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Mental Telepathy

My husband was telling me about a shaman he had interviewed. The native woman works with the dying, and is often called to go into a hospital room and assist someone who’s either not conscious, or slipping in and out of consciousness. "She claims to communicate with people through telepathy," he said sceptically. "I don’t believe in mind readers." I told him that telepathy wasn’t mind-reading – and, in fact, I’ve done it several times.

I remembered a telephone call several years ago from Sarah, whom I’d read for many times. I’d also had sessions with her mother, Esther. Sarah wanted to know if she could make a special appointment for me to see her mother.

Wondering what she meant by a "special" appointment, I asked, "Why doesn’t your mother call me?"

Sarah was quiet for a few moments. "That’s not possible," she said. Three days ago, Esther had a massive stroke and was now unconscious in hospital, and doctors were hesitan…