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Mentorship Effect on Employee Engagement

If someone is going astray, it is not only the motivation that works, it also demands education to bring him on track and turn him around. Since employee engagement can be one of the most important challenges for the organization. Obviously, even single employee disengagement can become the reason for the company's decay or bring it down to an unexpected level. It may also drive many co-workers away from achieving their respective goals and costing the company billions.

What is Employee Engagement?

Before getting into the topic, it is important to understand what employee engagement actually means. It is literally an intellectual and emotional commitment to an organization which helps to capture the minds as well as the hearts of the employees working in an organization.

Employee engagement can be easily observed. An engaged employee is always speaking positive about the organization, try to achieve beyond expected and also strive to stay in the company for the co…

Becoming Your Desires

A while back I attended a workshop/retreat entitled "Let's Manifest". The information and exercises we were guided through were by far the most effective I've experienced of all the manifesting workshops and seminars I've experienced.

What made it different and more powerful was this one concept: Before you can manifest or create what you want to have in your life, you must become the person who already has it.

This is called "modeling" in some schools of life betterment. As you become that person who already has what you want, your vibration shifts to align with your desire. And, as The Law of Attraction demonstrates, those things of like frequency are magnetized to each other.

I'm here to tell you modeling is not always an easy accomplishment. Most of us don't have a clue about who already has what we want, let alone what that person is like. I'm in that group, and not the group of people who know who their model is and a…

How Leaders Decide/Discover What To FOCUS On

In my four decades of identifying, qualifying, developing, training and consulting to thousands of actual and/ or potential leaders, I have come to believe, one of the most challenging obstacles to address, is determining, discovering, and deciding what they should pay the most attention to, and choose as their top priority. Since many individuals opt to enter leadership, because of their desire to serve and help others, an internal conflict often develops, when they have to admit, they can't be all things, to all people! Rather than taking this personally, or internalizing issues, it is generally far more productive, to determine what one's goals, and priorities are, and what their group needs most. Therefore, effective leaders must decide and discover, what to FOCUS on.

1. Feel; facilitate; facts: Before one can determine how to best proceed, he must carefully and thoroughly, give himself, a checkup from the neck - up. Unless/ until one truly knows himself, …

A Leader's Caveat: Beware Of What You PERCEIVE

How often have you heard someone refer to the adage, Whatever the mind of man can perceive and conceive, he can achieve? Yet, we often witness and observe, individuals in positions of leadership, who become their own worst enemies, because they permit their perceptions, prejudgments, and biases, limit their willingness to consider alternatives and options! I've often been told, during my four decades of involvement, identifying, qualifying, training, developing and consulting, to thousands of actual and/ or potential leaders, that someone would be able to proceed in the best direction, despite his personal perspectives. However, doesn't it make sense, doing so, might automatically, create a degree of inner conflict and inefficiency? Let's review, from a mnemonic perspective, why leaders must beware of what/ how they PERCEIVE.

1. Priorities; planning: Doesn't it seem somewhat obvious, one would determine his priorities, in many cases, dependent upon, h…

The Most Magnificent Monuments of Casablanca

The city of Casablanca developed from a small fishing port at the beginning of the 20th century to become the commercial and economical center of the whole country. This is in addition to the large number of travelers who tour Morocco and visit Casa every year.

Casablanca is the third largest city in Africa after Cairo and Lagos in terms of the number of population. The city is famous for its marvelous blend of ancient sites and modern establishments. The city of Casablanca is included almost in all travel packages to Morocco.

Today, we would be highlighting some of the most major and remarkable historical sites of Casablanca

The Mosque of Hassan II

Since its establishment in 1987, the Mosque of Hassan II became a famous landmark of Casablanca. Situated over the shores of the city, the mosque is the largest in Morocco and Africa, and the one of the biggest religious establishments all over the world. The Mosque of Hassan II is a popular visit for any traveler who tours…