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What's Much, Much Better Than Motivational Quotes?

I know people who peddle in motivational quotes. They hunt them down, share them on Facebook and move onto the next one. Heck, I used to be like that with an old Twitter account. So I get the appeal of them, I really do.

But there's a big ol' problem with quote farming:It has a way of becoming hollow and pointless.You read a quote and something about it resonates with you. Maybe it's clever and insightful. Maybe you've heard it before but now, in one moment where you stare at your screen, you truly get it.So, being the generous person you are, you share it with everyone you know.You look for another inspirational quote. Most are rather trite, so you keep digging. But you find a good one. Then another. You share these too.The more you look, the emptier these quotes sound. And you start seeing the same quotes popping up again and again. Don't those hacks know we've heard that one a thousand times before?If you keep looking, you find a sea of decent motivational q…

Make Your Inner Critic Pay Rent

I know plenty of people who struggle with meditation. They'll say something like it doesn't interest them, they can't sit still, or they gave it a go and it didn't work.

It might even be true.But for many people, they don't like coming face-to-face with that voice inside your mind. You know the one I mean - the one that whispers horrible things to you about your looks, talents, successes, failures, prospects and worthiness to keep breathing.The sorts of things you'd never say to another person, even your worst enemy.It's always there, anticipating your mistakes, just waiting for the chance to laugh at you.So if this voice, or the deeper well of anxiety and insecurity it comes from, won't leave you alone, then it's time to take control.But you don't gain control by fighting it.Think of this inner critic like a neighbouring kingdom... with an enormous army. Much stronger than yours. If you fight it head on, not only will it not work, but you'l…

Create a Shrine for Your Magicless Rituals

The unconscious mind loves rituals. It adores them. On some level, it believes they're real.

Because, on some level, they are.I don't mean you can sacrifice a goat to bring the rains. I do mean you can create certain results by repeating certain actions. If you create a ritual that gives you superhuman confidence, then it'll work eventually - by pure repetition, anchoring and placebo.But the rules of not-magic don't stop there.Alongside magic spells is the notion of sacred spaces.Whether or not locations can literally be sacred doesn't matter. If you act as though they are, you'll start to respond as if they are.Which means you can create a shrine - an inner sanctum - inside your own home.Did I say 'can'? That could just as easily read 'should'.One of the classic meditation tips, especially for beginners and folk who struggle with it, is to create a dedicated space for it. Always meditate in the same spot and don't do anything else there. 

Circular Patterns in Venture Capital and Angel Investing: Interesting Trends and Tips

1. During the past decade, the size of seed rounds has remained stagnant and number of deals have decreased. To the untrained eye, it seems that there is more competition for seed dollars. Below the surface, however, startups are recycling founders experience. The reason why the number of deals has decreased is that teams are better prepared, are more financially savvy, have access to better-priced support, waste less time and resources, are using other forms of funding PRIOR to seed rounds, and are pivoting or deciding to get out earlier -at the pre-seed stage. (Founders will jump into exploring new opportunities).

Founding teams are recycled

2. More firms seeking seed rounds already have sales, expression of interests, and some form of market validation as a result of the circular economy of entrepreneurial mind and action. Firms that seek seed rounds are more advanced than 10 years ago. Founders are using other ways to get funded (as they should! Because seed funding is very expensi…

Are the No Credit Check Loans Similar to Bad Credit Loans

The bad credit loans with no credit check option has transformed the lives of many people and moreover improved the credit ratings too. The loans are available instantly and lenders do not enter into the formalities of the disbursals.

Leftist or the rightist, capitalist or the socialist, white or the black, you always need to make one thing clear in your mind: the online loan marketplace is made to suit your cash needs, if you are serious. Don’t let yourself fall back, because in this case, you will stand at last position in the queue. To begin with, it is necessary that you become aware of the terms. Are the no credit check loans work in the same way as the no credit check loans? Are the no guarantor loans a misnomer or the balance between no credit check loans and the bad credit loans? There exists a wider knowledge framework out here, and it is your whole and sole right to know of it.

What are the No Credit Check Loans?

The loans available without a credit check especially designed fo…

The 10 Advantages of Outsourcing Your (Behavioral Health Billing)

Healthcare in a digital environment is complicated, particularly with the numerous regulations that seem to be constantly rolling out additional layers. Healthcare providers are spending more time and...

Healthcare in a digital environment is complicated, particularly with the numerous regulations that seem to be constantly rolling out additional layers. Healthcare providers are spending more time and resources as they organize patient care, and this time could be put to better use. Using a qualified, outsourced behavioral health billing company can provide better service as your workload reduces, you experience fewer disruptions and your profitability increases.

