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Sports Injuries That Require Attention From a Shoulder Surgeon

Every now and then, we hear sportsmen suffering from injuries. While they tend to get hurt practically everywhere on their body, one of the most common spot that is susceptible to injury is the shoulder. The most common shoulder injuries seen on field include dislocations, Acromioclavicular joint (ACJ) injuries, rotator cuff tear, shoulder labrum tear thrower's shoulder, biceps injuries, bursitis and fractures. While dislocations and ACJ injuries are more common in contact sports, such as rugby and wrestling, rotator cuff tears and SLAP lesions are common in sports involving explosive heavy weight-lifting.

Usually, it is quite difficult to identify the severity of a shoulder injury. Which is why, people tend to ignore them further aggravating the injury. Thus, it is advised that early assessment from a skilled

Shoulder Surgeon or Therapist is the right way forward when experiencing discomfort in the shoulders.

There are number of injuries known to be common on field. The most prom…

How to Deal With Anxiety and Stress - 5 Best Ways

Perhaps no other word is so well known and so constantly passed around as the words "anxiety," "depression," and "stress." But while these words have been making the rounds of the worlds of young adults - and even children - these days, it comes as a mammoth surprise how little people actually know of their connotations. Most of the people, most of the time, will know that they are suffering from a severe case of anxiety and depression but will hardly ever know what to do next. Knowledge pertaining to anxiety and depression usually ends at just being aware of the problem - as, for the solution, it is bare to be seen.

Adults have always had the most complaints regarding their being depressed but as we move on we find an alarming number of young adults and children joining the brigade of the depressed and the stressed. In most of the cases the cause of stress and anxiety is not difficult to put down either - financial problems, childhood abuse, post-traumati…

Silent Epidemic: Dealing With Mental Health Problems in School Students

Mental health problems are common, ranging from simple mental disorders such as depression and anxiety to more rare conditions such as Alzheimer's disease (AD) and schizophrenia. Mental disorders can occur to anyone, irrespective of race, gender, ethnicity or age group. And, when it comes to children, mental health conditions can hamper their ability to cope with the pressures of school, interacting with friends or society.

Surprisingly, the rate of prevalence of mental disorders in school-going children is almost similar to that of adults. According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), just over 20 percent (or 1 in 5) children experienced serious symptoms of mental health condition either currently or at some point during their life. Fortunately, most mental disorders are treatable, and a lot of individuals with some sort of mental disability continue to function normally in their daily life.

Mental disorders in school-going children can have severe consequences


Is Your Hair Always Too Oily?

When I'm working as a model, my hair gets a ton of heat applied to it and a lot of product put in it, so, when I'm not on a modeling job, I do as little as possible to my hair to help restore it to its natural state. That's what I suggest women consider doing, too. Do as little as possible to their hair!

Repeatedly, I've spoken with women who say they have to wash their hair everyday otherwise their hair gets too oily. Unknowingly, they might be creating the problem because daily washing strips the important and natural oil away from hair causing the sebaceous glands to produce more oil. Daily washing can also dry out and irritate the scalp, too, leading to dandruff.

Some of the problems that could be causing over oily hair, other than over washing, might be hormonal, too much oily food, shampoos with sulfates, and/or not rinsing well. Fortunately, it's a problem that's correctable.

Believe it or not, Americans wash their hair nearly 5 times per week on average…

Acrylic Nail Monomer - The Technique Beyond Artificialness

Self-grooming is something which can make you look elegant without even wearing those additional weights on your body. So, what can groom you the best? It is certain that the outer part of your body will reflect your whole persona and it will define what you are as what you see, you buy.

Then the crisis arouses and you look here and there how to get rid of the problem. Putting a heavy makeup sometimes becomes the choice of some individual but that doesn't end up being fruitful when you call the day off. Since in this particular time the trend doesn't give thumbs up for the unusual and unnecessary heavy makeup, you don't need to put the chemicals on your face or anywhere else. Rather having a simpler one will make more sense. When it comes to the grooming, nails are not behind. At the instance, they are getting immense importance as one of the most significant sources of your flaunting.

Those days have gone when only a nail polish was the only equipment to glorify the best pi…

How Exercise Helps You Lose Weight

As far as weight loss is concerned, eating well is one thing that you should do. Aside from this, physical activities can help you get closer to your goal. In other words, exercise can help you burn calories and grow muscle. Therefore, you should exercise on a regular basis. Regular exercise can help you prevent several health conditions. Given below is the description of how exercise can help you get rid of the extra pounds.

