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Be Prepared for Christ's Return

The central theme of the reading from Matthew 24:36-44 is promise. Jesus promises that when he returns he will gather his people. We don't need to be afraid of the Great Tribulation or the Battle of Armageddon. Jesus will be with us. He will protect us.

No one knows when He will return to set up His kingdom. Periodically someone will claim to have discovered a secret that indicates the date of Christ's return, but such claims are not true. Jesus will return when we least expect it. Christians who are expecting His return will know it will be a great day. When He returns, we will have to give an account of how we lived for Him. If we are faithful and wise servants we will be ready. Jesus will see us doing His will when He returns.

Jesus can't make it any plainer. Even he doesn't know the exact date and time of his return. At first glance this doesn't make any sense because Jesus was fully God even though he was also fully human. While Jesus was on …

How To Simplify Your Life Using The Power Of Automation

Most of us search for ways to automate our work life but don't do that for our personal lives. It makes sense because we all complain about how little free time we have due to the daily tasks that eat it up.

It's never been easier to automate your life-lots of companies are popping up to do the grunt work for us usually for an unbelievably small amount of fee. Here are 4 areas of automation services you might not have thought of.

#1 Assistants

It's not only hotshot CEO's who have personal assistants now. Anyone can have one by turning over some of their monthly tasks to places like Fancy Hands. For a reasonable fee, they will complete tasks that you don't have time for or just don't want to do.

They do things like schedule appointments, research product reviews, make online purchases and manage your calendar. Just text your request in and forget about it.

#2 Groceries

A popular new option for busy people is online grocery shopping. There are a lot …

Reasons to Go With Custom Made Displays

Your needs for your displays to promote a business are different from those of your competitors. While you may offer similar products or services, the methods you use can vary greatly. When you go with custom designed exhibition stands, you can get results that promote your business the way you want it to be seen.
Branding is a serious part of any business and should be there from the start. It helps you to get recognised and to build a solid foundation. With custom designed exhibition stands, you can move your branding in the right direction. Everything relating to your business needs to convey a message that you are motivated, professional, and a great business for them to work with.

Meet your Needs

Not only are custom designed exhibition stands going to offer you the size you want, you can get the style. There are several options including modulars and portables. Think about what you will be doing with them and how you want to set them up. If you plan to travel with th…

The Power of the Tongue - How to Express Your Ideas

The power of the tongue is so profound that it either has a great impact on the world or the person in question becomes notorious instantly. So watch over the language you use and express your ideas in a lucid manner so that you can touch the lives of the people around the world positively. For further insights, read on.

When you say something, in fact anything, the COSMOS returns back the vibration of the words you use. So make it a point to speak wisely and thoughtfully. And the returned vibration will be in the form of a reward, something that you manifest for your input.

Since the power of the tongue is so forceful, you can use it to your advantage in order to express your ideas.

Now how do you do that?

You can train yourself to be a speaker at summits and/or conferences. Make it a point to have focus and clarity about what you say so that people are able to grasp your words and comprehend them easily. This way you can express your ideas research-wise or by deliv…

Content Writing Services to Help You Support Your Customers

Skilled, professional content writers can increase your SEO
ranking, thus ramping up your business profitability with SEO
content writing.

There’s no denying about SEO content writing being the most
vital part of reaching out to potential customers. It is an
effectual way for describing a product, service, idea or
concept; just loading your webpage with graphics is not enough.
It’s only a talented content writer who will bridge the gap
between a product/service and those in need for it.

SEO content writing is critical when you want to climb up the
ladders of success. Getting your website to the top ranks of a
search engine will require your used content to generate more
traffic, with which, clear, precise content can help. It will
portray your company correctly and shall attract your customers.
But prior to that, it should also attract the search engines and
increase your website’s visibility, which only well-researched
optimized content can do.

Attracting target audience requires powerful, relevant c…

CIE Automotive and Mahindra Group Tie Up

Mahindra Group has entered into a global alliance with Spain’s
CIE Automotive S.A. The agreement will come under Systech
Sector, which happens to be the Mahindra group automotive
component, and CIE Automotive (also involving their subsidiary,
Autometal). The alliance led to the formation of an automotive
component group with a global presence. The combined sales of
the global automotive component group will be around $3 billion.
The expected areas of operation will include South America,
North America, Asia, Europe and will conduct operations via
India, Spain, and Brazil.

