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Re-Evaluating The Net Promoter Score

Fred Reichheld, an American loyalty guru, has argued that the
days of customer satisfaction surveys are over (Reichheld,
2003). Instead we should only be measuring customer loyalty.
According to Reichheld all that is necessary is a single
question, which he labels ‘The Ultimate Question’.

The Ultimate Question is simply “How likely are you to recommend
company X to friends and colleagues?” Respondents are asked to
rate the likelihood of recommending on a scale from 0, meaning
extremely unlikely, to 10 meaning very likely. Promoters are
those who give a rating of 9 or 10. Promoters are important not
only because they are more likely to promote your brand to
friends and family, they also tend to spend more than
non-Promoters (Reichheld, 2003).

According to Reichheld you need to take it a step further if you
want to relate the rating to future corporate growth, by
calculating a Net Promoter Score. The Net Promoter Score is
simply the percentage of respondents who give your brand a 9 or
10 rating on a 0…

How To “Really Get Your Customers”

What Really Makes Your Postcard Mailing Successful?

The biggest single factor in the success of your postcard
mailings is who you send your postcards to.

You need a list of people or businesses to send your postcard
offer to.

This can be a list of existing customers or prospects who have
inquired as a result of any of your marketing efforts or a list
which you purchase.

The list must contain the names of people who are likely to be
interested in the benefits of your products or services.

If you send a postcard offering a free 6 pack of beer with the
purchase of 2 large pizzas to a list of purchasers of a
"pay-per-view" boxing match (a list which you purchased from
your local cable TV company), you are more likely to get a big
response than if you sent the same offer to a list of the ladies
auxiliary bridge club.

This concept is known as targeting. You either have a list
(existing from your own records or the records of a person or
business willing to cooperate with you by letting you us…