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Why Does Donald Trump Get So Much Screen Time?

How does the mainstream media works in America - An inside look

Recently, many Democratic and Socialist friends of mine have commented on how the media provides Donald Trump unfair amounts of coverage while Bernie Sanders' mentions, even in the last leg of his race, didn't come close. I couldn't help but wonder if Donald Trump won the election without much coverage of his rhetorics and went on to act on the signature promises of his campaign, like the Muslim ban or the border wall, the same friends would go, "Oh, the media never told us."

That paradox is not limited to my friends. Most in America don't understand how the mainstream media works and so I often hear this criticism echoed, that the media doesn't prioritize issues of profound importance. To be clear, I'm not defending every media platform or its agenda. This is mainly to clarify their process. If you see a story that you believe should be reported on the media, the first quest…

The Connection Between Wellness And Confidence

Your well-being should be paramount in the concerns about life. Your health is one of the largest contributing factors to wellness, and its advantages stretch far and wide. First and foremost, being active and exercising gives you energy that revitalizes not only your body but your whole life. Who said you have to be pregnant to glow? Getting fit can give you that glow. It will bring out the right curves on your body, and that will make you feel confident. You will not have to worry about feeling or looking good; you will know that you look good and that is all that matters. Your physical well-being is crucial and can be supplemented by eating the right foods, natural foods. That banana is not only seductive but healthy, eat fruits and fresh food and see how revitalized you feel. Confidence will ooze out of you. You will attract things into your life that were only part of your wildest dreams.

The other part of your wellness that will bring peace and confidence into …

6 Mobile Marketing Trends Every Small Business Needs To Know About

According to AMA 88% of the Australian population used mobiles in 2014.

The above statistic is good enough to say that mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives and are necessary in the modern world. Smart marketers realise this and with the help of mobiles they have changed the realm of advertising. We have successfully bred a new generation of humans who are optimally utilising their mobile phones to achieve their daily desires. Whether we like it or not, mobiles are taking over the world and the incredible convenience they offer continues to get easier thanks to the ever-expanding dominion of mobile marketing trends. With a proper strategy you can learn about the mobile habits of your customers and gain the knowledge and resources you need to save your business and/or take it to the next level.

1. SMS advertising

According to Ninja Link Building 70% of smartphone users are engaged by text advertising
SMS marketing is becoming a strong competitor of ema…