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The Secrets to Weight Loss Success

Do you want to uncover the blueprint for permanent weight loss?

It's no secret: losing weight can be a tough challenge. But that doesn't mean it's impossible. Losing weight is actually one of the most achievable feats that you can accomplish in this lifetime.

And no, you don't have to spend a lot of cash to achieve your dream body.

Weight loss success depends on many factors, including your attitude towards the process. Over the years as a coach, I've come to discover cornerstones of genuine and permanent weight loss.

I'm going to share with you some awesome secrets that will allow you to lose those extra pounds for good.

If you have tried for so long to see the numbers on your bathroom scale change, then today might be the day that you will finally understand what you need to do to start melting extra fat away.

Secret #1: There's a Target Time for Exercise

There is no shortage of advice regarding the amount of time you should spend exercising every week. A single…

Do You Prefer The Prevention Or Treatment Model?

Traditionally in western society we wait to get sick and then we take a day off and join the legions of the unwell in doctor's surgeries pawing old germ covered magazines.

In some Asian societies the local doctor or healer would be paid a retainer to keep their patient healthy and the payment would stop if they became ill.

This would be a terrible model now because of the high levels of obesity, diabetes and general fatigue caused in most part by the terrible foods and drinks we consume.

The problem with the prevention model is that we have to do it. We have to make the changes and give up some of the tasty junk that passes poorly for food.

The problem with the treatment model is that you have to get sick, before you can be treated, and sometimes the first symptom is serious illness. The process to recovery may be long painful and expensive.

Plus unless you have a death wish you will then be faced with having to make serious life style changes in order to prevent a re occurrence of you…

Quit Smoking - 7,300 Metres Of Tobacco

The average smoker smokes 20 cigarettes a day for 20 years, which adds up to 7,300 metres or 7,908 yards of tobacco. This equates to approximately 1,460,000 draws of toxic smoke!

Holy cow, the human body must be amazing to survive even a fraction of this amount of smoke. What an amazing insult to human tissue.

Most smokers who blow just one lung full of smoke through a tissue are stunned as to how much staining is produced. So try to imagine 1,460,000 puffs. You would be looking at drums full of toxic sludge.

All of this sludge will have been through your lungs, your heart, your arteries and into every cell of your body.

Sounds bad, and unfortunately it might be, but if you quit smoking with advanced hypnosis you can start to reverse the damage.

It will take time but every day you don't smoke you will repair some damage and bring you closer to better health.

Some parts of you will heal quickly and some will take longer, but one thing is certain, the recovery process can't start unti…

Why People Find Mindfullness at Work Advantageous

Take out any of the well-reputed brands such as Google, NHS, and Transport; you would see the managers suggest their employees keep up mindfulness at work. But what is this mindfulness? Why this is so significant for their employees! Let me tell you; mindfulness is nothing but the awareness-awareness to the present condition without any doubt. And it is nothing new; rather people used to practice it since the time of Buddhism. Yes, that's true; later people start to apply it for their purpose regardless of any religion, culture and other distinctions.

Why is mindfulness necessary?

All of the concerned studies about it conclude that it is very significant to reduce stress, conflict, and anxiety. On the other hand, it would increase resilience and emotional intelligence to a great extent among the people. All of these would improve the communication level of the employees as well.

When would you need it?

Although it is benign to all the people working throughout the day; you definitely …

Easy Ways to Raise Libido in Women

Women undergo a lot of changes during menopause. A drop in the production of estrogen not only results in low libido but also leads to other problems that include excessive dryness of the vagina, hot flashes etc. Such problem can make women disinterested in sex.

Poor libido or lack of libido can eventually take a toll on your relationship. This is because most men want to have more sex and a disinterested partner can make them drift away looking for other women who can satisfy them sexually. It is but obvious such a scene can jeopardize any relationship.

If you are thinking hormone replacement therapy could be the answer to this solution, let me tell that HRT can create a lot of side effects and further complications. It's always better to take the natural route.

Here are some simple and easy ways to boost libido in women:

1. Try to Boost Estrogen with Certain Foods

One of the most effective and simple ways to boost estrogen is with the help of certain foods like soy and soy products.…

5 Things To Keep In Mind While You're Researching Home Hemodialysis Companies

It's hard not to notice the number of dialysis centers popping up all over many areas of the country. Though these dialysis centers are considered to be specific in providing this life-saving procedure in-house, many of them have taken the term 'in house' very literally by also touting their place as home hemodialysis companies. As the medical landscape changes from day-to-day, so, too, does the idea of undergoing a medical procedure in the comfort of your own home.

There's no doubt that you are already being bombarded by the trials and tribulations of being diagnosed with kidney failure, which is why you need to undergo dialysis. The last thing you need to worry about is how to approach treatment, and for those looking to maintain their lives as normally as possible, having treatments at home sounds fantastic. There are, however, a few things to keep in mind when deciding the best course of treatment for you:

1. How is Training Handled? If you're thinking that home …

Is Aluminium Cookware Toxic To Your Health?

Cookware is for cooking, right? And as long as your food gets cooked, what does it matter whether you've used an iron pan or a scratched Teflon pan?

