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Not Crazy and Not Alone

Stacey Robbins is more than a talented motivational source, she is a brilliant writer that gives inspiration to people suffering disease. One of the key ideas of this book is that people need to start loving themselves in order to reach a full recovery.

The book conveys these ideas with humor and happiness to let the reader know that they are not alone.

Unfortunately, Hashimoto's disease is still relatively unknown in the world of Western medicine. For this reason, suffers are often left to their own devices for treatment. This is an unfortunate, but realistic, situation for many different people. While there are many different coping mechanisms, Robbins uses her wit and intellect to deal with her problems and to help others.

Hashimoto's disease is an autoimmune disorder in which the body begins to attack itself. The symptoms can be confusing for the sufferer, particularly when medical tests often reveal that nothing is wrong. Another key aspect of this book…