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The Futility of Hoop-Jumping

Bible Reading:   1 Corinthians 1:26-31

Remember, dear brothers and sisters, that few of you were wise in the world’s eyes, or powerful, or wealthy when God called you.   1 Corinthians 1:26Have you ever seen pro athletes from rival teams being interviewed before a big game? They come on camera all pumped, talking up their team—and trashing the other guys. “We have the strongest defense in the nation,” they brag. “There’s no way they’re getting past us today.”Bragging is part of the game. But it’s pointless. No matter what athletes say and no matter how sure they are of stomping the other team, the game is still won or lost on the field.It’s easy to laugh at sports figures who try to impress others with their triumphs. But Christians often fall into the trap of relying on all the good things we’ve done to win God’s favor.Take a vote: Which of these great deeds are good enough to impress God—and maybe get someone into heaven?• I got straight A’s on all my Sunday school report cards.• I pl…

Thirteen Ways to Say, “I Love You”

Bible Reading: John 14:18-21

Those who obey my commandments are the ones who love me. John 14:21THERE ARE MANY, many different ways to tell someone, “I love you.” You can• say, “I love you!”• sing a song;• mouth the words “I love you”;• give him or her a hug;• send flowers;• send a card or valentine;• write his or her name in the snow;• bake him or her a dozen cookies;• read him or her a story;• scatter tiny construction-paper hearts in• throw a kiss;   his or her lunch box or bag• clean his or her room; • give that person a commandBet that last one surprised you, didn’t it? After all, who tells someone else “I love you” by giving that person a command?A lot of people do. Your parents probably do it all the time. They say, “Don’t skateboard in the street”; “Fasten your seat belt”; and “Don’t strap a giant firecracker to your back and try to shoot yourself to the moon.” They don’t give you such commands because they hate you. They don’t tell you those things because they’ve got nothing …