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Quit Smoking - The Road Ahead

One of the reason many people struggle to quit or endlessly delay the moment is because they can't see the road ahead or they are looking down the wrong road altogether.

The wrong road has only the imagined problems along the way. Suffering with cravings, even though at worst they are short lived. What about not being able to relax, and having your stress run out of control without nicotine, or having to breathe all of that fresh air, perhaps your concern is having a spare hand wandering around, and not knowing what to do with it.

Or maybe you are concerned about the government not collecting enough tax, or the cigarette companies suffering without your help. Is that you will be so bored that you will resort to filling your blood with toxic chemicals so that you won't have to find another way to occupy five minutes.

Possibly you are using cigarettes to lose weight, by attacking your liver with toxins, the very organ which breaks down fat! Or are you afraid that you won't be a…

Wheels and Tyres: A Quick Way to Upgrade Your Car

The engine is what makes the car a muscle car, which means that this is probably the most expensive way to upgrade your car. Most people start with the exterior of the vehicle before enhancing the performance of the car.

The wheels and tyres are the quickest way to upgrade your car. Why? That's where the simple performance starts. You might not believe it but the tyres can affect the way any car drives.

How do you want your car to look?

Many people go for the racing look. Low profiles are what give your car racing appeal. Keep in mind that if the tyre touches the car whilst you turn the wheel you can't keep them on. This could cause serious accidents and wear your expensive tyres. Race car drivers use low profiles in racing cars because of how much more the tyre will grip whilst driving. This increases speed.

The racing look also needs a shiny set of wheels. These kind of wheels have quite the diameter on them to fit into the tyre. Not only do they have to be stable but they need …

Which Cars Are the Best to Modify?

Looking to change the face of your car? Before deciding on the spot on what to do, think about how you can change the car to look interesting and not weird.

The Volkswagen is one of the most common cars to be modified. The reason for this is that not only is it an affordable car but it also has an ergonomic engine that works well with aerodynamics whilst traveling. The newer models also look amazing with lower profile tyres. Old or new, this car can definitely look great when modified.

Ford is a fast little monster that can take the streets on like no other four-cylinder vehicle. The suspension can be lowered to give it that drag racing look. Not to mention the stunning wheels that can be put on the car to give it the proper street racer look.

Subaru is not the most common car in town but it is definitely the only car you see that will not be modified. These cars resemble racing cars. The suspension is always hectically lowered with a wing installed on the back. Sometimes you will see th…

Tata Hexa Reviews: Specifications, Variants, Features and Price

Till January 18, 2017, domestic car maker Tata Motors had Tiago hatchback to make it fly on the sky of success with its remarkable performance and over whelming response from Indian car enthusiasts. But, now the native car maker has one more name to enjoy this ride of success in the form of Hexa SUV, which made its debut on January 18, 2017 and succeeded in receiving the same encouraging response from the motorists which its sibling Tiago had received almost a year. However, the encouraging response received by Hexa becomes more important in current scenario, because of the internal disturbances taking place inside the house of native car maker.

The internal condition of Tata Motors after termination of Cyrus Mistry as the CEO of company is not hidden from anyone, but ignoring all those issues launching the new product strictly according to determined schedule is enough to reveal the commitment of Tata Motors towards its customers.
So, won't it be interesting to know about the featu…

How Your Tyres Can Save Fuel

Ever wonder why adverts say that their tyres can save you a lot of money? With technology we are finding ways to save as much money as possible. One of the main expenses that we have in our daily lives is paying for fuel. As we run out of the fossil fuel it gets more expensive.

Tyres are engineered to give the driver a smoother ride. Every day they design a tyre with a tread or material that can be used to make your drive less bumpy and rough.

The main factors that cause a high usage of fuel are the heavier cars. Not only does the shaft have to give a great force to pull the car along but it also has to be able to grip onto the surface.

When it comes to the faster, higher performing cars the tyres need to have more contact with the floor and a narrower tread. Although these cars already use quite an amount of fuel, the tyres will help the car from consuming too much.

The less you have to rev your car the less fuel will be used in the process of driving. An example of over-revving would be…

It's Important to Know Everything Before Looking for the Perfect Decal Graphics

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a man in possession of a bike must be in want of decal graphics.

Because they are amongst the most important adorations for a bike. They can make the bike look more attractive and presentable than it initially was. Even though they are by no means a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing for the bike, constant replacement might still be a problematic issue, financially, structurally or otherwise. Therefore, make thorough research when looking for perfect decal graphics.

Here are a couple of pointers that one might find extremely helpful while hunting for it.

