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How Important Is Brushing Your Teeth?

We are told at an early age that twice daily teeth brushing is important to our dental health.

How important is it?

There are times when we're tired, rushed or too lazy to brush our teeth. This most often occurs at night before going to bed. We figure, we're sleeping. We're not eating anything and we're not talking to anyone so we can have bad breath.

Brushing your teeth may seem like an inconvenience at times, but it is a small price to pay for potentially losing teeth and getting gum disease.

What is Proper Dental Hygiene?

There are three major parts of proper, at-home dental care: flossing, brushing and regular professional cleanings and check-ups.


Flossing is necessary in removing the food particles from between your teeth. If this debris isn't removed, it will decay and rot, cause plaque to accumulate. This plaque can breakdown tissue in your tooth enamel as well as the soft tissue of the surrounding gums.

Flossing reaches the tight, hard-to-reach places tha…

How Dental Care Changes As You Age

Teeth change a lot from birth to old age, so why wouldn't the care required to take care of them? There are different needs for teeth, depending on their age. Proper care helps ensure you can keep your teeth strong, healthy, and in your mouth. Here is a guide to help navigate your dental care to have the best teeth possible.


Teeth are formed before birth, but are in the gums. The first teeth typically break through between six months of age and three years old. The front teeth come through first with the molars showing up last. The recommended age to visit the dentist is by age two with cleanings only requiring a wipe with a washcloth and tooth care training products. As teeth start growing and touching, flossing is recommended.

As teeth fall out, spacing becomes an issue for many kids. Braces, regular cleanings, and teaching proper hygiene techniques becomes a focus to taking care of children's teeth. Permanent teeth start coming in and sealants are highly recommended…

Enjoy Eating Healthy All Day

How can you start eating healthy at home?

Anyone who has gone through the weight loss journey will tell you that for the most part, the struggle is with making healthy food choices. Since fast food and processed food are often associated with convenience, it's hard to let go of old eating (and buying) habits.

But you can still beat a lifetime of bad habits!

It can be challenging to develop new eating habits, but it's not impossible at all. In fact, it is more difficult to keep unhealthy eating habits especially later in life when your body is already suffering from the effects of malnutrition. Remember: a person who has an unhealthy and unbalanced diet is also categorized as malnourished.

Why do you eat the way you do?

Your current eating habits are simply the result of years of repetition. That's why they're called habits. We weren't born with habits; we just develop them over time. So if you learned to love French fries, ice cream and chocolate shakes, you can learn …

How to Get a Robust Libido Once Again

Menopause is a time in your life when a lot of changes take place in your body and they can certainly take a toll on your love life. Most women lose their sexual appetite post menopause. A drop in estrogen levels is one of the reasons behind this. Lack of estrogen also leads to excessive dryness in the vagina that can make intercourse immensely painful. This alone can act as a damper for your sex drive.

However, you do not have to accept low libido as your fate. Here are some simple and easy ways to boost your sex drive naturally:

1. Try Estrogen Boosting Foods

Certain foods can be a great help in increasing estrogen secretion in your body. Some of these include:

dry fruits such as apricots, dates and prunes



sesame seeds




bran cereals

soy and soy products

tofu etc.

You must try to include these foods in your diet.

2. Reduce Stress

Stress and depression are some of the major deterrents when it comes to your sex drive. Whether it relates to work or home or your rel…

12 Natural Herbal Supplements That Can Help the Body

Traditional Chinese Medicines are popular today because people want an all-natural approach to treating their ailments. These are supplements that have been used for centuries with a lot of success. Each can be very helpful to you, especially if you are a chronic sufferer that has not found any relief anyplace else, this could be a great solution for your problems.

1. Ginger

Ginger is popular for being a treatment for indigestion, nausea, diarrhea, menstrual cramps, and flu-symptoms, just to name a few things that this can be used to help. This is a popular suggestion today for people to help treat nausea and may even help prevent heart disease, cancer, and a supplement for arthritis.

2. Ginkgo Biloba

This is a supplement that you are probably familiar with these days, as it seems to be a top ingredient in many all-natural supplements on the market. It can be associated with helping a variety conditions such as memory loss, dementia, and anxiety.

3. Ginseng

Ginseng is another well-known s…

Easy Ways to Get Rid of Back Acne

Dealing with pimples and acne alone is like fighting a war with something you don't know when will pop up out of the blue. Thus, it especially gets tough for the teenagers. But, the situation further worsens when the pesky acne begins to breakout on the back as well. Thus, it is also sometimes known as bacne.

Bacne is brought about by the same element that triggers facial acne. It includes overactive oil organs, abundant dead skin cells, and expansion of pimple creating organisms. The excess of oil and dead skin usually gets trapped inside the follicle or the pores causing them to block. This turns into a blackhead and then into a pimple if the bacteria invade. Thus, to help dispose of back acne, there are various powerful home solutions that can be useful. Here are a few to begin with.

1. Oatmeal

Who doesn't love oatmeal for a delicious breakfast? But, were you aware of the fact that they work as a natural cleanser for your skin? Certainly not, right? Well, these little fellas c…

Type 2 Diabetes - If You Have Lost Weight In the Past You Can Do It Again!

