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Stress: Is Meditation a Viable Alternative to Medications?

One of the biggest health concerns American adults face is stress. There's tons of research available that shows how damaging stress can be for your physical and mental health. Using stress management techniques is key to reducing your chances of developing ailments, such as depression, obesity, diabetes and heart disease. These diseases are indirectly related, since stress causes most people to overeat unhealthy foods. When you eat too much toxic foods, diseases like cancer can form. At this point, it would be best to obtain the services of a naturopathic oncologist.

You'll quickly learn that the best alternative cancer treatment is prevention. If you can minimize your chances of stress, you can in turn reduce your risk of developing related diseases. This is why it's recommended that you engage in stress-reducing activities, such as meditation.

Can Meditation Really Help Reduce Stress?

When you think of someone meditating, what likely comes to mind is someone sitting down …

6 Tips You Must Remember to Get Your Perfect Tan Safely

Girls, summer days are here! And that perfect golden-brown hue, a.k.a. suntan can make you look sexy and slim for the entire season. Studies show that sunbathing help our body produce vitamin D, which is essential for healthy skin, teeth and bones. Besides, right exposure of sun increases serotonin level in your body, which helps your body relieve stress and depression naturally.

However, it is very important to consider the safety measures so you can ward off the risks of sunburns, skin cancer and early aging. Remember the following 6 tips to get your skin sun-kissed and safe tanning this summer season.

Ditch the sunbed and go outdoors

If you have heard that you can get a healthy tan with a sunbed, it's a myth. In fact, you get about 12 times of UVA with a tanning bed which can increase the risk of skin cancer in the long term. It is always best to go outdoors and get the bronze skin naturally!

Shop the right sunscreen

There are numerous sunscreen products available out there in form…

Step by Step Instructions to Look More Youthful Than at Any Other Time

The passing of years is our biggest enemy, because no one can stop time and no one appreciates getting older. But, if you want to preserve your natural beauty as much as possible, there are some things you can do to make this happen. If you are careful when it comes to carrying for yourself and if you respect some basic rules, you will be able to slow down the passing of time and hide your true age. The following step-by-step instructions will show you how.

Never lose your beauty sleep
It may be tempting to spend your night out with your friends or work until late in the night, but losing sleep will only affect your body and skin. You need somewhere between 7 and 8 hours of sleep every night, to allow your organism to regenerate its cells. It is not called a "beauty sleep" for nothing, because only during the night your body will start repairing and rejuvenating every cell in your body.

Use sunscreen when exposing yourself to the sun
Almost everybody loves a tanned skin, but th…

How Drug Detox Can Help Improve Relationships

Alcohol and drug abuse is the root cause of many problems in an individual's life. From developing severe mental health issues and physical troubles to encountering serious challenges in one's relationships, abuse of illegal substances is linked with innumerable adverse effects.

It is a widely known fact that long-term, committed relationships and substance abuse do not go together. Having a partner who is engaged in drinking or abusing drugs can be an insurmountable challenge, with the negative effects rippling and influencing all the near and dear ones. In worst cases, substance abuse problem can take a heavy toll by causing an emotional distance between the partners, which eventually results in frequent fights and violence at home.

Sadly, a person fighting substance abuse is deprived of the emotional connect with his or her partner resulting in the loss of trust and affection. Overall, such couples have a tough time dealing with this downward spiral, wherein a person drinks …

Hark New Moms! 5 Awesome Tips to Make Your Baby's Skin Healthy and Fair

The arrival of the baby is a most blissful and happiest moment of a woman's life. Suddenly her whole life revolves around her baby and its wellness. Like many other new moms out there, if you too are looking for some good tips that can help you make your baby's skin glowing and healthy, follow the tips mentioned below.

5 Excellent Tips to Get Your Baby Glowing Skin

Give them a proper oil massage every day

This is inevitable! Shop a best-quality baby oil product and use it to massage your baby's skin every day. You may have heard the importance of hot oil massage for babies from your mother, grandmother or friends. Massaging their skin with baby oil won't just help strengthen their muscles but it will also provide the required moisturization and protection to their extremely delicate skin. With every day massaging, your baby's skin will eventually become more radiant and healthy.

