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Adult Nocturnal Enuresis (Adult Night Urination)

Adult Nocturnal Enuresis (Adult Bedwetting or Night Urination), literally translated to involuntary voiding of urine at night by adults, is a subject that is not often discussed or brought up voluntarily by patients.

It is, however, a very real medical problem and should be looked into.


Adult Bedwetting can be caused by a variety of factors.

Family history appears to play a significant role with Adult Bedwetting. Patients with one or both parents who suffer from the problem have a significant chance of developing the problems themselves.

A deficiency in Anti-Diuretic Hormone (ADH) production can also cause adult nocturnal enuresis. ADH is a hormone produced by a portion of the brain called the hypothalamus and acts to decrease the amount of urine produced, A deficiency in ADH will hence result in an increase in urine production and trigger urination.

Diabetes Mellitus can also cause an increase in urine production leading to nocturnal polyuria or urination in the night.

Patients with …

The Best Weight Loss Tips

Little drops of water they say make an ocean. This statement can be very relevant when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The truth is that a single or a given isolated unhealthy action may not land you in a state of difficulty health wise. However, consistent action of these unhealthy deeds is what will cause you to suffer from pains later if left unchecked. That is why wise smokers will quit smoking even they have not developed any known disease related to their smoking habits. In like manner smart people do not wait to become obese before they give a thought on how to manage their weight. They usually follow the best weight loss tips while living their lives on a daily basis. You will find below tips that will help you live a healthy life.

Avoid too much of sugar

A lot of people get addicted to sugary foods that they find it difficult to wean themselves off from them. It is important to note that excessive sugar consumption can lead to obesity. Obesity in children nowadays …

How to Raise Female Libido Naturally and Quickly

Do you lack the desire to have sex?

If so, you are not alone. Even though it's highly unfortunate millions of women suffer with a drop in their libido post menopause. However, you do not have to accept it as your fate.

Here are some simple and easy ways to help you get a robust sex drive once again so that you and your partner can enjoy the physical side of love once again:

1. Begin With Ginkgo

Herbs have been used since ages for treating various health and sexual disorders. Ginkgo biloba is one of the best herbs for enhancing blood flow to the genitals. This is why it is exceptionally good for increasing libido in both women and men. Apart from this, ginkgo is an excellent brain tonic too. It can put you in the right frame of mind to want and enjoy sex once again.

2. Step Out for a Daily Walk or Jog

Lack of exercise and excess body fat can result in sluggish blood flow in your body. With reduced blood flow it's almost impossible to enjoy a healthy libido. Try to workout regularly a…

How To Determine If You Are Experiencing Perimenopause Or Menopause?

Life begins at 40 as the saying goes. But for some women as early as 30 years old their journey towards the menopausal episode starts. Perimenopause as it is called would never be easy for most women facing this. Here are the common signs of perimenopause. Check it out if you are experiencing some of them.

*Vaginal dryness
*Sexual discomfort
*Memory problems
*Sleep problems
*Short menstrual cycle
*Unpredictable period ( some may skip period, some may experience bleeding that last for two weeks, other may undergo period twice in a month)
*Spotting in between menstrual cycle
*Spotting after intercourse
*Self-pity that leads to depression
*Hot Flashes
*Frequent urination (especially at night)
*Breast tenderness and discomfort

PMS or premenstrual syndrome are most similar to perimenopause symptoms though PMS must be based on the menstrual cycle itself. On the other hand, perimenopause is associated with the unpredictable period oftentimes shorter than the regular 28-day menstrual cycle.…

Lose the Deep Facial Lines and Sunken Cheeks Using Dermal Filler Injections

Although both treatments involve injections, we shouldn't confuse dermal fillers with botox. Both get injected into the face, but where botox is used to stop muscle movement which results in wrinkles, we use fillers to add volume to the face. This involves placing the fillers in strategic places to lift the cheeks and jowls, give volume to the lips and fill deep lines. This treatment can improve your looks, enhance your profile and leave your face with a natural expression.

Dermal fillers are a non-surgical treatment, used to plump up depressions in the skin. The main reason for depressions in the skin are wrinkles, lines and loss of volume caused by the ageing process. As we age, it is well-known that the skin loses its smoothness, and this happens because the body's natural levels of collagen reduce with age. This causes the skin to lose its shape and firmness, and this is a problem that dermal fillers can rectify.