It might matter much more than you've believed. A growing body of research evidence appears to point to a strong link between aluminium accumulation in the body and Alzheimer's disease - a disabling loss of mental ability that is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States and the 5th leading cause of death among those age 65 and older and also cause of disability and poor health. As per statistics in 2017, more than 5.5 million Americans living with Alzheimer's, an approximately 5.3 million are age 65 and older and estimated 200,000 peoples are below age 65 and have younger-onset Alzheimer's. Almost 2/3 of Americans with Alzheimer's are women.

Is this cause for worry?

We believe it's time to start taking precautions:

Rita Hayworth, not so long ago, made Alzheimer's a household word. A disease that usua…

Tip-Top Home Tooth Care - The Ultimate In Preventive Dentistry

Your smile deserves the best. If you believe that, chances are you already make sure to brush and floss your teeth every day. But chances are, you're not getting peak tooth and gum protection out of your current regimen. If you'd like to achieve the ultimate in home dental care, check these easy tips:

Try kinder, gentler brushing. Forget about hard scrubbing: You might do more harm than good. To avoid gum abrasion, use gentle pressure and short strokes. Don't squash the bristle - the tips do the cleaning.

Take aim at plaque. The most dangerous place for plaque to be is at the gum line. When this bacteria-laden film slips below the gum line, it can do real damage to both tooth and gums. You get rid of it by getting the right angle on brushing. Start by holding the toothbrush horizontal to your teeth. Then rotate it so the brush ends point upward toward the gum line for top teeth, downward for bottom teeth, at about a 45-degree angle. Then brush, using circular strokes, workin…

Lily's Asthma

Years ago I had a patient who was eight years old and suffered from severe asthmatic attacks. The family was desperate. Lily was the only child of a couple who had married later in life and faced challenges with conception. Theirs was a classic story of rags to riches. Both came from families with no college degree and had worked hard to forge a new identity and a comfortable living in Atlanta. Lily was their one and "everything."

My wife met Lily's mother on the swim team. Upon hearing the story of her constant struggle with Lily's Asthma, she began an intense campaign of persuasion that finally convinced her to come and bring Lily to my office.

Life before this meeting had not been entirely carefree for Lily. Emergency room visits, teeth issues caused by antibiotics, inhalers, strong medications, and constant fear were a part of Lily's daily reality. This was taking a toll not just on her family, but on her education and her ability to partake in the sports she l…

How Alcohol Addiction May Affect Mental Health

Alcohol happens to be the most preferred go-to thing for Americans, whether someone wants to de-stress after a long day at work or spending an evening with friends. Sadly, the booze is like a customary for most people. Despite being the leading cause of preventable deaths, alcohol is marketed openly and projected in the media as a positive substance.

Contrary to the popular belief, alcohol does more harm than good when consumed in large quantities over a prolonged period. It is known to cause numerous negative effects, ranging from memory loss and blackouts to a number of mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. Since alcohol is a depressant, it can hamper the normal functioning of brain, affecting one's thoughts, feelings and actions.

Evidently, alcohol addiction and poor mental health go hand in hand. For people who cannot live without alcohol every day, mental health issues are a common occurrence. At the same time, an individual dealing with a ment…

Your Doctor Just Prescribed Kidney Failure Treatment - Now What?

You've just been told that your kidneys are no longer working the way they need to be, and as such, you're now in need of treatment to essentially keep you alive. The good news is that you have options, and the idea of kidney failure treatment proves to be a rather hopeful ray of light during an otherwise dark time in your life.

Oddly enough, it tends to be the psychological aspect of hearing bad news about your health that can weigh heavily on a patient & his or her family. How did this happen? When did it happen? Did I do this? Why is this happening to me/us? Questions abound, and without many answers, it is easy to see why so many patients facing kidney failure can sink into a lull if not a full depression.

Though better said than done, however, it's important for the patient and his or her family to face the news with a plan. Answers to tough questions will come, but right now, you need to devise a way to move forward & seek treatment based on your doctor's …

Steps To Senior Exercise Motivation

Okay, you're old. I am too, so don't take offense. I have been where you are in life, and, perhaps a little bit longer than you have. I have also been studying about exercise, and, actually exercising for years, starting long before I became 'old'.

Quite often, it's not the exercise itself that presents a huge hurdle to an older person. After all, we've faced, and conquered, many things in our lifetimes.

No, often, the exercise itself is not the problem.

Actually, the biggest problem for anyone contemplating some sort of senior exercise plan, is the same one faced by younger folk.


It's hard to keep working on a project when you can't see any real progress. It's even harder when you are not sure what 'progress' really means.

Well, I am not going to give you facts and figures about how many minutes, how many times a week, how much weight, and so on. A lot of that is going to depend on who you are, where you are at in your fitness journe…

The Medicine Called Zumba

The music is progressively styled for users to alternate from slow to fast workout movements. This alternating exposes the body to different heart rates thus delivering a good cardio exercise. The Zumba fitness uses body's own resistance to shape and tone the body. Zumba fitness classes are performed in group to keep individuals motivated and socialize as well. This 45 minutes exercise regime burns a load of calories without the user recognizing it. Zumba as a term means nothing it is just a catch phrase which has gripped the global market.

This Latin inspired zumba performance classes get's its root & style from different music styles like cumbia, salsa, merengue, mambo, flamenco, chachacha, reggaeton, soca, samba, hip hop music, ax� music and tango. Music is core to the resources required necessary to perform zumba. This is more a performance class then fitness class; so it keeps the interest of the user occupied and thus achieves the objective of wellness and better heal…