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The Age Of My Years

As the age of my years settles in the comfort that I have known is often diminished by the unsettledness of life. Through-out the years where I have known great joy and passion have tempered the sorrow and anguish that has always past my way. Remembrance of all those yesterdays where there was victorious athletic achievements or noble accomplishments they were always overshadowed by mistakes made along the way.
Even though I now bask in the twilight of my years after thoughts of what could have been flow through conscious thoughts. Many a time I question what could have been if I did things just a little bit differently. They say hindsight is just an old mans dream. But, for me I still live with this reality.

When I was young the carefree days of youth flowed like a gentle stream making it's way to the ocean of life. As I reached manhood I set sail into uncharted waters always looking ahead. Soon rough seas and howling winds brought storms that often set me adri…

It's Our Daily Habits, Not Our Outer Circumstances

Our daily habits are those little things that we do every day without much thought. Our outer circumstances are those things that surround us every day that we are thinking too much about. Sadly, most of us can't stop thinking about how life is holding us back from our true greatness. Furthermore, many of us tend to neglect the power of our daily habits.

Many people who have made it big have had outer circumstances just as bad as, or even worse than ours. The difference between them and most of us is that they have learned not to dwell on the things that are outside of their control. These winners don't let the constant barrage of negative thoughts about their unfortunate situations clog and clutter their minds. They refuse to be paralyzed by their outer circumstances, and refuse to be held down in the stifling role of a Monday morning arm-chair quarterback.

You see, the real key to our success is not how good or how bad our living situation is. Rather, the …

What you need to know about Auto Insurance

Accidents are one of the most common scenarios on the streets with over 10 million accidents happening each year. It is, therefore, mandatory for everyone to have an insurance policy which is guaranteed to keep you and your vehicle safe on the road. When going into insurance, it is advisable that you consider a policy which would suit you best by compensating you when you get involved in an accident and that is why it is not a good approach to get insurance online without professional advice because you might not be fully covered by the insurance. It is also good to consider your budget while picking out an insurance policy.

Insurance agents can help you pick insurance policies which would be in your best interest, which would not cost much and also help you get discounts. Insurance agents can, therefore, assist you in the following ways:

1) Help you pick a quality auto insurance policy which would be in accordance with the laws of your state.

2) They team up with multipl…