.

Of course that is easier said than done sometimes. But as you approach your hypnosis quit smoking session you can do so as a skeptic, which will flood your mind with doubt and anxiety.

I'm sure you can see how this wouldn't be helpful for you achieving your goal.

But instead what if you could just put your skepticism aside and in its place allow yourself to just imagine yourself as a non-smoker. In your thoughts let that belief to settle into every cell of your body.

In the movie Run Lola Run there were two alternative scenarios played out, the difference being in the timing of a key event, which affected the outcome considerably.

Picture this, in one scene your skepticism prevents you from quitting smoking and your life continues on with increasing frustration with your habit and in time…

10 Healthy Weight Loss Principles to Follow

According to the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR), evidence shows that our risk for many types of cancer is related to diet, physical activity and weight, which is a direct result of diet and physical activity. Maintaining a healthy weight is important to safeguarding your health but getting to a healthy weight is not always easy and can be dangerous if not done the right way.

Healthy vs. Unhealthy Weight Loss

Having excess weight and trying to lose it is a source of frustration for many. As a result, people often resort to fad diets with very specific rules and limitations that promise fast and substantial results. These rules and restrictions are difficult to stick to and once the timeframe for the fad diet is over, people most often gain all the weight, or even more, back. While the complex rules of these fad or trend diets makes it seem as though they are scientifically based, they are not; they are based on simple logic: Cut out a big chunk of calories by cutting out …

Ways to Eat Healthy at Work

Several individuals do not succeed in their passion to maintain a healthy diet due to the lack of knowledge of eating healthy at work. When at work, many find it difficult to stay committed to a diet plan due to several unavoidable reasons such as colleagues might request to eat with them, availability of lots of delicious food at workplace, etc. It's quite possible that most of us might be tempted to eat unhealthy food quite often as we spend a lot of time at work place without many healthy food options. Given ahead are easy to follow tips that can make the workplace a nutritionally positive experience.

Have Breakfast at Home

As breakfast tends to be a very important meal of the day, it's best not to skip it. After all it gives the much needed energy to your body to function effectively when the day begins, and it also paves the way for you to control your diet for the rest of the day. You might have problem controlling your hunger and there's a strong possibility that you…

Reiki As A Silent Or Talking Modality

Should a Reiki session be silent or should you talk instead? Well, both from the point of view of the practitioner and the client, this can be entirely a matter of personal choice. There are advantages and disadvantages to each version. Read on and see how you feel about the different possibilities.

Of course, some practitioners prefer total silence, with he exception perhaps of calming music in the background, which they may or may not ask you if you wish to have on. If they do not give you a choice about music, it may well be because their clinic or therapy room would be too noisy with some background noise or other. However, if you too prefer total silence and for you, that also includes music, you can ask for the music to be turned off, and that should be OK with the practitioner.

The silent Reiki Practitioner may go into a deep meditative state from which she or he does not wish to be disturbed, and that may be the best way that this practitioner can allow the Reiki to be channele…

Why Rudraksha Is Considered Beneficial for the Wearer

The word 'rudraksha' is a combination of the Sanskrit words, 'Rudra', another title of God Shiva and the word 'aksha' meaning teardrops. The literal meaning is "Shiva's teardrops" from mythical story of the tree bearing the "blessed seed". It is said that Lord Shiva once went into a deep meditation to pray for mankind's well-being. Upon awakening from the deeply meditative state many years later, some teardrops fell from his eyes to the earth and grew into the first rudraksha trees.

The holy seeds are the products of the Elaeocarpus ganitrus principle tree species along with many others kind of trees of the same genre. These seeds are dried and used as prayer beads, worn as a necklace or 'mala' by the hermits, saints and spiritually-inclined people. It is believed that these seeds have inherent magnetic and spiritual healing properties and protects the wearer from harm.

Types of Rudraksha

A rudraksha consists of the apex or …

What Snoring Treatments Are Available?

Snoring is a common sleep disorder that can affect all people at any age, although it occurs more frequently in men and people who are overweight. Snoring has a tendency to worsen with age. Forty-five percent of adults snore occasionally, while 25% are considered habitual snorers.

Occasional snoring is usually not very serious and is mostly a nuisance for the bed partner of the person who snores. However, the habitual snorer not only disrupts the sleep patterns of those close to him, he also disturbs his own. Habitual snorers snore whenever they sleep and are often tired after a night of what seems like quality rest. Medical assistance is usually needed for habitual snorers to get a good night's sleep.

What Snoring Treatments Are Available?

If you occasionally snore, you can try the following behavior changes to help treat the problem:

• Lose weight and improve your eating habits.