Examples of the use of dermal fillers:

Marionette lines - these…

Feet On Fire

Douse the flames - six ways to quench the painful, maddening sensation of burning feet.

When you see a comedian get a hotfoot in an old movie, you probably have a good chuckle. But when your feet like they're on fire, your sense of humour rapidly diminishes. The causes of flaming feet are many. But so are the remedies. Here are six of the most common tactics for putting out the fire.


Natural leather is porous and allows the foot to "breathe" - that is, it lets perspiration evaporate so your feet don't swim in your shoes. So-called man-made leather isn't very porous, especially if it's advertised as water-proof. "With no ventilation, your feet get damp, and the combination of dampness and friction causes a burning sensation," says podiatrist Gary H. Gordon, director of the running and jogging programme at the University of Pennsylvania Sports Medicine Center. This burning is most noticeable on the sole, although it can o…

Cigarette Smoking Makes Everything Worse

The list for things that cigarettes makes better does not exist. The list of things that aren't affected by smoking is a very short one, and apart from the brief hit of dopamine you get from a smoke, I can't actually think of anything else to add to that list.

Physical Cost

And even the feel good dopamine gets over shadowed by the stress hormones that follow. There is a simple way to understand how smoking makes everything physically worse. Inside every artery in your body is a lining called the endothelium?

Every time you smoke a cigarette it disrupts the endothelium for up to four hours. This means that important energy creating and anti-oxidant chemicals such as nitric oxide don't get produced in the proper amounts.

So every artery covers 100% of blood flow delivering nutrients to every cell in your body, so simply put, the toxins from a cigarette go everywhere and affect everything.

Emotional Cost.

It's hard to measure the emotional cost of smoking, but the simple bio-ch…

A Reputable Colon And Rectal Doctor Cited Some Colorectal Diseases

The large intestine is the last organ of the digestive tract. It consists of 2 parts - the colon and the rectum. The colon passes up, across and down the abdomen. The rectum, on the other hand, leads out of the body through the anus.

The main function of the colon is to process the 3 pints of liquid it receives into solid stool. The rectum will coordinate the process of evacuation. A person normally passes up to 200 grams of solid stool every day. But this varies from 3 times every day to 3 times every week.

Most people have difficulty moving their bowels. This can be a result of their activity levels and diet.

Common Problems Affecting The Colon And Rectum

Constipation - This is defined as hard, small or infrequent stools. It may be caused by inadequate oral fluid, poor habits, inadequate fiber in the diet, and movement problems in the large bowel.

Irritable bowel - This is a condition where the colon muscle contracts abnormally. This can lead to high pressure that builds up in the colon,…

Learning Ways to Effectively Deal With Depression

Depression is one of the most common mental health disorders in the United States. As per the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), in 2015, more than 16 million adults in the country suffered from at least one major depressive episode in the previous year.

Depression is a serious mental health condition that affects the way an individual thinks, feels, reacts or makes choices in life. Although symptoms of depression can be effectively mitigated with the help of treatment options such as therapy, meditation, counseling sessions, and exercise, the real problem arises when none of these strategies works, leaving the patient in a helpless condition. This is the time when one should look beyond conventional therapies and find various ways to come out of depression and lead a happy life.

Today, many treatment centers provide experiential therapies in combination with the conventional treatment method to help a patient achieve long-term benefits. Here are some simple yet effective ways …

Mental Health Issues Sleep Deprivation May Cause

How often have you faced the situation when you are trying to sleep, but you are not able to? You might end up spending the entire night tossing and turning in your bed. Situations like this may occur to anyone, maybe due to some worry or out of excitement for something that's going to happen the following day. However, if it becomes a usual affair, it can be terrible, indicating sleep problems, such as insomnia, sleep deprivation, sleep apnea, etc. It can do more damage than one could imagine.

Since the mind and the body rely on correct sleep pattern to function normally, a good eight-hour sleep is much needed for a healthy life. Cutting corners on sleep could be detrimental for both mental and physical health. In other words, compromising on sleep to meet certain responsibilities or to get a bit of extra leisure time can have severe negative effects on both mental and physical health, causing a high stress level, irritability, cardiac morbidity and numerous other health issues.