How much exercise do you need?

Actually, it also boils down to your physical activity. You don't have to join a gym or purchase costly exercise equipment in order to lose weight and stay in good shape. Given below is a list of daily activities that can help you achieve this purpose:

� Shopping

� Gardening

� Cleaning your room

� Taking the stairs

� Walking

In order to burn lots of calories, you need to break a swat by walking, running, jogging, or gardening. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), you should do your aerobic activity for at l…

How to Lose Belly Fat Fast for Women With 3 Simple Strategies

How to lose belly fat fast for women? That's the question frequently asked by ladies whenever they want to lose weight. On top of that, they also want to burn those abdominal fats without doing excessive exercise and going for the extreme diet. They want to look healthy and fantastic at the same time after removing the fats.

Can you spot reduce the belly fat by doing 1000 crunches or sit-ups every day? While I really impressed with your determination to do that number of crunches, sadly scientist has found out you can never spot reduce any selected area of your body (unless you going for liposuction, that will be a totally different story). But don't worry, here I will share with you the 3 effective strategies on how to lose belly fat fast for women.

Strategy #1 Get to the Lowest Calorie Intake

Fat is stored calories. How do you store those calories? The answer is simple, you are eating too much! You need to cut down your calories intake so that the fat cells can be released. Whe…

How to Make a Foot Spa

Your feet play a great role in helping you maintain a good posture. You may be wearing high heels or narrow shoes just to look good, but your feet suffer because of this habit. After walking or running, you may want to pamper your feet. And a good foot spa is a great way of achieving this purpose. A foot spa will relax your feet and make sure that they will stay in good shape. Follow the given tips to make your own foot spa.

Get a bowl of lukewarm water

In the bowl, you should put some oil of your choice and then mix it. If you want to revive your feet, peppermint oil is an ideal choice. On the other hand, lavender oil soothes them. Milk and almond soak can make your feet soft. Remember: to benefit from this treatment, we suggest that you clean your feet properly.

Soak your feet

Now, you should put your feet in the bowl for at least 5 minutes. But if you have put milk or almond oil in the bowl, make sure you soak your feet for 15 minutes.

Use a soft towel

Once you have soaked your feet, mak…

Why Should You Have a Regular Eye Examination?

Hi my name is Stephen Beirne and I have been a practising optometrist since 1997. I currently live in Falkirk, Scotland and have recently just opened my first practice. It never ceases to amaze me why people think that because they don't wear spectacles they do not need a regular eye examination. I would like to give some reasons why they should.

The obvious first reason is to determine whether you (the patient) can see normally or not. In USA normal vision is called 20/20 in the UK it is 6/6. I have tested many patients over the years who say "I can see the sheep on the hills son!". Only then I say to them "I am over here Mr Jones.!" Patients generally don't know how good their vision is until they have been examined. If a child is born with one good eye and one blind, that is normal for them and they may assume everyone else is the same and not mention it until they have developed amblyopia (or a "lazy eye" as it is often called here). Everyone s…

Infertility: How To Quit Smoking

Smoking is undoubtedly a bad habit that is difficult to cut out of your life. It is an unhealthy habit that can not only affect your organs but it can also affect your reproductive system and cause infertility. Women who smoke 20 cigarettes a day can reduce natural fertility by over 20%. In men, smoking can lead to low sperm counts and slow sperm motility. So if you are trying to have a baby, it is a good idea to quit sooner rather than later. The longer you smoke the more damage you cause to your reproductive system.

Here are a few tips on how to quit smoking.

Smoke less every day. If you smoke 20 cigarettes a day, you reduce your smoking habit with one cigarette a day. On day 1 smoke 19 cigarettes, day 2 reduce it by 1 to 18 cigarettes and continue until you are down to 1 a day. When you get to 1 a day, continue for another week with only the 1 cigarette a day, thereafter skip a day until you completely forget or lose the interest to smoke anymore.

Use a nicotine patch. There are many …

Organic Farming: Why This Has to Be the Way Forward

Every super bazaar worth its salt has a section devoted to 'organic products' in these enlightened times. While this may be some new-fangled term to the uninformed or the uninitiated, the more evolved consumer understands the wealth of thought and action that has gone into the organic product that sits there.

What is organic farming?
Before the advent of synthetic fertilisers and chemical pesticides, all farming was organic. Booming populations required increased food production, and this drove Man to improve on Mother Nature. This resulted in the widespread use of chemicals in farming- not just the production of food grains but livestock rearing as well.