First and foremost, be absolutely certain regarding the purpose for which they are to be used. If they are needed to hide old damage in a fanciful manner, make a thorough analysis of the size and shape of the damage and then select the appropriate size of the graphics. This is because, the right size will wholly cover the blemish, and will not leave any of the unwanted part exposed. Therefore, pi…

Choosing the Best Blonde Hair Highlights

If you are thinking of adding some highlights to your blonde hair, there are things you need to consider before doing this. The best highlights will depend on several things.

• Your skin tone
• Your natural hair color
• The health of your hair

To create the most natural looking results you may need to choose two or more highlight colors. Once you have made your decision about the highlight color to use you will need to choose the density, placement, and thickness of the color. These will help you determine whether our highlights will completely transform your hair color or just add depth to the color.

Skin tone
The color of the highlight should look good against the tone of your skin. You have a warm skin tone if you have golden, dark, or olive skin and dark eyes. Against this skin tone, the highlights that would look good are caramel, golden, or strawberry undertones. You have a cool skin tone if you have light eyes and fair skin. To enhance this skin tone you should choose ash blonde or p…

The Don'ts of Skincare That Every Girl Needs to Ignore

Here are a few things that you need to avoid if you want a glowing soft skin within a short span of time:

1. Foods to Avoid:

If we start debating on a general skincare note, the conversation for the unhealthy food for skin will never come to an end. Therefore, if we segregate it on a larger scale, you must bear in mind that caffeine, oily eatables, and consuming too much sweet can have an extremely adverse effect on the condition of your skin. Whatever that you consume has a direct impact on your skin, and eating the things like French fries and chocolates on a regular basis becomes the cause of constant breakouts.

2. Don't Exfoliate Too Much:

There is no harm in moisturizing daily but when it comes to exfoliation, you should keep a strong check on your routine so as not to overdo it. The skin needs a specific time to recover and to let the cleansing and toning to start its work. If you exfoliate or use scrubs on a regular basis, the skin cells can be damaged, which will eventually ca…

Osteoporosis and Bone Density Drugs May Be a Problem

Women over 50 should be aware that their bones are thinner and this begins as early as age 30. Osteopenia is a lower bone density due to age and some doctors prescribe bone building drugs for it. It is not as severe as osteoporosis.

An American study showed some time ago that some women are taking way too many drugs for osteoporosis. In short they are being over-treated for bone loss and these drugs have serious side effects. The gist of it is that many menopausal women may be taking drugs they don't need.

The FDA in America has reported serious side effects of many of the bone-strengthening medications and that some women should not be taking them until they really need them. Whilst it is true that for women with osteoporosis, bone-strengthening medications can lower the chances of breaking a bone, experts argue that women with Osteopenia do not necessarily need the drugs. They are being taken at too early an age because women under 65 are being encouraged to have bone density test…

Type 2 Diabetes - Do You Eat Aimlessly?

There is much to be said about poor eating habits and behaviors. Arguably, inferior food choices are the number one cause of most health problems affecting adults today. For a case in point, consider Type 2 diabetes. It's a disease mostly brought on by an unhealthy diet and overall lifestyle. What was once a not so well-known condition based on its historical roots is now a modern-day pandemic with millions diagnosed around the world. It is projected by the year 2030, a whopping 1 in 10 adults worldwide will have Type 2 diabetes - this accounts for more than 550 million people.

It is true one's eating habits determine a person's future well-being.

One question more people ought to answer is whether they are guilty of aimless eating. It's exactly what it sounds like: eating without purpose and direction, sometimes in an uncontrollable manner. We are all guilty of aimless eating at times, so don't feel ashamed to relate. After all, as human beings, we are not infallibl…

Type 2 Diabetes - Keeping Your HbA1c Steady and Within Target Also Helps Avoids Cancer

In February of 2016, the journal Diabetologia reported on a study carried out by the Technical University of Munich and several other research institutions in Germany. Scientists there compared HbA1c changes in people who had been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. They found diabetics who had the most unsteady HbA1c levels were at risk for...

emergency admissions,

low blood sugar (hypoglycemia),

heart disease and


A total of 13,777 Type 2 diabetics newly started on insulin injections were observed for five years. The results were as follows...

the heart attacks in Type 2 diabetics with stable and steady HbA1c levels took place much less frequently than heart attacks in those who had fluctuating levels.

strokes took place in 1 percent of the participants with steady HbA1c levels, versus 29 percent of those with variable HbA1c levels.

Type 2 diabetic who controlled their HbA1c levels steadily had a 2 percent risk of developing low blood sugar readings.

the risk of emergency hospital admi…

BODYBUILDING & "Paralysis Through Over-Analysis" or "Don't Over-Think Bodybuilding"

Over the past month I have been thinking about the successful people as well as the unsuccessful people in bodybuilding, health and fitness in general. I have a LOT of contact with people locally as well as worldwide and here's what I have noticed.

