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What to Take and Save Money On a Photographic Holiday

By John Hutchison What equipment should I take on holiday is a common question. The simple answer is what are you going on holiday to try to photograph. For example if going on safari you are going to need a long telephoto lens this will make sure you keep your distance from some potentially dangerous wild animals this will help you to get close up while keeping your distance.

A 24-70mm can be used for a multitude of situation they are also convenient and normally light weight so as not to add too much to you baggage allowance and cover virtually any situation you may come across. A tele converter can be useful and not as costly as a telephoto lenses.If you don't already own a battery grip this could save time and trouble especially in those isolated spots. Most battery grips now a days will take normal batteries of course, you'll need to check your grips instructions. Because when traveling weight will play a crucial part of since you are limited by the airlines.Make sure your…

It's Monsoons AND a Long Weekend: 5 Tips to Get You Singin' in the Rain

By Angelica Tara

"Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet." - Bob Marley

There's a reason why rains bring out the poet in most of us. Whether you choose to stay indoors or get soaked, there's something about rainy days that makes you wish to fly away.But somewhere along this dream monsoons is the reality that looms large like the proverbial villain. Why, oh why, are there monsoon hassles?Think smelly clothes, dirty shoes, bad traffic, mosquitoes' army and dumb drivers (who splash water as they zoom past). Yuck.Cheer up. It's a war out there and you just can't let it hold you back.So, whether you're planning a trip to Neemrana, Jaisalmer, Fagu or Kasauli or just a long drive, we'll help you have the time of your life this monsoon.Considering that you already know and already have cute raincoats - we love the fluorescents, transparents and the printed ones - let's think beyond all that, shall we?Here goes a top fiver for rainy days:1. Smar…

Knock on the Unexpected With Colour Surprise

By Angelica Tara

"I like nonsense. It wakes up the brain cells."

Why, thank you Dr. Seuss, so do we. And what better way to add zing to the brain than to have colours awesomed all over the place. In our world, we can have a mauve sun and raspberry clouds. Hair, clothes, walls, furniture or shoes - colours have the power to take them to another level. That's why we need to go beyond and experiment. Yes, it's a thing.So without further ado, let's start playing with colours.The question is how to go about it...To get your thinking caps on, we have put together some colour trends that are all ripples, splash and waves. That said, whichever colours you choose to play with, ought to be a reflection of your personality and shouldn't be chosen to please others. 
Also, have you ever wondered what exactly is a trend? A generic definition would be that a trend is merely lots of people following a single thing. And since we are just not about following, we're about wa…

Baba Bulleh Shah RA's Concept of Khudi (Self)

By Abeera Shah

The concept of "Self" holds a few basic things that enroll eradicating oneself and understanding the real-self that is: genuinely perceiving one's inner and being in contact with what exists deep inside one without having to do anything with the materialistic or worldly pursuits. Then comes "Self-realization", the stage of moving from darkness to light; from ignorance to knowledge; from this to that; from here to there and finding an answer to the statement: 
Ù†Û� جانے کون Û�ÙˆÚº اور کس Ú©Û’ اختیار میں Û�ÙˆÚº 
Having understood what one is and who one is, comes the point of being well-acquainted and fully absorbed in the realization of God. It is widely accepted and a celebrated fact that once one understands himself, it is then one begins understanding the one who is all-encompassing - GOD! And when one begins falling into place and gets going with the synchronization of one's mind, body and soul, it is then that he start…

A Link Between "The Rainbow Sign" and "My Son the Fanatic" by Hanif Kureshi

By Abeera Shah

Hanif Kureshi came across many complications as a diaspora identity in a place where the people of his lot are loathed greatly and are looked down upon. His works depict all that he encountered. "The Rainbow Sign" and "My Son the Fanatic" too hold the imprints of his experiences of life. One of the many things common in both works is the shadow and the impression of the West on the minds of the "Others". In "My Son the Fanatic", we are told indirectly that Parvez wanted to do well in England "His dream of doing well in England would have come true." Similar is in "The Rainbow Sign", the narrator tells that his father "... married here and never went back to India" and "the young people continually asked me about the possibility of getting into Britain". In my view, there is this socially-constructed image of the West that resides in the minds of the people. 
Parvez and even the narrator of &q…