Losing as little as ten to fifteen pounds combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise can reduce the Type 2 diabetes risk by almost 60 percent. Being overweight is singularly the biggest risk factor for Type 2 diabetes.

Simple and modest lifestyle changes pay off with big dividends. Spirits are high at the beginning of the weight loss journey. You feel motivated and ready for what is to come. You expect it to be challenging, but you know the effort will be worth it. You know the benefits you stand to gain are greater than the toil required to attain them. With this in mind, losing weight is an easy decision.

But somewhere down the line, it all seems to change. Progress is not as quick as expected. You inevitably stall. Your hunger pangs seem to become less tolerable as your willpower begins to fade. At this stage, it is common to attempt to rationalize your shortcomings and resent the weight loss process. For many, this proves to be the inevitable breaking point. Perhaps only for …

Type 2 Diabetes - Research Shows Sugary Soft Drinks Are A Risk Factor for Gestational Diabetes

Sugar-sweetened soft drinks have long been a known risk factor for developing Type 2 diabetes, so it should not come as a surprise to find they raise the risk of developing Gestational diabetes or diabetes of pregnancy, as well. In February of 2017, the journal Clinical Nutrition reported on a study relating to this subject from the University of Navarra in Pamplona, Spain. The study taking place over three years included 172 new cases of Gestational diabetes in 3396 women. Mothers with the highest consumption of sugary soft drinks were more than twice as likely to develop diabetes during their pregnancy than those who drank few or no sugary beverages. No link was seen between diet soft drinks and the Gestational diabetes risk.

Another study carried out at the University of Iceland in Reykjavik, Iceland and published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition in February 2017, also compared sugar-sweetened soft drink consumption and the development of diabetes during pregnancy. Scie…

What If Diabetes Type 2 Is A Choice?

So hands up if you want to have diabetes type 2! Am I mad, have I taken leave of my senses and do I think that you are mad? Maybe!

50 years ago medical science wasn't sure what caused type 2 diabetes. Over time it appeared that obesity was the cause, because most sufferers were obese.

As time went on it appeared that sugar was the problem and it became commonly known as sugar diabetes.

So sufferers were told to cut back on sugar and a whole range of low sugar and artificial sweetener products were created. Even today in any chemist in Australia there are lots of diabetic friendly treats at the front counter.

In our supermarkets we have diabetic jams and spreads. But even today we are not seeing a big focus on overall diet as an intervention aside from being advised to eat a good diet.

As recently as 10 years ago a diabetes nurse came to see me as a client, I mentioned diet for diabetes in passing and see put her hands on her hips and declared there was no such diet.

As time went on we l…

Food Poisoning and Specific Ways to Handle It

Food poisoning occurs when a person takes in food contaminated simply by bacteria, parasites or even virus. It may also happen whenever one eats meals that are not really ready, prepared or foods that are usually not handled properly during the process of preparing them.

Symptoms of food poisoning

After a person consumes poisoned foods, they start displaying several symptoms. Depending on what kind of poison they have consumed, this may occur immediately or within a couple of hours right after consuming the food. The observable symptoms consist of:

- Vomiting
- Diarrhea
- Belly ache
- Suffering from fever
- Exhaustion

The particular elder people, children, men and women along with immune system problems and pregnant females are usually more likely to display strong signs and symptoms associated with toxic foods.

Essential Poisoning Associated with Food

Sometimes food poisoning is not necessarily dangerous and may end in a brief period of time. However, every time an individual encounters the fo…

About Leaky Gut Syndrome

Leaky Gut Syndrome, also known as Intestinal Permeability, is a condition that affects millions of people. However, it is not fully recognized by traditional physicians and is often attributed to other conditions within the gut. Leaky gut refers to the micro-holes and tears that can occur in the intestinal lining, allowing food particles to "leak" out of the gut and into the bloodstream. Increased attention is currently given to the condition of leaky gut as more and more patients are being treated for food intolerances and abdominal discomfort.


Leaky gut syndrome or intestinal permeability is considered a dysfunction of the digestive system. The intestinal wall lining normally does not allow any food particles to escape from the intestine. However, if the digestive tract becomes inflamed or damaged, small holes can appear in the intestinal lining. This allows small particles of undigested food, proteins, fats and toxins to escape and become absorbed into the body. …

Key Points to Take Into Account When Purchasing a New Mattress

Keep these 5 key points in mind next time you go mattress shopping:

1) Familiarise yourself with the signs that indicate you need a new mattress

Knowing that we spend approximately a third of our lives in bed should explain sufficiently why every mattress needs to be replaced at some point. Lumpiness, sagging, shagginess and springs popping out are some of these signs. Without a firm mattress your body isn't getting the support it needs while you sleep - causing restless nights and physical discomfort. Keep record of how long you've had a mattress and take note of how it feels - perhaps you'll realise it's time for a new one.

2) Enquire

It is vital to do research before purchasing a new mattress. Luckily there are various online resources available to help you decide on the best brand for you. Although there are so many resources, find out from your friends, family and even a chiropractor which brand they would recommend. Firsthand knowledge is always valuable when co…