"There are many smart trainees who spend way too much time pondering different strategies and ideas regarding training and nutrition. I try and get their mind back to reality. Don't over-think bodybuilding!"

This type of person is very knowledgeable and reads a lot. They are well informed and have researched all the latest training and diet information. They can discuss all the virtues and drawbacks of the different diets and workout programs on the market. They can also tell you the latest news about various internet muscle building Guru's, bodybuilding champions and fit movie stars. Unfortunately, despite all of their knowledge about bodybuilding diets and training routines it doesn't seem to be doing them much goo…

Why Weight Loss Diets Fail

There doesn't seem to be a law that a new year must be accompanied by feelings of weight-guilt, but January/February dismay seems to be pretty universal.

Every year, year in and year out, a new year reminds us it's time to suffer, feel guilty or both. And so we join in this annual ritual of self-abuse.

But let me ask you this: The struggle and strain to lose weight has been going on every year for centuries. After all those years of effort, shouldn't we be winning?

I mean, an avalanche of all the diet books in print would flatten a smallish city. But all that information, even if strictly applied, will provide--at best--no more than temporary success.

For instance, The Biggest Loser television show flogged competitors through almost superhuman efforts to lose weight. The motivated contestants did whatever they were told to do to reach the magical goal of slim and trim.

After they reach the promised land, after all that training, effort and suffering, you'd think contestants…

Five Things You Probably Didn't Know About Alkaline Water

Like many others, you might have heard countless things about alkaline water. The nature (acidic or alkaline) of a substance is determined on the pH scale. Anything with a score of seven and above on the pH scale is known to be extremely alkaline. So, alkaline water, often also called as ionized water, is all about high pH. In this post, we will talk about seven unique facts that you probably don't know about alkaline water.

1. There can be unexpected and regular, acid build up in the body, which impacts the pH level of the cells. The causes can be many and varied, including wrong lifestyle choice, an imbalanced diet, smoking and even lack of exercise. With ionized water, you can restore the pH balance, which can be immensely beneficial in keeping certain diseases at bay. Limited research also hints at a relation between body pH level and our natural energy quotient.

2. The alkaline water concept comes from the diet by the same name. Unlike many other fad diets, alkaline diet hasn&#…

How Nootropics Make You A Better Entrepreneur

Just imagine a pill you can take to enhance your points of view, increase your memory, and make you more productive. In it sounds like an ultimate life hack, you're not the only one.

There are pills that guarantee that out there, yet how they work is a little complicated.

These pills are known as nootropics or smart drugs.

So what are nootropics?

Nootropics are a class of brain power enhancing supplements that are utilized to enhance focus and help to boost memory. Nootropics are regularly used to increase capacity to focus, help people concentrate more and reduce anxiety.

You will often observe Nootropics called as "smart drugs" as they are connected with increased intelligence, focus and motivation.

Be they are not at all like brilliant medications which can frequently bring about negative reactions or side effects with long term use. Nootropics are safe to use and pose a low risk of any side effects if used properly.

Numerous nootropics have similar systems of working…

Vaser Lipo, Mid-Def and Hi-Def for Contouring and Streamlining the Body

There are different forms of vaser lipo; the regular vaser option, vaser hi-def and vaser mid-def. The standard vaser lipo provides the foundation for all the other vaser treatments and is most effective eliminating stubborn pockets of fat you can't lose, despite eating healthy and doing regular exercise.

Small or medium amounts of fat removal are best suited for a vaser procedure. It's better if you are near, or at your ideal weight and just need pockets of fat taking away. Although vaser removes fat cells, it isn't a method for weight-loss, more a body contouring method which can sculpt most areas of the face and body. Once the fat cells get suctioned out, they are gone permanently, however, not every single cell gets removed, and the remaining cells do have the potential to grow, so the need to eat healthily and exercise is still important, if you want to keep your new shape.

Vaser mid-def is usually for women who want a defined, athletic look. Women have this procedure f…

Sensitive Skin Dos and Dont's

Does your skin get red for no reason? Does it react to most-accepted skin care products? Do you get dry, itchy patches in the summer, or breakouts and irritation throughout the year? If you answered 'yes' to most or all of these questions, then you probably have sensitive skin.

Don't Over-WashUse a gentle cleanser (without strong fragrances) to wash your face. The key is to find a product that will clean your skin, while keeping its protective oil-barrier intact.

Don't Over-ExfoliateAvoid exfoliants that contain beads or micrograins which require a scrubbing or rubbing motion. This could cause the skin's surface to crack and could lead to redness and irritation. Use an exfoliant that gently breaks up the dead skin cells' top layer, without having to physically 'rub' it off.

Do Use Lukewarm Water to Wash Your FaceAvoid extreme temperatures when you are using water on your face. Hot water can be too harsh and drying on the skin, while cold water can cause b…