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Role of Meditation in Reducing Stress

By Syeda Nida Ali RizviThe way you think and act affect your daily life. Depression is a kind of medical disorder that is both common and serious and affects how you feel and act. The rate of depression has climbed up to 18% since 2005. Another study conducted by The NIMH reveals that in the US alone 16 million adults suffered from depression in the year 2012 alone. According to World Health Organization (WHO), almost 350 million people suffer from depression worldwide.Depression is the biggest cause of pessimistic, negative state of mind, feeling of sadness and loss of interest in life and daily routine activities. It can hit you out of the blue and if persistent, depression can lead to a variety of problems that are both emotional and physical. This depression can leave you in hours of adversity.SYMPTOMS OF DEPRESSION:
As every person is different from one another. Symptoms of depression can vary from one person to another. Mentioned below are some symptoms that suggest a person is…

The Hotter Lipstick Shades For Spring-Summer

By Anny CarryonWith the new season around the corner all the fashion and beauty trends are starting to revile on the streets, Pinterest and Instagram.If you have a fashionable friend or follow bloggers they're probably already wearing upside-down eyeliner, white shoes and small sunglasses. Let's don't forget the different shades of red lipstick and the glossy lips.Red LipsOkay! Red hot lips are not a new trend because they are classic. But the way we are going to complement our red lipstick this spring-summer is the trend. No cat eye or heavy eyeshadow, go minimalist and give all the focus to your lips.Lip GlossI don't know about you but glossy lips are taking me back to my high school years. The 90's juicy lips are back! Rock this trend with an under need vampire lip color like the models on Phillip Plein catwalk or go natural with a sheer finish color. I recommend you to just apply a lip gloss during the day with a colorful eyeshadow or go with a naked makeup. A…

Sometimes That 'Little Voice' Can Really Yell

By Diane BabcockMagnum's Little Voice
I used to love watching Magnum PI with Tom Selleck in 1980s and I always got a kick out of every time he referred to 'that little voice' and what it was telling him to do or not to do. Sometimes he listened and sometimes he didn't and he regretted it if he ignored it, but he carried on anyway.Later, I came to understand that he was talking about insight or hunches and that made perfect sense to me since he could read clues and people so well, and he was so focused on his goal of finding the truth about a crime. Magnum's character had a real knack for tracking down perpetrators and his internal guidance system was that little voice of his. I remember wanting to be able to hear more from my own little voice, but I was no private investigator, so I wondered where I could use such a skill.Noticing My Own Little Voice
A few years later I noticed I did have assured guidance that revealed solutions for me and it prompted me in daily …

Steps to Increase Awareness on Immunization to Prevent Diseases

By Billie Jean Bateson Know the Importance of Immunization:Immunization is the process of administering a vaccine thus by triggering the immune system to fight against infectious diseases. It is a powerful, safe, proven and effective shield. If a person is vaccinated, in case if they come in contact with the vaccine-preventable diseases, their immune system not only effectively protects them but also helps to avoid spreading to others. You can even make sure that you can have a healthy baby if you have a maternal vaccination while pregnant. What are vaccine-preventable diseases? The WHO lists some diseases such as tetanus, pertussis, poliomyelitis, measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis B, influenza, pneumococcal infections, diphtheria - that can result in serious complications and even death but vaccines are available to prevent them. The worldwide eradication of smallpox and polio are the major examples of how immunization can play a vital role in disease control.Purpose of World Immun…

Paleo Diet Basics and Benefits

By Stacy SanchezThe healthiest way you can eat.If you want to eat healthy, the paleo diet is the answer. It's considered the only nutritional approach that really works with the genetics. It helps to be strong, stay lean and have energies. Many research, in several fields: Ophthalmology, Dermatology, biology, biochemistry, etc, say it's the modern diet humans need. It's important to understand what is the root of degenerative diseases like heart disease, Parkinson's, obesity, diabetes, infertility, etc. Food that contain refined foods, trans fats and sugar are part of this root.Building A Healthy Paleo Diet.Here are some foods you should use in your paleo diet:Fresh fruits.
Fresh vegetables.
Grass-fed beef.
Nuts and seeds.
Olive oil.
coconut oil.
Walnut oil.
Avocado oil.Lean Proteins.These support healthy bones and optimal immune function. It also gives you the feeling of being satisfied between your meals.Fruits and vegetables.These are rich i…