Organic farming shuns the use of these chemicals. It also rejects genetically modified organisms and seeds, and the use of antibiotics and hormones.

However, this is not the sum total of what the practice entails. It is a holistic system which treats the soil and farming as a living entity; the principal goal is sustainable and h…

Everything About Taking Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium in Your Diet

Your lifestyle choices have a great impact on your health. Regardless of your age, health concerns and gender, there is no substitute to exercise and a balanced diet for a great body. Most people pay attention to the micronutrients like protein, carbohydrates and fat, often missing out the minerals. To maintain your health and keep diseases at bay, you need to ensure the intake of three essential minerals - Potassium, magnesium, and calcium. In this post, we will talk about the benefits of these minerals and how you can ensure that your daily requirements are met.


Potassium is essential for the normal function of your cells, organs, and tissues. Experts advise on ensuring a minimum intake of 2,500 milligrams per day for every adult. Of course, your diet plays a significant role in maintaining the intake, and you will also find supplements in the market. Some of the best sources of potassium are bananas, potatoes, kidney beans, avocados, dry fruits and lean fishes, such as tun…

Getting Kids to Work Out Made Easy

Holidays bring festivals and a lot of fun. They also bring lots of activity which allows for the unhealthy eating at times too. After the celebrations are over, the free time can become boring, especially for kids. With so many technological gadgets available these days, kids like to spend most of their leisure time playing video games or watching TV. While in moderation this is good, it could have serious health effects if done excessively. When parents limit the screen time for kids, it becomes their responsibility to find alternate ways to keep kids busy and happy. Trips to commercial playgrounds or church playground equipment can also do so much to keep kids happily busy. Eventually they fall into boredom and become lethargic. This can be bad for their mental and physical health because they need workout as part of their routines. For such times, here are some tips for parents to make working out fun for kids and keep them active and healthy.

Make it a Group Activity

Children enjoy …

For The Body You Want, Join A Luxury Gym

Anybody who is serious about getting that beautiful body he or she has always wanted knows there are options, one of which is spending some time in the gym. It depends how one wants to go about it, but most will agree that a good gym and its facilities may be the answer.

If you live in a big city, chances are that you will find a good gym. That is true for most big cities. To find, for instance, a luxury gym, one has to do a little bit of research. Talk to people who attend gym sessions. They are everywhere: in your office, at the school your kids attend, even the social club where you are a member. And of course the internet offers a great number of choices for you to find the one that is meant just for you and your circumstances.

Even those of us who enjoyed playing sports at school or those who used to go for a jog after work, or those who found ways to stay in shape, sometimes no longer keep up. But the mirror does not lie, and for most there comes a time when they want to look good…

Gym Results Are Often Achieved When You Receive Individual Attention

Those who use the services of the best personal trainers will be in the best place to judge their experiences. There is every chance that they will tell you that the cost is worth it, that the experience brings the expected results and that they are happy to refer all their friends and colleagues who may be interested, to the trainer of their choice.

The top trainers will be those who have experience in what they do. They will be properly qualified trainers with good CV's. Some may specialise in training top athletes, others may prefer to work with clients who just want to be in better shape. Most of them will show qualifications in the field of gym instruction or qualifications in specialised disciplines such as strength training and sports therapy.

To employ the services of the best personal trainer one certainly has to do a bit of homework before making a choice. The best in the business are true professionals and come with great recommendations and vast experience. They are know…

Puzzle Bracelets to Support Autism

Help People Know About Autism

Have you heard about this disorder? Do you know how to communicate with a child with autism? It is a serious neuro-developmental disorder that impairs a child's ability to communicate and interact with other people. Sadly, it is a stereotyped behavior. It is reported that approximately 1.5 million Americans presently have some form of autism.

Presently it is not curable but this does not mean there's nothing that can be done. It is a spectrum condition, affecting everyone in a different way and this is what makes it hard to recognize. So it is very difficult to generalize all treatment options. And why do we need autism awareness? Because early diagnosis and appropriate intervention, proper understanding and structured support may help patients maximize their potential.

Promote and Inspire With Puzzle Bracelets

Since April is designated as Autism Awareness Month, use this opportunity to raise awareness among families, friends, and local communities.…

Type 2 Diabetes - What Does It Take to Reverse Diabetes?

You may have questions about the treatment of Type 2 diabetes. As you have heard often, there is no such thing as a stupid question. Even the basic ones are a go and you would be surprised at how often the basics are overlooked. You may have a general question. You are at the right place if you are wondering what it takes to treat Type 2 diabetes and reverse your condition. The short answer is it takes time, patience, instruction, effort, and a willingness to succeed.