5 Mid-Day Routines to Help You Reset & Get on Track

We often hear of routines to help you have better mornings; a way to start your day off on the right foot. Mornings are extremely important and play a major role in your day. There are so many benefits in starting your mornings off with being grateful, having a plan, eating breakfast, drinking water, stretching, etc. However, starting your day off on the right track and keeping it there is just as important.

Here are 5 mid-day routines to help you reset and get on track when the afternoon slump attempts an attack.

1. Take a Clarity Break

Sometimes, sitting in the same environment, hour after hour can make us feel delirious and cyclical. Our eyes need a break, our legs need a stretch and we need an overall different perspective for a moment. To be a better you, better employee or leader, you may need to step away.

The Fix
Take a clarity break. A clarity break is just a break that allows you to step away from your environment to gain a new perspective. Some clarity breaks do need to be lon…

Don't Miss This Simplified Fact Sheet About Alkaline Water

The chances are likely that you have read an article or two about alkaline water and diet. The information on the internet and other sources are often scattered, and it is often hard to draw conclusions. In this post, we will talk about the fundamental aspects of alkaline water, so that you can consider your options.

What's Alkaline Water?

The pH level is the figure that expresses the acidity or alkalinity of a substance. On the pH scale, anything with a score of 6 or below is considered to be acidic, whereas the score of 7 is considered neutral. Anything over 7 on the scale is considered alkaline. As the name suggests, alkaline water has a higher pH. Typically, normal water tends to be slightly acidic, often scoring between 6 and 7 on the pH scale. The nature of a substance is often altered by chemicals and minerals, and same is the case with water. Natural spring or stream water tends to pass over rocks, which changes the overall nature, making it more basic.

Since most people don&…

KISS Diet: The Only Diet You'll Ever Need

So here is the problem. You like millions of other people enjoyed the holidays and what with all the rich calorie laden meals, cookies, cakes and candy canes you put on a few pounds. You probably resolved that as soon as January second rolled around you would lose some weight. Well the second of January has come and gone. You gave dieting a try but after a few days you quit and you gain back the two or three pounds you did lose.

You have tried every weight lost plan there is and never really got any lasting results. You have seen the ads on TV and the internet. You read magazine articles about losing weight and watched celebrities strut their stuff. Weight reduction plans run the gamut from fast, cleansing, detox to Paleo, high carbs and low carbs. What is a person to do? Why can't I lose weight? If only I could find a diet I could live with and actually enjoy eating the meals.

Well there is such a diet! I call it the K.I.S.S. Diet or the Keep It Simple Silly Diet. You see most ever…

Hypnotherapy for the Holidays

Holidays, and those during the month of December in particular, are well-known to cause some stress and anxiety. One possible cause is going places and seeing people, which are two characteristics of holidays. That presents many challenges to an anxious mind and it can be through hypnotherapy that they can be overcome.

One of the most explored issues of holidays is that the events - dinners with family, meeting up relatives that you would otherwise rarely catch up with and all that holiday fuss in general - can pull you back to some sort of unpleasant memory you have made every effort to bury. The feeling can cause you mild or high discomfort, and it could be difficult to identify it.

Romantic relationships can often cause the same negative reactions in your thinking during this time of the year. You may find it painful to hear about the pleasant experiences of couples you know during their holidays, whether it be in person or through social media and networking. If you are feeling in…

Learn to Meditate in 10 Days

People want to learn to meditate for a variety of reasons so it is useful to have some ideas about what you want to get out of it. There are several types of meditation to choose from and like anything, one size does not fit all.

(If you are only experiencing your first thoughts on meditation, you may want to read some books on meditation before committing to a particular type). Or Google something like "Meditation classes near me" to expand your local knowledge).

The point I am trying to make is that if the first style of meditation you try doesn't suit you, try something else. Release any expectations of the way it 'should' feel or the results you 'should' get. You can learn to meditate if you accept your own unique experience, without worrying about "how to become a buddhist". Or comparing your experiences to others - this is your journey and not anyone else's.