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Believing Isn’t Rocket Science

Bible Reading: Matthew 28:1-7He isn’t here! He has been raised from the dead, just as he said would happen. Matthew 28:6A man and a woman wearing lab coats enter a laboratory. She holds a clipboard and pencil, and he clasps a small white rectangular object. The man puts the white object in a small glass tank filled with water. It bobs to the surface. The woman makes a note on her clipboard. The man again pushes the object to the bottom of the tank. It again bobs to the surface. The woman writes.After performing the event over and over, the scientists come to a stunning con­clusion: Ivory soap floats. It has been proven scientifically.True or false: A science experiment is the only way to prove if a fact is true.That’s absolutely false. The scientific method is a great tool for getting smart, but it isn’t the only way to prove something.If science experiments were the only way to get at truth, then you wouldn’t be able to prove that Abraham Lincoln was ever president of the United Stat…

The Game of Life

Bible Reading: Isaiah 64:4-5You welcome those who cheerfully do good, who follow godly ways.   Isaiah 64:5SUPPOSE YOU HAVE the opportunity to make up a game. You design your own playing board. You make playing pieces out of little trinkets you find around the house. You even write down the rules.Then two of your friends come over. You spread the playing board on the floor. You carefully explain the rules of the game. Then you generously allow someone else to take the first turn.Everything goes fine for a while. The game is even more fun than you thought. But then one of your friends makes an illegal move.“You can’t do that,” you say. “Remember the rules?”“I don’t agree with your rules. I think the game will work better if I get to use my own rules.”“Hey,” your other friend says, “if you get to make up rules, I should get to make up rules.”“But I already told you what the rules are!” you say. But it’s too late. Your friends aren’t listening. They’re playing by their own rules. And they…