CIE Automotive is set to acquire a stake in the Mahindra Group.
The transaction will see a subsidiary of the Spanish company
acquiring stakes in the unlisted and listed companies namely
belonging to Systech Sector. Along with amalgamating its
businesses in Lithuania and Spain, CIE Automotive is set to
combine all the companies under MFL. The consolidated companies
will be renamed as Mahindra CIE and will carry on as a listed
company …

156-215.80 PDF Demo

Question: 1

Office mode means that:

A. Secure ID client assigns a routable MAC address. After the
user authenticates for a tunnel, the VPN gateway assigns a
routable IP address to the remote client.

B. Users authenticate with on Internet browser and use securer
HTTPS connection

C. Local ISP (internet service Provider) IP assigns a
non-routable IP address to the remote user.

D. Allows a security gateway to assign a remote client an IP
address. After the user authenticates for a tunnel, the VPN
gateway assigns a routable IP address to the remote client.

Answer: D

Question: 2

Administrator wishes to update IPS from SmartConsole by clicking
on the option “update now” under the IPS tab.

Which devices requires internet access for the update to work?

A. Security Gateway

B. Device where SmartConsole is installed


D. SmartEvent

Answer: B

Question: 3

Jack works for a managed service provider and he has been tasked
to create 17 new polices for several new customers. He does not
have much time.

What is the BEST way …

What’s the Story on Mortgage Branching?

Have you ever considered a career in mortgage branching? Many
people might mistakenly presume that they are not qualified to
enter the field. Intimidating and heavily regulated in some
places, the field of mortgage finance often scares potential
professionals away, even when they might be an otherwise perfect
fit. Because mortgage broker licensing and other related
expenses are often prohibitive for workers, many lending
institutions bridge the gap by entering into contracts with
agents who operate under the umbrella of the larger company’s
powers to deliver economical loan options to diverse home
seekers and others looking to make major home improvements.

How Does It Work?
Once a loan professional and the lending institution offering to
cover their field overhead come to terms, the worker becomes a
net branch mortgage lender. Essentially, this title signifies
that the lender works for a lending body that offers some
umbrella package to help him or her reach her goals. Among the
services mortgage bran…

Advantages of Having Louvre & Roman Blinds Installed

Colours are always attractive. It applies to your dress, your
car and also to your home. Lively colours make your interiors
come alive and by that, we don’t mean the walls, floor and the
ceilings only! There’s more to a well-decorated interior than

Ask anyone entering your home about where their eyes go to
first. Most of the times it will be the centrepieces, or the
sprawling long divan or maybe, an indoor waterfall! But, all
these need a background to come up at their fullest. The main
attraction for your indoors is nothing unless it’s balanced well
with the surrounding.

Here, the colourful accessories play a major role. Curtains and
drapes hung on the windows can enhance the effects of the rest
of the things around; even wall hangings and paintings. But it
does take some skills and eyes to set the aesthetics right,
which starts primarily with the window treatment. However,
curtains and drapes are now a thing long past; shift to Louvre
and Roman blinds instead. You won’t believ…

How to Know That You Need Symmastia Correction

There are many factors that indicate that you need to undergo a symmastia correction surgery procedure. The post-breast augmentation surgery condition is rare. It involves the positioning of one or both breast implants being placed extra close to the midline that lies above your breast bone. Actual symmastia happens when the breast implant really crosses the midline, upsetting the sternum skin's natural attachment and producing the 'uniboob' breast appearance.

Symmastia Correction: Going Deeper 

Even though symmastia is sometimes a congenital condition, it is customarily the resultant outcome of a breast augmentation surgery procedure. The condition sometimes develops when in attempting to boost a patient's cleavage the breast implant bucket gets over dissected. The probability of implants shifting in the direction of the sternum in the middle of the chest is also increased by, the aggressive cutting or release of the muscle of the chest which is connect…

The Presidential Election Recount Trend

It was a given that someone would call for a recount of the votes cast during the 2016 presidential election. This call for a recount is becoming a growing trend since the Florida election recount of the 2000 presidential election between George W. Bush and Al Gore, and augmented by the Washington gubernatorial election recount of 2004, the Vermont Auditor of Accounts election of 2006, the Florida congressional elections of 2006, and the United States Senate election in Minnesota in 2008.

One reason for this growing trend to recount election results is that Americans simply do not trust their politicians, even the ones that they personally vote into office.

This mistrust of politicians is nothing new and in many instances, is a useful tool if used properly to keep politicians honest. However, calling for a recount of the votes simply because you do not like the election results is childish and creates confusion when the goal should be to move forward and get the needed …