Let us examine each of these components further...

1. Time. Since Type 2 diabetes is a disease with a slow development time (between ten and fifteen years), it is not realistic to believe it could be undone in a short matter of time. Treating high and unstable blood sugar levels and losing weight is not an overnight affair. For this reason, it is better to approach treatment with the awareness it could take a while.

Which leads us to the next point: patience.

2. Patience. It is crucial to have the right mindset when settin…

Type 2 Diabetes - A Helpful Diet for Non-Alcoholic Liver Disease

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is a range of conditions that come about due to a little too much fat in the liver cells, which can exist without causing problems, to full-blown cirrhosis, or scarring of the liver. It is often seen among people who are overweight or obese, or in people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

Researchers at the Lab of Epidemiology and Biostatistics in Castellana Grotte, Italy, looked at 98 people with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. They assigned 50 participants to a low-glycemic (low-GI) Mediterranean diet and the remaining participants to a regular diet. After 6 months, their results were reported on in the Journal of Nutrition, Health, and Aging, 2017. An improvement was seen in the participants in the group who were following the low-glycemic Mediterranean diet. This led the investigators to conclude a low-glycemic Mediterranean diet could be an important method for treating non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and went on to speculate it could also be a…

What Are Bad Dreams Showing You?

All dreams have a protective function. They protect your mental health and your life.
The main messages contained in nightmares and bad dreams usually show you that you are making mistakes because you are not paying attention to all dangers, you are listening to the absurd thoughts sent by your anti-conscience to your conscience, and you are not analyzing your reality with objectivity.

Bad dreams usually show you that you think based on past conclusions, which were influenced by various traumatic experiences. They also show you that you are not able to control your behavior in numerous situations.

In the past you believed that you were intelligent and that you were a good person besides your defects, but today you know that your conscious level is too low and you are in fact a mentally retarded. The biggest part of your brain belongs to your satanic anti-conscience, and your tiny conscience must be developed.

This is a very unpleasant and disappointing truth, but you can become a sens…

Understanding Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome

Alcohol addiction is a pervasive problem in the United States, posing a serious threat to the physical and mental health of a person involved in heavy drinking. However, the social acceptance of drinking makes it difficult to identify the problem of alcoholism in the initial stages. According to the 2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), approximately 86.4 percent of people above 18 years reportedly drank alcohol at some point in their lifetime.

One of the most problematic conditions associated with alcoholism is the alcohol withdrawal syndrome (AWS). It is a life-threatening condition wherein a person who cannot live without drinking a single day suddenly ceases to consume alcohol altogether or drastically reduces its intake. The symptoms of AWS develop as early as two hours after the last drink, and range from mild issues, such as anxiety and shakiness, to severe complications, such as seizures and delir…

Common Causes of Infertility

Infertility in women above the age of forty can almost always be contributed to menopause, but if you're in your twenties and thirties and struggling to conceive, there are a number of other causes.

Menopause can't be ruled out. Premature menopause, while uncommon, does occur in certain women. This is usually genetic. If close family had premature menopause, that trait is likely to be passed along.

Premature menopause will have all the normal symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, mood swings and vaginal dryness. Women with premature menopause can no longer conceive with their own eggs, but can still have children using donor eggs. In cases like this, IVF can be used with a donor egg and sperm before being placed into the menopausal woman's body. This will result in a normal pregnancy. Women interested in this procedure can visit a fertility clinic to learn more about IVF.

The most common cause of infertility is a condition known as anovulation. This means that the ovarie…

Important Symptoms Of Dengue That You Need To Know

Dengue fever is a serious mosquito-borne disease that primarily occurs in tropical and subtropical areas of the world, especially in Southeast Asia and Pacific islands. Some of the mild symptoms of dengue are fever, rashes, muscles and joint pain. If you are experiencing above mentioned signs and symptoms, it is highly advised to get a check-up done at the earliest.

What are the symptoms of Dengue?

The Dengue symptoms in children and adults begin about three to 15 days after the mosquito bite transfers the virus into the body. Some of the initial symptoms are-

Joint pain,

Fever and chills that include- shivering and sweating simultaneously,

Rashes (itchy) or red spots,

Swollen lymph nodes,

Back pain or pain behind the eyes.

In some cases, if the situation worsens it can be life-threatening as well. In such a condition, the blood vessels become damaged and leaky. The number of clot-forming cells also known as platelets present in the blood stream, drops to a great extent. Some of the serious s…