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What's The Difference Between An Active Shooter And A Non-Active Shooter?

Have you ever asked why we call someone running around shooting people an "Active Shooter" and why our schools, universities, corporations, law enforcement and government agencies are constantly having Active-Shooter Training Drills? Sometimes they have drills due to a specific threat, fear of those people working there, or just to have a plan to limit the loss of life in the case of a disgruntled or deranged person tries to go a shoot a bunch of people at the location in question.

Here is the definition according to The United States Department of Homeland Security [DHS] which defines the active shooter as: an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area; in most cases, active shooters use firearms and there is no pattern or method to their selection of victims.

A non-active shooter is someone who has a gun, has made threats, or is acting suspicious, or has been arrested, captured, incapacitated, or killed. A non-Active S…

Potential False Positives Of Contactless Fingerprint Devices Considered

There are many problems with the old way of fingerprinting; namely, it's messy and time-consuming. Then there are the fingerprint scanners where you put your finger onto a SmartPhone, or glass sensor reader to allow yourself access - these too have their own challenges - is there another way? Well, it seems help in such technology may be on its way. Let's discuss this shall we?

There is an interesting research paper funded by the NIST (NISTIR 8159) titled: "Usability Testing of a Contactless Fingerprint Device: Part 2," researched and written by Brian Stanton, Mary Theofanos, Susanne Furman, Patrick J. Grother. (doi:10.6028-NIST.IR.8159). The paper discusses new technologies which can read a fingerprint without the individual putting their finger onto a glass screen, or inked and pressed onto paper.

Although more work is needed these technologies are of great promise and essentially work like mini-FRTs or small scale Face Recognition Technologies where they only scan a…

Obama Administration Gone - Now Can We Take Out ISIS Without Political Correctness?

During the Obama Administration the military did make good use of drones, tomahawks, Special Forces, and sorties. Our military was often decisive when it hit the enemy. And, yet, we also had military lawyers and politically correct bureaucrats afraid of public opinion, careful not to have collateral damage and civilian casualties - too often, too careful in my view. No, I am not for total war, but when you have terrorist type adversaries who do not play by the Geneva Convention, there has to be a reality check on how you go about removing them from said planet.

There was an interesting piece of news "The Post" titled; "Obama's Last Day: Sends Bombers to Attack ISIS in Libya," published on Friday the 20th of January 2017, by Alice Greene (Staff Writer) that which noted the message put out by the Obama Administration after USAF B-2 bombers dropped 180+ smart munitions on ISIS training camps:

"The fighters training in these camps posed a security risk to Liby…

America, My Home

America, so true,
Your red, Your white, Your blue,

How can your children stray,
Knowing what others had to pay,

Answering duty's call,
Where so many had to fall,

That documents signed by few,
Offer freedoms for me and you?

How easily forgotten, those words of long ago,
That set a precedent for life, that often we forego.

To satisfy today, the self centered path we walk,
Forgetting to stand for freedom rights, until we wake in shock.

That so few with an agenda, lobby their desires,
Knowing full well the attention of many, can be distracted by current fires.

Where is the voice of encouragement, that believes deep in it's core,
That together we can join our forces, to protect our maiden shore?

Oh show me America where is the one, who cares for the rights of many,
Who will stand up for, "In God We Trust," written on our copper penny?

Don't get me wrong oh Country I love, I shall not shirk my obligation,
To vote for one who appears on a ballot, to lead our challenged nation!

I pray tod…

Everyone Is Responsible and Capable of Creating the Environment That They Feel They Deserve

***Did you know that everything in your life is there because in one way or another, that is the product or result of what you felt that you deserve? Everyone is responsible and capable of creating the environment that the feel that they deserve. We live in an amazing time, on an amazing planet with so many possibilities. Don't EVER take the time that you have today for granted. There is no way of knowing how many years on earth you have left until you die and view earth from the other side of the veil. It is so unfortunate to lose people that die before we were ready for their demise.

Having lost quite a few relatives to illness, disease and tragedy has really shaken me to speak up, speak out and to seek new ways to reaching my dreams. Time is a valuable commodity, until your time runs out! Not a single soul who has died and returned from death to comment about their experience has ever said that they regretted NOT working more and longer hours. Quite the contrary, many people who…

2017: A Year of Victory (3)

"... he gave them manna - bread from heaven. He opened up a rock and water gushed out to form a river through the dry and barren land" Psalm 105:40-41"

The victory has started! Are you not seeing it? This year you shall flourish in every area. Your years of hunger and thirst are over. I don't care what kind of hunger you have been going through. Hunger and thirst for food and drink? Hunger for miracles? Hunger for breakthrough? For a new job? Hunger for a genuine partner? Hunger for finance? Thirst for spiritual breakthrough? Thirst for healing? Thirst for stability in your life and family? Whatever thirst and hunger, God is meeting you this year as you believe these words in the mighty name of Jesus! He did that for Israel when they crossed the Red Sea into the wilderness. Divine promises will always defy physical laws, environments and conditions. When God leads, all obstacles succumb. There is going to be supernatural provision of 'bread and water' for you…