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The validity of the eVisitor visa

On this article, you can read everything about the validity of the tourist and business visa for Australia (eVisitor subclass 651). This information does not relate to the Working Holiday visa. If you do not meet all the conditions for the eVisitor visa, you can apply for an ETA Australia (Electronic Travel Authority).


The total validity of the e-Visa for business and tourism is one year. It is a multiple entry visa, which means that with one visa you can travel to Australia an unlimited number of times for 12 months. Your visa must be valid from the arrival to the departure from Australia. Below some situations where the validity expires before these 12 months:

If your passport expires within the period of validity of the eVisitor visa (1 year) Your visa is no longer valid to travel with since your passport number and eVisitor visa are linked. The airline and Australian customs are automatically informed about this. You can no longer use the eVisitor visa for a new trip to Aus…

Air Pollution Effects on Human Health and Their Survival

Air-pollution hurts human health due to its lousy quality resources. We all are responsible for the pollution of natural resources like air, water, and soil. People using plastic in all the necessities and that polluted our water resources.

India is fighting the so much larger battle with pollution: its home to the world's ten most polluted cities.

Outside the capital, New Delhi people are aware of the private and economic value of respiratory a number of the world's most harmful air. Pollution was the probable driver of cancer growing within her lungs. Pollution is becoming one of the biggest threats for those who don't have an air purifier or air conditioner at their homes and offices.

Pollution explosion in New Delhi

NEW DELHI: Some forty-seven million youngsters beneath the age of 5 board areas facing severe pollution with dangerous effluent density, a report same on a weekday. The report by nongovernmental organization India, supported knowledge from state and central pol…

3 Simple Meditation Techniques to Boost your Concentration

Meditation is ‘to mediate.’ It is a process where you start to acknowledge the thoughts of your subconscious mind and focus on your inner musings, giving them a sense of direction.

To understand your wavering thought process, your mind should be quiet, at peace and not cluttered with random thoughts. With the help of meditation, you do not fight a battle with your mind, but you attempt to become one with it. When you have one leg in the future and one in the past, you lose the essence of the present. Once you master in how to do meditation you can concentrate on the present rather than dwell on whatever has passed or whatever is yet to come.

Our brain never sleeps. We are constantly thinking about one thing or another and keeps worrying about different things. This surely has an adverse effect on our health and does not allow you to focus on specific tasks. Meditation or ‘Dhyana’ can help to increase your concentration power. This blog will give you an overview on how to boost your conc…