• Avoid tranquilizers, sleeping pills, and antihistamines before you go to bed.

• Avoid alcohol, heavy mea…

A Day in the Life of a Surgical Nurse

Being a surgical nurse is very different from other specialties, because surgical nurses deal with patients who are asleep. Surgical nurses see the patients very briefly in pre-op and then take them back to the operating room where they will be put to sleep by either an Anesthesiologist or a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA).

Surgical nurses are very territorial and mysterious. No one else really knows what goes on behind those OR doors, (neither patients or other nurses ). It's a completely different world in surgery and without the proper training, you're not permitted to enter the surgical area.

Surgical nurses don't change dressings; they usually don't administer medications (except for local monitoring). They don't answer call lights or deal much with patients families. So what the heck do they do?

Well, behind those surgical doors are some exceptionally trained nurses who deserve recognition and praise, which is something they rarely get.

They don'…

No Gym, No Problem - Affordable Home Gym Ideas

If you have ever lived in an apartment and you're anything like me, then it is almost torturous to have the same layout for the entire time. Unfortunately you are locked into a lease and you have to make the best of it. Even if you loved your place when you moved in you could get bored of the way your things are set up. That being said, I wish my girlfriend and I had a second bedroom so we could put all our workout stuff in. Yes we could just go down to the fitness center in our apartment complex but honestly I feel a little odd due to its close proximity to the leasing center. Going to a gym is one thing but I like to work out when I can upstairs.

A few things that I have found to be very useful in working out in my apartment are resistance bands, a pull up bar and a punching bag of any weight. The resistance bands offer incredible versatility because you can use them as nearly any piece of gym equipment. For instance you stand on them and curl or wrap your back in them and do pus…

The Diet Plan of Female Wrestlers

Hello young ladies, hope all are doing great. Today I would like to discuss with you the diet plan of female wrestlers in India. As we all know how the amazing 'Phogat sisters' made India proud with their atypical interest in 'wrestling' a predominantly male sport. The famous saying, "Behind every independent and successful woman is a father who blindly trusts their children and not the society" rightly describes the dedication and undying faith of an enthusiastic father for his children.

Now let's discuss the detailed diet plan with health benefits:

Diet Plan In detail

First thing in the morning is a glass of water on an empty stomach followed by some stretching and warm up exercises. Drinking water in the morning helps cleanse your bowel, detoxify your body and helps boost immunity. It increases appetite and raises the BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) by 24% thereby aiding in weight loss and muscle tone.


Sprout salad: The sprout salad can be easily prep…

Is Your Life Designed To Support Wellness?

The question we are asking ourselves here is whether our own personal life, in its current state, is designed to support wellness.

This requires a dual approach.

We must investigate exactly what wellness is referring to.

Does it mean a general state of well-being?

Can we be well physically but not mentally?

Does this have anything to with spiritual wellness?

We must recognize whether or not wellness is suited to our life currently.

Maybe we already live in a way that promotes wellness in our everyday life and maybe we do not. However, in either case, we want to understand how well our life is suited to wellness.

For those of us who do not live in a way that promotes wellness, what do we have to do to inspire wellness in our current life?

Do we have to make any changes or is it simply a case of doing more?

Maybe it is a case of doing less?

What is Wellness?

Wellness is something that many people overlook. Most people think that how they feel is how they feel and there is nothing to be done about i…

Feeling Better About the Day - How to Wake Up Early in the Morning

Typically, the alarm clock rings and the struggle between your willpower and that horrible sound that forces you out of bed begins. Which ruins any attempt to get up early again.

For life, I have been part of those who pray for "5 more minutes in the bed" and multiply 20 times postponing the alarm again and again. At last, wake up and get out of bed like a zombie (with the feeling of not having enough rest).

But there are studies and research that conclude that getting up earlier, around 5:30 in the morning, has its great benefits. Here is a summary of the benefits of getting up early and having a ritual in the morning, plus the best strategies for getting you to wake up earlier.

These are the advantages of being a "morning person."

Research suggests that if there are biological differences between "people of tomorrow," they wake up at the same time every day and feel more active around 9 am, and "night people" who manage to do more things once That…

Do You Know What Cupping Colour Means?

Cupping has become very topical since Michael Phelps showed off his cupping marks at the 2016 Olympics Games in Rio. Of course, cupping is a very ancient form of Chinese medicine that has been around for thousands of years and has been used by various cultures all over the world. Historians believe that cupping is, in fact, the most ancient technique in Chinese medicine, predating acupuncture.

What is Cupping?

