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Why No One Cares If the Universe Is Simulated

You've probably heard the argument that the universe is a computer simulation. The idea is simple enough - everything that we know, experience and... well, are, is nothing but bytes in a cosmic computer.

The logic is hard to refute. If it's even hypothetically possible for any civilisation to simulate a universe, there'll be more simulations than 'real' ones.Which means, statistically, we're more likely to be software than arising physical beings.I can't fault the argument, except around what it even means to 'simulate a universe'.I know many people who believe it.But I don't know anyone who cares.It's kind of like... okay, so what? If the universe is a simulation, what does that mean for humanity?For science?For how I should live my life?The concept doesn't stick for most people. They consciously understand the idea and appreciate the argument. But who lives their live as if it's true?Consider by comparison - some people believe in …

Why Sleep Is So Powerful For Mental Health

In this fast-paced western society we are constantly connected and available 247, we have information flowing into us on a daily basis and there's an increasing expectation for us to respond instantly. Given all of this, there a growing need for us to be operating or functioning in terms of our mental health not just at 'normal' or 'acceptable' levels, but 'optimal' levels.

Optimal means we are functioning at the highest levels mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, such that we're able to cope well with the demands of life. If we are operating at sub-optimal level, it's much harder for us to perform even the basic of life's functions.So how do we ensure our health and wellbeing levels are what they should be?One key contributory factor for long-term mental health and wellness is to ensure we have 7-9 hours of good quality sleep per night.RepairSleep repairs the body. This has a positive knock-on effect to how you function cognitivel…

Why Is Having a Big, Worthy Goal So Important?

Human beings are goal-orientated creatures by nature. We are, as far as we know, the highest form of creation and we are supposed to set goals.

We are supposed to look for ways to improve our own lives and those of the lives around us - it plays a huge part in the evolution of our species.Dissatisfaction with your life is a healthy, creative state of mind - we are DESIGNED to be discontent!Creative discontent is the very heart of motivation, and yet so many people settle for what they currently have (and often complain about it) rather than taking measures to improve things.These are usually the same people who, when you tell them about any potential goals/dreams you may be considering will tell you to 'stop fantasising'.They'll ask you why you 'can't just be happy with what you've got and leave it at that'.But the truth is, in order for any human being to live a fulfilled, creative life, goals are essential.One of the most dynamic laws of the universe is t…

Different Species of Fish Used in Aquaponics

Aquaponics involves the combining of hydroponics with aquaculture to grow healthy organic plants such as vegetables and herbsThis method gardening can also supply you with a good source of protein from the fish being reared in the aquaculture component of the system. Certain types of fish are best suited for this type of farming. Many these fish are a great source of protein.

The tilapia fish is commonly used in this method of gardening. This fish requires warm water to thrive in. The recommended water temperature for tilapia is 28-30 degrees C (82-86 degrees F). The growth rate will decrease dramatically if the water is colder than 20 degrees C (50 degrees F) and fishes will normally start dying at roughly 10 degrees C (50 degrees F). So if you live in a cool climate you will have to heat the water so you might want to choose aquaponics fish that are better suited for cool water such as trout. But the Tilapia are tolerant of high stock densities, can withstand very poor water condi…

Being Prepared For a Possible Disaster Situation Could Mean Your Well Being

Many people never think about being in a urban survival situation. They certainly don't think about being in an earthquake survival situation or a tornado survival situation. However those who have had the unfortunate experience think about it now and probably for the rest of their lives. Once you have been in an urban survival situation such as a tornado or hurricane situation you begin to realize how important it is the plan for the possibility of such a situation occurring in the future. You also realize the wisdom of having some sort of survival kit on hand to help the through the situation.

There are different types of urban survival kits that can be purchased or you can make up yourself. What you put in the kit depends on the purpose. a basic urban survival kit will contain things like water, food, ways to keep warm like a simple shelter, rain gear, blankets and a fool-proof way to start a fire. This type of survival kit is designed to stay in the same location for three or …