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Plastic Guns To Be Outlawed - But Why?

Perhaps you are a supporter of the Second Amendment, and do have much a problem with our citizens owning guns - or perhaps you are tired of listening to the TV scaring you about gun violence, and just wish all hand guns in the US would go away. It's hard to believe that I or anyone else can convince you of the other perspective, most everyone seems to side with one side or the other, and some perhaps have caveats to their middle of the road "gray area" view of it all. Something like; All Law Abiding Citizens In A Good State Of Mind Should Have The Right to Own A Gun. Okay so, let's talk about this debate for a moment shall we?

If you search the second amendment on Google you are liable to get something like this from the Cornell Law Library: " The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: 'A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be in…

US Military Readiness Is Vitally Important - Are We Doing Enough?

Yes, I'd rather use our Federal Treasury for better things, but we don't live in the perfect utopian world of the future, we live in today's world and that means we need military weapons and readiness. This means training, equipment, and weapon systems. Question is: how much is enough? A very fair question, and to that point I dare to ask; how much is too little? That's right, considering the challenges in the world today, are we ready for multiple wars simultaneously, or having a conventional conflict with a fellow superpower, emerging superpower, or former superpower? Let's discuss this.

UPI Online International News had an interesting article posted on December 29, 2016 titled; "U.S. Navy orders 214 Raytheon Tomahawk missiles," written by Ryan Maass which stated:

"Raytheon received all funding for the contract at the time of the award, which was not competitively procured. The Naval Air Systems Command in Patuxent River MA, is li…

Terrorism Is a Global Problem - Will the Globalist Elite Use This As An Excuse to Delete Freedom?

Terrorism Is a Global Problem - Will the Globalist Elite Use This As An Excuse to Delete Freedom?
We all know there is sectarian violence in much of the Middle East, and on the African Continent the religious waring never seems to stop. Then there is ethnic cleansing which is so bad, it's hard not to call "Humanity" an oxymoron. The reality is such things have been going on for as long as humans have recorded their history, and probably a long-time before that considering that Chimpanzee Troops often attack and kill neighboring troop members, not much could be more terrorizing than that in the middle of the night if you were a member of that species.

If we look up "Terrorism" on WikiPedia we see a long list of terrorist acts and events spanning many decades, perhaps it's just a word, "Guerilla Warfare" embodies similar tactics and goals, and that's been going on a while too. Raping and pillaging villages is a historical known…

Does Drone Warfare Stir The Hornet's Nest and Create More Terrorists?

Have you ever noticed in nature how fearful little rodents and field rats are when it comes to flying things? They are perpetually petrified of birds of prey in the sky, and evolutionarily speaking it makes a lot of sense.

For those critters which are not afraid of the birds swooping down to eat them, probably never grow up old enough to reproduce. Have you ever considered that terrorists operate a lot like field rats, afraid of the sky, no not of the proverbial 'devil in the sky' or pterodactyl but rather of a US Predator Drone.

In many regards one could say that we are terrorizing the terrorists, and why not, they use fear as their weapon, why not fight fear with fear, aka: fire with fire? Now many diplomatic types, left-leaning think tanks, and some of our closest allies believe that we are 'stirring the hornet's nest' with our out-of-nowhere drone strikes and that this actually helps the terrorists recruit other terrorists, thus, it is just ca…

Swarm Warfare Multi-Projectile Burstiness Approach to Overwhelming Enemy Defense Systems

There is a branch of mathematics that deals with peak usage, and it can be used in automobile and highway traffic optimization, aircraft control, peak cell tower demand, predicting rogue waves in the ocean, and data transfer solutions. Artificial Intelligence with the use of this math and carefully crafted algorithms can predict bottlenecks, divert traffic and come up with optimized routing.

Now then, I ask, can the mathematics of "burstiness" be used in military technologies to protect our forces against the onslaught of a swarm attack? Well, our think tank was working on this problem not long ago, and let me explain why.

You see, it stands to reason that the latest and greatest military ship defense system are robust enough to handle incoming swarm munitions, however, what if those systems are overwhelmed by false positives or at the onset of detection, we don't have enough data on the projectiles to determine if they are void of a warhead or false p…