Suction is applied to the skin using glass, rubber, or plastic cups. In ancient times, doctors used bamboo. The vacuum action rapidly facilitates the release of rigid soft tissues. It loosens and lifts connective tissues, it breaks up and drains stagnation, and increases blood and lymph flow to skin, muscles, and connective tissues. It does all of these things far more rapidly and effectively than any other type of therapy, including acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic adjustments, medications and sometimes even surgery.

What do the Colours Mean?

The colour change on the skin…

How To And Why Wake Up Earlier

Whilst many prefer to stay in bed and snooze that button, there are advantages to waking up early. It is a challenge for anyone who cannot sleep early. And although for a small minority of people, mornings are not their best time and they should be sleeping through till late, for most of us who start work in the morning, there are advantages, and there are ways how.

Let us list some advantages first:

You can have relaxing time before you set off for work. Aiming to get to work 30 minutes before you are due to start is always a good habit, as problems with traffic or anything that happens on the way may delay you, and so you can arrive on time despite any hiccups along the way. If you are part of a loving couple, you can enjoy a special cuddle in the morning, cementing your relationship further. or you can go and enjoy a sport - anything from the gym to a morning walk to a 5-minute Yoga morning routine. If a meditator or tapper, you can do your meditation or tapping in the morning as soo…

Vitamin Injections - What You Should Know

A vitamin injection is a shot of one or more vitamin supplements that are injected into your body. The injections are used when the dosage that is to be taken orally are too great. It is a controversial therapy because there are a number of risks that these vitamin injections can cause, both to the size of the dosage and the injection method. A person is capable of getting the required vitamins if they maintain a balanced and health diet. You can also take vitamin supplements to help booster the intake of certain nutrients. Your digestive system can filter any excess dosage of vitamins and in a healthy way, process the right amount your body needs.

Generally, vitamin injections are prescribed for the patient when they cannot eat food by mouth. The injections are accompanied by glucose treatments done intravenous to give the patient calories also. These injections are not like a vaccination where you get the dose in one shot. The vitamin injections are part of saline mix and are adminis…

Cats Claw Supplements As Holistic Medicine

Cats Claw is a medicinal Herb from the Forest of Peru. It has attracted a lot of interest in the quest for natural health care. The plant is vital in the treatment of arthritis, allergies, diabetes, bursitis, lupus, chronic fatigue, cancer, depression, herpes, menstrual irregularities and stomach and intestinal disorders.

The Peruvian rain forest herb has been used to treat ulcers and cancer for over 20 years since its discovery.

Things to look for in a Good Supplement Drug

The ant-inflammatory drug compounds of cat's claw have proven to be efficient in the treatment of arthritis and other joint ailments. The anti-cancer drug components explored in research on the mutagenic capacity to form bind in test smokers' urine. The Unique cat's claw alkaloids improve the immune system.

The alkaloids have an effect on the ability of white blood cells to overwhelm and digest harmful micro-organisms. When isolated from the natural ingredient, Alkaloid has proven to be useful in stimulatin…

Laser Treatment For Spider And Thread Veins On The Legs

Many people suffer from having red or purple blood vessels on their legs, which are not veins, but usually dilated capillaries, and these are commonly known as spider leg veins. Getting these veins is either; part of the ageing process, caused by over exposure to the sun, or maybe you simply have a family predisposition to them. Thread veins on the legs are very common, although lots of people feel that the dilated or broken capillaries will compromise their appearance and undermine their confidence.

Superficial leg veins, occur when tiny veins congregate below the surface of the skin, causing red, blue or purple discolorations on the skin. Spider veins get their name from the shape of the visible veins, some are quite small, while others are more noticeable. Although they might make you feel embarrassed, they are harmless and any treatment done on them is usually done for cosmetic reasons only. Spider veins tend to appear mostly on the thighs, ankles and calves, and are more common i…

How to Boost HGH Naturally for Anti Aging Benefits

Aging is a universal phenomenon and it affects all living beings. In humans, the main cause of aging is supposed to be the slow down in the production of HGH or human growth hormone. Scientists and medics are known to have claimed that aging can be reversed to a large extent by enhancing growth hormone production in your body. As a matter of fact, HGH is now being dubbed as the Fountain of Youth.

One of the ways of increasing HGH is with the help of HGH injections or shots but they can have a lot of adverse side effects and are not recommended. Fortunately, its possible to boost HGH levels naturally and safely.

Here are some ways to increase growth hormone production in your body:

1. Exercise

Regular exercise is one of the most effective ways to boost growth hormone levels in your body. Apart from stimulating HGH secretion, exercise also helps boost blood circulation and energy levels. People who workout regularly often look younger than their not so active peers because they have highe…