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Accepting the Flow of the Universe

When we say "Yes!" to what life brings, we are living in the flow. Of course, this is much easier said than done. To focus our attention on the positive, loving aspects of our existence, and turn away from the irritating situations, is the key to feeling akin to the current of life rather than fighting life. Yet, how do we do this? How do we master our minds, which are sometimes fueled by self-righteousness and self-will, and become the humble participant in life who is here to contribute our best, rather than dwell in negativity?

The answer is to cultivate mindfulness, along with a powerful faith in the goodness of life. Many spiritual teachers who have gone before us have left their imprint on humanity. They shared with us a more transcendent way of living, one which can bring fulfillment. At the core of the values these teachers espoused was the concept of acceptance.

Consider the Tibetan monk, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, who lost his country through violence and is now t…

Staying in the Fire

Here we are, the fire has set in again, what do we do? Call the "fire department" to extinguish it? Do we put it out ourselves or just watch it burn? Like most of us we typically call the "fire department" (spouse, friend or maybe a therapist) or try attempt to be the lone wolf and take care of the "fire" (problem) ourselves. Fires can be destructive but also beautiful at the same time if paid attention to carefully.

I relied upon others my entire life to help put out my "fires" and as grateful as I am for the assistance, the fires were only kept at bay and never fully extinguished. Well-meaning people can also make the fire worse, not intentionally, but they don't have the means necessary to put out their own, so how can they help you exterminate yours?

For years, I couldn't comprehend why my problems would not just go away! What am I doing wrong? After realizing well into my late 30's that I need help, not therapy (I did that for yea…

Recess and Detention

A series of recess and detention.

That is what every single day of school felt like for me. That is not to say that I had detention very often, but everything outside of recess felt like detention. I felt totally trapped inside a learning environment. The time just dragged by so slowly. I can remember being so bored that it physically hurt.

The good news is that I loved recess so much that it all seemed pretty tolerable. I frigging love recess. When I am in my environment, there are minimal rules in place, and no one to tell me what to do, I am free. I love freedom. I love having time to do whatever it is that I want to do. I love the task of taking what I have to do, and turning them into something I enjoy doing. Perspective is the single most important thing in my life. If my perspective is off, everything falls right in line with it.

I have a tendency to get over excited. Over-stimulated. I have been known to get so excited that I throw up. I get so overwhelmed with excitement that my…