10 Advantages of Outsourcing Your Behavioral Health Billing

Decreased Employee Expenses. You will not be liable for employee healthcare, acquisition costs, PTO, and other employee load expenses when you are outsourcing your behavioral health billing. The amount of resources expected to manage the behavioral health insurance p…

Medical Credentialing (On-Board Process for Providers, Facilities)

Credentialing for providers, large groups, or facilities can be a tedious task that can often require a team of specialists to handle all the on-boarding information as well as updates throughout the ...

Credentialing for providers, large groups, or facilities can be a tedious task that can often require a team of specialists to handle all the on-boarding information as well as updates throughout the year. As of April, 2018, CMS now mandates that providers maintain accurate information and timely updates. Providers and facilities that do not keep up with these updates risk having their in-network status with the insurance company taken away as well as fines and penalties.

We have composed some of the most popular questions and concerns that your office may have in choosing someone to credential your providers.


Turn-around time – 24 hours New Provider – Using primary source verification, we are able to pull most of your provider’s information within a few hours. If more infor…

Advantages of Employing a Branding & Design Agency

If you own a business or if you’re planning on opening a business, there will come a time when you have to step into a branding and design agency. It can be for various reasons like to create a logo, develop a website, put you on social media platforms or to even run marketing campaigns! 

The goal of owning a business is to give the people what they want and establish a business in the market. While you might have the data required on how to run your business, only a creative agency can help you connect with your audience and help you stay ahead of your competition. Competence and Experience:

Each business has its own area of expertise. This is why we go to that particular business to buy their product or use their service. If you run a clothing business you have all the expertise on it such as the different kinds of materials, designs, prints, cuts, styles, etc. You would also know what is currently trending and what kind of outfit will suit which body type and so on and so forth.



The human digestive system works non-stop to produce enzymes and process the foods to extract essential nutrients, but junk food, adulterated foods, and chemicals that we consume create extra pressure on the system. The body produces digestive enzymes; however, it cannot produce enough to keep up with the typical western diet, which is full of enzyme-depleted, over-cooked, and processed and canned foods. This is one of the main reasons for the rise in digestive health problems. 

Nearly 7 hundred thousand people in the USA suffer everyday from digestive issues such as heartburn, acid reflux, GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disorder), IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Indigestion, Constipation, Diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea and so on. But why do we suffer from so many digestive problems? The answer is that we eat in a hurry, we do not chew carefully, we rush our eating times, or worse, we eat on the run.

The digestion process works well when we eat properly, have proper rest, a…

Why Hire SEO Expert in Austin for SEO of Your Business?

Search engine optimization has become quintessential for every business in today’s time. If your business is not visible online, you are as good as not at all having an online presence. And when you realize the importance of SEO for your local business, the first thing that comes into mind is how to do it and that too at minimum cost. Well, DIY is one way to go, hiring an SEO expert in Austin is other, and postponing is another.

Hiring professional SEO experts for SEO of your local business has many benefits. Let’s have a look at some of the key benefits. Right SEO Anyone can start SEO. There is no compulsion that only professionals are allowed to do it. But the question is, are you capable of doing it right? There are many practices that when you implement it on your website, your SEO results will be endangered. And getting wrong in DIY SEO is not difficult. All it requires is some misunderstanding of Google algorithms or following a wrong DIY SEO guide. You may be following unethica…

Domain Migration With Ensuring SEO Efficiency – An Insight!

At times domain migration can be a tough task. Even with a good transfer speed, there are possibilities of downtime during this process. Along with all the crucial aspects of domain migration there is an SEO aspect as well, that has to be taken into consideration. This factor is as important as the website hosting platform that you select.

As various tasks are performed during the domain transfer process, the online reputation that you have built over time might get hampered. In case that happens, it will be hard for the search engines to locate, crawl and index your website and furthermore, this will have a negative effect on the keyword rankings and the organic traffic as well.

Irrespective of whether your website is big or small, migration is a critical process that needs some cautious planning. You must plan ahead of time in order to avoid any bad situations. If you would like to migrate a domain now or at any time in the future, here is some crucial information that you need to be …

Getting Private Banking Services – What You Need to Know

For effective wealth management, it is crucial to get the best private banking services that you can rely upon. While private banking reduces the stress and hassles of managing your wealth, it can be a complex process and needs thorough understanding.   

Read on to know a few important aspects of private banking that ensure a seamless experience.  

What is Private Banking?  

The private banking process comprises providing dedicated banking, tax management, investment, and other financial solutions to High Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs). This is unlike retail banking services, which focus on the mass and provide more personalized services to individuals via a professional banking expert dedicated to provide such solutions to its clients.   

Since High Net-Worth Individuals possess considerable assets than an average individual, they are more likely to utilize dedicated financial services that demand bulk investments such as real estate and hedge funds. Private banking services provided by…

Best Way to Plan your Kullu Manali Package from Chandigarh

Honeymoon is a chance that couples can recover and enjoy the quality time together after many months of organizing a wedding. Hence, this article below explains to you how you can perfectly plan your Kullu Manali package from Chandigarh.

