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Handling Bullying or Abuse

Creating beliefs

Something happens. The human being looks at the situation and interprets it based on previous experiences. Then something similar happens again and the human being interprets it like before. If that kind of situation is repeated enough times, the human being will often confirm the interpretation and end up taking it as "this is the way things are." The first time the situation happens, the interpretation might be based on something apparently unimportant, a comment, a circumstance, even a movie or a book. But then, once the seed is planted, the belief starts taking root and becoming stronger with each confirmation. That is one way in which beliefs are created.The other way has to do with emotions. When something causes a very strong emotion in us, be it positive or negative, that emotion can be strong enough to establish a new interpretation in our minds. Let's take the example of a near-death experience, an accident or a serious illness. How many people…

Healthy Mind In A Healthy Body

Healthy Mind Healthy Body

I want to always remind you that we are Spirit, Soul and Body, and we can only enjoy holistic health when all three areas are given attention. We need to be nourishing our Spirit, Soul (Mind) and Body to cope with much stress and anxiety that life bring.Having and maintaining a healthy sound mind in a healthy body, will help you to unwind after a long day, and allow you to regain your focus, and enable you to develop an overall health and well being.Self Care For A Healthy MindSelf-care is just as it says, taking care of yourself. It is not just about getting a massage. It is any action you take to preserve and improve your health, well-being, happiness, peace of mind and a fulfilled life.I want to emphasize something very important many self-conscious persons don't seem to be aware of.Self-care is not for fools. Self-care is not for the weak. It is not a luxury, and it is not self-centered.When you don't take care of yourself, are too hard on your bo…

Are They Real? Breaking Free From Scary Intrusive Thoughts That Drive Anxiety

I have to guess as to what you really, exactly mean but I'm going to presume you mean something along the lines of 'do they mean anything? Or 'are they true'? Or 'Is this who I really am?'

In that context, NO, the thoughts are not real. They are just thoughts that have no real meaning on any level. They are not real on a conscious or a subconscious level. They are just some particular thoughts, or even just one particular thought that crossed your mind and gave you a jolt of fear when you were in an anxiety state.Now, here's where they are real. Your body thinks they are real. No, you are not going to lose control of your bodily functions and act out on whatever your brand of intrusive thoughts is. I mean, your body is reacting to extreme fear just the way it's supposed to. You see, your body doesn't know if something is fear from imaging something or seeing something. Your body reacts the same way. Adrenaline picks up. Your fight or flight reaction…

Understanding Suicide

If the human body were a house, etheric energy would be its electrical system. Multiple shorts or breaks in the circuitry can prompt thoughts of suicide. When a fuse blows (actual or emotional), chaos is released through outlets like amps and anger.

No one is designed to survive alone. Feeling isolated and detached from a primary family unit causes overwhelming fear for certain people. They are the artists, writers and empaths of society-the 'sensitive' ones. They are the first lost during tough times.Even the subtle threat of being separated from a family system can kick survival tactics into gear. Panic starts to rise at all the scary possibilities. The option of surrender starts to whisper to the unsettled mind. Later, it looms as the only possible way out.Before the suicidal ideations begin, which is usually quite young, a DNA code arrives at birth. That is the 'nature' that meets 'nurture' and often courts disaster. The odds against some surviving, much le…

How To Look Good Without Spending A Fortune

Can you name someone in your acquaintances who do not want to look good? You will not find a woman who does not care about her looks. All women are beauty conscious and receiving compliments on your looks makes your day, isn't it? Beauty does not come free of cost. You have to spend countless bucks on cosmetics and on other things which will elevate your beauty. How about looking stunning without spending a lot of money? Is it possible? Yes, it is. In this article, you will get to know how you can look beautiful without spending a fortune.

Get a Ravishing Look without Blowing Your Budget
Pay Attention to Hygiene: A good look starts with hygiene. The expensive cloth you wear will not be able to make you pretty if you smell bad. Therefore, it is necessary to smell good all day long. Take a shower on a daily basis. Use a fragrant soap which will make the fragrance last for a long time on your body. Keep your teeth clean by brushing and flossing regularly. Keep your body odor away by …

It's Amazing Isn't It, How Life Can Often Get in the Way?

This year has been one of my busiest ever. Then I suddenly realised that I had locked in outside activities on more than half of every week. And that that was is NOT good. Not for me and certainly not for my health and fitness. SO - time to forget sitting at the computer working on more research and so often shooting out to help with this group or that. Time to focus on what I need to do for me that will also help me as well as everyone else. 
FIRST Update my wall chart to include both my commitments for others as well as my new commitments to MYSELF. Which are:- 
Walk for at least 1 hour, three times per week. There are beautiful walking areas in my area, somewhere I can start to use the hiking poles I received from my son as part of my Christmas present. Even though the weather has started deteriorating and we are definitely deep into winter, it's never as bad as when I lived in the far south. And I now have the gear to be able to accomplish this. 
NEXT Eat good, home cooked food…

5 Diet Myths Exposed: Start Losing Weight the Healthy Way!

This can be the year you finally drop those excess pounds, achieve a strong, streamlined body, and give your health a huge boost with a commitment to sensible eating.

But in order to reach your healthy weight and keep it there, you'll have to sidestep a lot of diet minefields. So many nutritional myths and faddish ideas are out there, you could easily wind up sabotaging your weight loss efforts and compromising your health, without even knowing it.NEWSFLASH: 
58% of consumers are actively trying to lose weight to improve either their appearance, health or both, according to the Natural Marketing Institute's Health & Wellness Trends Database.MYTH #1: YOU HAVE TO GO ON A DIET TO LOSE WEIGHT.REALITY: Most diets don't work. Instead of following the latest fashionable weight loss program, you should develop healthy, fat-burning habits and make them part of your daily life.INSTANT ANALYSIS: 
Atkins, Zone, Ornish... How do they stack up? A recent study tracked the weight loss…