Know how to give them bath the right way

Like we adults, it is important to avoid hot water…

Ways To Bring Awareness Of Diabetes Risk

The Growing Importance of the Diabetes Risk Test

Studies show that one in four Americans with diabetes don't even know their health is threatened. It is important to take the test to find out if you have pre-diabetes or type-2 diabetes. Knowing if you're at risk will help you make healthier life choices.

Make Diabetes Alert Day More Popular

National American Diabetes Association Alert Dayis observed annually on the fourth Tuesday of March. It is a wake-up call to inform the public about the seriousness of diabetes and encourage everyone to take actions. This is the key to early diagnosis and prevention. Here are some of the best ways to create alertness:

- Understand the Disease

Self-awareness can prevent complications to some extent. Diabetes results in too much sugar in the blood. The most common types are type 1, type 2, pre-diabetes and gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes affects only pregnant women and there is a good chance it will go away immediately after the delive…

Healthy Eating - Delicious Dip Ideas To Try

As part of your quest to start eating healthier, making sure you are taking in enough fresh fruit and vegetables is a must. Sadly, many people fall short because they just do not enjoy the taste of these nutritious choices. The good news is with a few small adjustments to your approach; you can hit your targets. How do you do that? Simply by adding a dip to the mix.

Let's look at a few tasty dip ideas you can use to create healthy serving options to make it easier to take in more produce...

1. Fruity Whipped Dip. If you are looking for a fruit based dip light in taste and a sure-hit with even children, this dip is for you. Simply mix one cup of sugar-free, fruit-flavored yogurt along with one cup of light whipped topping. To this, add half a box of sugar-free vanilla pudding powder mix, stir, and you will have a dip that you can't get enough of.

This one is so good; you will want to eat it right out of the bowl.

2. Dill Vegetable Dip. If vegetables are where you struggle, a delic…

Lymphadenitis - Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Lymphadenitis means inflammation in the lymph nodes. This can be generalized or localized. This condition usually points to some infection or inflammation. A common example of this is tonsillitis, where the tonsil glands are swollen and inflamed, usually due to repeated infections involving the throat. Generalized swelling of the lymph glands may point to more serious infections like HIV and tuberculosis, or may be indicators of serious diseases like cancer. Filariasis causes significant inflammation of the lymph glands and lymphatic channels, usually in the lower limbs, resulting in gross edema of the feet.

Clinical examination and relevant medical tests usually help pinpoint the exact cause of lymphadenitis, and conservative treatment is usually sufficient to help treat and cure the condition. Of late, however, more and more individuals have started presenting with gross lymphadenitis in various parts of the body, without evidence of any specific cause like tuberculosis, widespread …

How to Overcome Ergonomic Issues With Laptops

While the laptop is a wonderful piece of technology, the way in which it is placed on a desk or on a lap is not always the most ergonomic. But, there are several practical steps that can be taken to increase the ergonomic setup of the laptop in the home or office. Here are a few of the ergonomic issues with laptops:

Keyboard spacing

Laptop keyboards can be quite compact with some keys having camped spacing while others have odd placement. There is a greater risk of repetitive stress injuries and hand cramp in those that regularly use the small keyboards.

Screen size

The screen size is typically a lot smaller with the laptop compared to the standard desktop monitor. The compact screen is certain to lead to the more noticeable cases of eye stain compared to the larger ones.

Screen placement

The position of the laptop screen and keyboard is fixed. While it is possible to tilt the angle of the screen, there isn't the option to place the screen and keyboard at different heights or spaced…

Why People Smoke After Sex And Not Before

There must be countless scenes in old movies of couples having the celebratory cigarette in bed after sex. In the more subtle days just the smoking scene was enough to imply the unseen steamy activity which had just gone before.

So why do we see this after sex and not before? The after cigarette implies relaxation, comfort and satisfaction, which is curious because nicotine has nothing to do with these states.

Imagine the scene with the before romance smoke. Now we have the ashtray mouth, or the smoke enriched hair killing the moment of passion. Maybe the moment of passion would pass, which certainly isn't a good idea but maybe there is a strongly bio-chemical reason behind it all.

One cigarette causes a dramatic shut down in your ability to shunt blood to your brain and your genitals for about four hours. This means your nitric oxide levels are about as good as an 80 year old, which translates as a lack of blood and function to your important parts!

A robust 20 year old may not noti…