Manali is a spectacular honeymoon destination located in the state of Himachal Pradesh and it is also known as the gateway of mountains. This place provides an extraordinary view of snow-capped mountains, wooded slopes, as well as grassy meadows with wildflower, which make Manali a perfect retreat for vacations. Both Kullu and Manali is famous for its pine forests, temples, and majestic hills. The temples of the Kullu Manali hold much importance among Hindu devotees. The place is known for its river valleys, wildlife, and contains various outing places. You can visit a lot of famous attractions like river Beas, Rohtang Pass, Solang Valley, Jogini Waterfalls and many more. Hence it is very essential to select the best from various Manali honeymoon packa…

Agile + Jira meetup in Chicago

Agile + Jira meetup has already interested more than 200 people to attend two weeks before the actual start. The number is significant taking into consideration the fact of very limited timing of the event: only 2 hours to communicate and to learn something new. Nonetheless, the format of being able to meet like-minded people and to get the experts views and opinions without the struggle to find free time attracts attention. The featured speaker Aleks Yenin is an accomplished IT consultant with 13+ years of experience, encompassing technology and business. Aleks has successfully delivered dozens of IT and Telecom projects of various scale and scope (SAS Institute, Mobile Telesystems, Sitronics, Orange, Nokia), creating ERP, CRM, Billing systems, etc. He is Principal Consultant at Polontech, IT consulting company and will be in Chicago for a couple of days.

Here at Polontech we are passionate about Ag…

Style at Home: Tips for Decorating Awkward Spaces

Do you have an awkward corner or craggy nook in your house that you hate? Well, worry not folks. It is time to embrace that part of the house and transform it into something classy and modern. We have compiled a bunch of tips for you to decorate the most awkward spaces inside your house.

Behind the Door Decor

We all enjoy empty spaces when we first shift into a new house. But soon we want color in every possible nook and cranny. A place which might need your attention is the back of the door. Doors are not open all the time, and once they are closed, they leave behind a sad, empty wall. You do not need to crowd the area behind the door and make it impossible to open it. What you can do is put a hanging mirror or a wall decoration. If there is more room, you can even add a small console table. 

Styling a Corner

Corners are usually the most ignored parts of our house. Most people would fill this area with a coat hanger or something much worse like an abandoned piece of furniture. The questi…

Mardi Himal Trek - Wonderful Short Trek in Annapurna

Mardi Himal trekking route was discovered a decade earlier in the Annapurna region. However, before 2011, the trekking route was not popular among the trekkers; rather it was popular among the campers. After, the place was opened officially for trekking; construction of teahouses and lodges along the trail was started. Now a day, while trekking this trekking route, you can see tea houses available even up to high altitude.
Mardi Himal is situated below the Fishtail Mountain.You can reach the base of Mardi Himal by hiking from east of Annapurna Base Camp trek. The trek to Mardi Himal Trek begins from Pokhara and ends there only. The Mardi Himal trek is through beautiful villages Rhododendrons forests. Trekking over the trails on rugged land scopes, you will be able to eyewitness the amazing views of mountains such as Mardi, Machhapuchhre along with Annapurna. You will see the best views of Machhapuchhre from the whole Annapurna range covered in snow. After reaching the Mardi Himal Base …

Some of the Characteristics of Good Business Leaders

What is it that makes a good business leader? Studies have been carried out but have not all come to the same conclusions. This is because some leaders have certain characteristics while others have differing ones or some that overlap with others. Some leaders are very extrovert, while others are not, but yet are still successful.

If it was easy to be a successful leader then everyone could do it, but that is not the case. Some people are naturally introvert, some really don't want to be a leader. They just want to go to work, do their job, and go home again. They really have no ambition or desire to be promoted and to lead others. Others may have a burning desire to be promoted yet are not seen to have the right qualities by management.So what are some of the qualities of a good leader? Successful leaders are fearless. That is not to say that they have no fears. Everybody does. But they face those fears head on. They see them as a challenge, as something to be overcome. A good le…

What to Look For In a House and Office Cleaning Company

Cleaning is an important and paramount exercise, be it at home, government office buildings or commercial premises. There are many companies that currently offer different cleaning services both to home owners as well as businesses. It is however very important that you hire only the best company. This is mainly to avoid instances of poor quality maid services in Naperville IL or even risks of theft by staffs of fraudulent cleaning companies. In this regard, look out for the following qualities before selecting a house or commercial cleaning company. 

1. Experience; the experience of the company in the industry is one of the most important qualities to look out for. This is because a company with a long experience in the cleaning industry offers the best services as the employees clearly understand the preferences of different clients and the work schedules involved. Long serving companies that offer commercial cleaning in Aurora IL also have build good reputation among their clients …