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Mardi Himal Trek - Wonderful Short Trek in Annapurna

Mardi Himal trekking route was discovered a decade earlier in the Annapurna region. However, before 2011, the trekking route was not popular among the trekkers; rather it was popular among the campers. After, the place was opened officially for trekking; construction of teahouses and lodges along the trail was started. Now a day, while trekking this trekking route, you can see tea houses available even up to high altitude.
Mardi Himal is situated below the Fishtail Mountain.You can reach the base of Mardi Himal by hiking from east of Annapurna Base Camp trek. The trek to Mardi Himal Trek begins from Pokhara and ends there only. The Mardi Himal trek is through beautiful villages Rhododendrons forests. Trekking over the trails on rugged land scopes, you will be able to eyewitness the amazing views of mountains such as Mardi, Machhapuchhre along with Annapurna. You will see the best views of Machhapuchhre from the whole Annapurna range covered in snow. After reaching the Mardi Himal Base …

Some of the Characteristics of Good Business Leaders

What is it that makes a good business leader? Studies have been carried out but have not all come to the same conclusions. This is because some leaders have certain characteristics while others have differing ones or some that overlap with others. Some leaders are very extrovert, while others are not, but yet are still successful.

If it was easy to be a successful leader then everyone could do it, but that is not the case. Some people are naturally introvert, some really don't want to be a leader. They just want to go to work, do their job, and go home again. They really have no ambition or desire to be promoted and to lead others. Others may have a burning desire to be promoted yet are not seen to have the right qualities by management.So what are some of the qualities of a good leader? Successful leaders are fearless. That is not to say that they have no fears. Everybody does. But they face those fears head on. They see them as a challenge, as something to be overcome. A good le…

What to Look For In a House and Office Cleaning Company

Cleaning is an important and paramount exercise, be it at home, government office buildings or commercial premises. There are many companies that currently offer different cleaning services both to home owners as well as businesses. It is however very important that you hire only the best company. This is mainly to avoid instances of poor quality maid services in Naperville IL or even risks of theft by staffs of fraudulent cleaning companies. In this regard, look out for the following qualities before selecting a house or commercial cleaning company. 

1. Experience; the experience of the company in the industry is one of the most important qualities to look out for. This is because a company with a long experience in the cleaning industry offers the best services as the employees clearly understand the preferences of different clients and the work schedules involved. Long serving companies that offer commercial cleaning in Aurora IL also have build good reputation among their clients …

Start Thinking About Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is already being used in a wide variety of business applications. The application that most people are aware of is that of speech recognition. Especially in personal assistant applications like Siri, Cortana, and Alexa. AI is used in many other business applications as well. Banks are beginning to use chatbots to answer consumer inquiries and perform basic banking transactions. AI is behind the robotic automation of warehouses and production lines. Artificial intelligence is also being applied to business intelligence. Walmart, for example, uses SAP's cloud-based HANA to process and analyze high volume transaction data. Businesses like eBay are using an AI system called Dono to gain insight into customer behavior.

How to Prepare Your Business for AIBusinesses of all sizes need to start thinking now about how artificial intelligence will impact on their sector. It is the early adopters of AI that will reap the rewards. Like all new technologies, AI may have …

Making Eggs with Stem Cells: a Big Step for Mankind

In the field of stem cell research, Japanese scientists have played an important role. In 2012, Professor Yamanaka and Professor John B. Gurdon shared the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for their contributions to pluripotent stem cell induction. In this week's issue of the Journal Science, another group of Japanese scientists made a breakthrough in stem cell research - they used human induced stem cells to create human oogonia! It also made humans closer to using stem cells to make eggs. 

stem cell researchThe creation of human germ cells in vitro has always been the goal of reproductive biologists. Previously, some progress has been made in mice. Previous studies have shown that human beings can use mouse embryonic stem cells to produce oocytes, the precursor of eggs. These cells can produce egg cells in female mice. This paper shows that in humans, the method of making eggs by stem cells may also be feasible. In the study, scientists used an induced stem cell and induced …