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Showing posts from October 3, 2016

A Vote For FEAR

A manipulator uses your beliefs against you. A manipulator uses your beliefs to play on the fear you have of that which you neither know, nor understand. Once the fear is established, mentally, you become paralyzed; trapped within a prison of your creation. A prison in which you hold the keys to the shackles and the bars, but are unable to recognize because of the FEAR!

The issue in becoming so dogmatic within your belief system, is that it traps you within a narrow mindset; unable to process anything beyond what you perceive as truth. Typically, these are not beliefs which you have discovered for yourself, but are passed onto you by those you trust (ie; elders, parents, clergy, etc). And even when confronted with new information that challenge these beliefs, we continue to lean upon the now antiquated information. It is human nature to seek out that which is familiar. This, provides us with confront and stability. However, it also leads to stagnation and complacenc…