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The Top Five Sales Myths

The Top Five Sales Myths Debunked

Sales Myth #1: Sales is NOT a numbers game.

The more people you talk to, the more business you will do, even a blind squirrel finds a nut if it keeps looking. Granted, you want quality behind the numbers and, depending upon your business, it may be helpful to do some research on the person you're calling before you call. That said, in order to be successful in sales you need lots of good solid relationships and the only way to get those relationships is to go out and talk to lots of people. The bottom line is: if you talk to enough people during the day, you will eventually run into someone who says, "I need what you have" or "I know someone who needs what you have." Know the number of people you need to talk to during the day in order to be successful and then go out and talk to that many people and more.

Sales Myth #2: Cold calling doesn't work.

In over 29+ years I've built four different businesses primaril…

The Last Faberge's The Curse Of Nicholas II

Ever since the beginning of recorded history events, encounters, and mysterious writings have mystified and eluded explanation. The many mysteries of the world have baffled Scientists and archaeologists for centuries. When Professor Swartz discovered the tomb of Anastasia in Northern Afghanistan little did he realize the scope of what was hidden inside the last resting place of one of the worlds most sought after mysteries. Finding the remains of one of histories most iconic historical families should have been enough. But, what was uncovered after this great find proved to be more mysterious than anyone could ever have imagined.

As soon as Professor Swartz removed the sarcophagus bearing the remains of Anastasia were two stone tablets with hieroglyphic writings. Defying explanation the Professor and his team set out to decipher the tablets even though more questions than answers were forthcoming. Seeking answers to what is now the greatest historical find in histor…

Light Up a Place Where There Is No Love

When my wife's grandfather turned 88, we decided on the spur of the moment to drive to Vredendal. At three o'clock on a Friday afternoon we left by car. I was in a hurry, because I didn't want to be on this road in the dark. However, just before we got to Olifants River the sun started to go down and we were stuck behind two trucks travelling at 40km per hour. I know I can drive - while I was a student I drove buses for Inter Cape. I made a calculated plan to pass the truck, did so successfully and really stepped on the gas. Our car was ready to go like a real Formula One racing car.

Suddenly a small light appeared in the road and behind it, a traffic cop: "Sir, why did you cross that barrier line? I'll have to fine you!"

I'm not made to deal with situations like these, because I start shivering and my voice can only hit the high notes. Fortunately, I immediately admitted guilt and was allowed to go with a warning. As I drove further, I …

Easy Back Link Strategies

If you're just launching your career in affiliate marketing, or blogging,, here are some ways to get yourself some back links without spending a lot of money:

1) OnlyWire: OnlyWire includes a free Wordpress plugin that enables you to submit your posts to numerous social bookmarking sites just by clicking a button. It submits your site and/or articles to many high PR sites, but does have the irritating element that you must log into your e-mail and confirm submissions to certain sites. You may also pay a low fee while not having to cope with this irritation.

2) Article submission: Article marketing to directories is a tried-and-true approach to drive traffic to your site. Even though some recommend article marketing to any and every directory you can find, it's not a good overall strategy. It is far more beneficial to focus on directories which have real page rank and authority, for example,, and…

Are You Full of Good Intentions?

December and January can often be months which provide valuable opportunities for reflection and time to evaluate the direction in which our life is heading. The long holiday period can provide a natural break in which to assess what's been achieved during the previous twelve months and give time to start planning for the coming New Year.

We may start January full of good intentions but it's not uncommon to soon fall back into old habits, especially if some of our plans fall by the wayside. Then we can end up berating ourselves, feeling a failure and becoming disappointed at our lack of progress.

Let's consider what may happen, even when we're full of good intentions, and then explore ways to help us maintain our resolve. 

- Check if you're setting yourself goals that don't particularly motivate you. It may be that you're adopting someone else's agenda; they want you to stop smoking, join a gym, learn a particular skill or be a successful …