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Challenging Role for Swapna Pati in "TWO DESIRES AND A DREAM"

The entertainment industry loves disabled characters as we have seen them in the movies Like PAA played by Amitabh Bachchan and Hrithik Roshan in Guzarish but this phrase is going to change soon with the film "TWO DESIRES AND A DREAM" a story of a person with an extreme disability and his relationship with a "normal" girl based on Jitendra Kumar Biswal, a quadriplegic since childhood from Odisha. The story unwinds through a real-life quadriplegic Jitendra who is also playing the role of the main protagonist in the film. After months of online interaction a chance encounter with a girl, Jitendra develops unexplained feelings for her. Actress and social activist Swapna Pati plays the female lead in this movie. She sports the typical matured and confident woman look, as she portrays the character of a love interest, possessing immense mental strength. She is trying to cure the paraplegic Jitendra with her pure love, passion and is adopting a different …

Importance of Oral care for healthy smile

Oral care is very important for patients' health for a variety of reasons.San Bruno Braces not only it is the mouth from which we eat from, drinking, taste, breathing, verbal and non-verbal communication, saliva also has antibacterial properties and is part of the body's which defense against infection. Poor oral hygiene is well known to be connected with painful, unpleasant diseases such as gingivitis Oral hygiene is failed to appreciate in terms of its effects on patient's health and nutrition. Effective oral care reduces infection and promotes health.

There are some practice points which should be remembered while taking oral hygiene:

Good oral health is important for patients' health and well-being and should be kept as a priority.

Nurses should be aware of risk factors which are associated with poor oral health and which can help the patients to maintain oral hygiene.

A thorough assessment should be done and documented on admission or initial contact, are…

Get To Know What Vastu Shastra Can Do To Your Life

Every place has distinctive cultural practices and beliefs which are integral parts of its society. When it comes to India, you will come across numerous cultural practices as well as unique concepts. Vastu happens to be one of those amazing practices that speak a lot about ancient India and its unique beliefs.

The definition of Vastu Shastra reveals a lot about its importance. Try to comprehend the term, and you will discover two essential concepts; 'Vastu' which represents a 'home' or 'property,' and 'Shastra' that represents 'principles.' Going by the definitions, the term Vastu Shastra can be considered as a logical, analytical, and scientific concept related to home architecture.

However, quite a few aspects are associated with Vastu. Knowing about these factors will help you develop a profound idea of the concept. Check out the article for crystal clear conceptions.

Vastu and more

Although Vastu ranks amongst the unique and anc…