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Putin's SS - The Kremlin's Bodyguards

In early 2016 the Kremlin officially announced the consolidation of several security agencies to create one National Guard consisting of an estimated 350,000-400,000 personnel. It's one powerful and well-armed security agency, a de facto personal army, an executive military protection force, under Putin's direct command. Historically such exclusive protective services are de rigueur for any autocrat.

Interestingly, the creation of such an ominous force goes against the official government that Putin's popularity rating is about 80%. If that's the case, what does he have to fear especially after his triumphant walk-over victory in Crimea and successful "shock & awe" aerial military campaign in Syria to save an embattled allied in Assad all while suffering minimal casualties.

Obviously Putin is preparing himself against internal threats. Despite the recent recovery in oil prices and rise in the ruble, the two- year recession has hurt the …

Putin's Teddy Bear Military - A Cardboard Cutout

Who's afraid of the big bad bear?

President Putin has masterfully crafted a program to provoke the West into a hissy-fit about a former military superpower seeking to recapture its past Soviet era glories and domination through military adventures that challenge NATO and American might. During Russia's recent aggressive thrust close to and beyond the Near Abroad, Russia engaged in battles that were guaranteed public relations victories, not military ones notably: Crimea, eastern Ukraine and Syria. Each encounter had limited downside risk because Russia's military

faced inferior, if any, opposition. Consider the following:
Eastern Ukraine has a large ethnic Russian population and Ukrainian government forces in effect felt like it was fighting on foreign soil. Although Russia denied utilizing its ground troops in this campaign, they still had to be clever to minimize the burials of "little green men." Crimea was a lightning invasion of an island w…

The Need for an Impartial International News Service

The history of 2016 will be very hard to write. There have been so many false bulletins repeated by every news outlet, and with commercial and political pressures behind every medium, the news is rushed out in fierce competition to be first. Falsities were often corrected, but corrections are always less sensational, and hence less memorable, than the first scandalous pronouncement. Then both in connection with the Brexit referendum in the UK, and the presidential election in the USA, individuals were contradicting themselves and making unsubstantiated statements at a rate that left both the media and the public confused and floundering far behind the facts, where facts were able to be discerned.

The news media must share a good proportion of the blame for the disastrous outcomes of the UK Brexit referendum and the US presidential election. In both cases, emotion was allowed to overwhelm reason: the perceived need for strict controls on immigration was trumpeted muc…

Under the Hood of Website Translation

If you are a smart marketer or an ambitious entrepreneur, chances are that words like website translation are not alien to you. You must have already grabbed the opportunity to make your product and brand stand visible and comfortable on a global stage. You must have started having conversations or strategies to shape your significant content formats like website or apps into a translation context.

It is very helpful at this point to understand some details that go into the making of this magic called effective translation, the wonder called 'translation with a global impact'.

Have you covered aspects like content template or source code sharing with the service provider among other elements? It would help if your code or format, whether it is a word document or an in-CMS transition, aligns well with the overall translation process and expertise.

It would also assist in a major way if you make a clear and informed choice about some not-so-easy decisions well…

Being Your Own Boss - Sometimes It Gets Lonely - Depression Awareness Month

(This post was uploaded in support of Depression Awareness Month)

When the idea to start your own business first popped into your head, I'm guessing a certain level of pessimism invaded the bubble. The thought of the grind ahead I'm sure became all you thought about and perhaps, for some of you, those thoughts delayed the start-up somewhat.

But over time, that urge to be your own boss overwhelmed the pessimism and you made the jump.

And here you are.

You're the boss.

And, it's a bit scary right?

Sure it's got its perks. You can pick the kids up from school. You no longer have to get approval to be ill and you set your own hours.


Even though you get to set your own hours, you never really switch off. The traditional 9 to 5 that forced you to become your own boss somehow gave way to a more gruelling 24 / 7.

Okay, you get to be ill without having to convince someone you are not fit to go to work but now, when you get ill, you probably won&#…