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Faculty Professors And Staff At Universities Vow To Fight Against Donald Trump

Last time I checked, Universities existed to teach the next generation and prepare them to take the helm and propel our society and civilization, and humankind into the future with the right knowledge and skills to do it. And yet, these days professors and academia in general seems to have taken up a new cause, they call it many things; social justice, equality, diversity, sustainability, progressive agenda. In fact, it appears that they believe these things to be more important to their mission than actually teaching our next generation the very subjects we've hired them to teach. Let's talk.

The other day, I read an open letter from a Chemistry Professor to the faculty and staff at the local University, asking them to repost it all over social media. The letter talked about attacking the Trump Administration, which had yet to even come into power. One of the main points of the letter, also endorsed by the State University Employees Union, stated; "We w…

Trump's Generals - The Militarized Government

Trump's appointment of a coterie of former and current military generals to key high-level government posts is unnerving and quite ironic from a man who aggressively avoided being drafted in the Vietnam War. Now he needs their services. It's not so much about defending America's core interests overseas which is a necessity for this empire, rather it's the almost exclusive appointment of generals that give the frightening perception that America could be not only more aggressive overseas but domestically as well. It's the latter that is most worrisome as a threat to our freedoms.

It's an open secret that significant economic structural flaws worldwide exists. We barely escaped an economic meltdown in 2008, however because no genuine changes to fix the system were undertaken combined with an exploding global debt crisis, we're heading for an inevitable train wreck. According to Trump, he has good instincts and his instincts probably tell him…

Dear Liberals, Don't Cry Over Trump's Victory - It Was Destined To Happen

They accused him of being a racist, islamophobe, xenophobe, male chauvinist pig, and what not. Media, which did not hide its loyalty to Hillary Clinton, demonized him. They lined up women, one of them porn stars, to accuse him of misbehaving with them, and they even dug out some old tapes to stigmatize him. The left-leaning media, headed by the New York Times, published editorial columns exhorting the people not to vote for him. They published what they called pre-poll survey results, in which they blissfully predicted Hilary Clinton's landslide victory and derived great pleasure out of their false predictions. They even went to the extent of frightening the people that if they elect Trump the consequences would be apocalyptic.

In spite of their 'leave no stone turned' efforts, Trump triumphed and Hillary humbled. The left liberals, who went all guns blazing against Trump, bit the dust. The scaremongers were overwhelmed. And the people, especially the toi…

WMD In Iraq, Was Bush Correct?

Today, everyone jokes about the Bush Administration's claim that Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). We hear things all the time about "yellow cake" and how the CIA and intelligence agencies supposedly lied that Saddam was trying to get Uranium to enrich. Somehow the narrative of WMD changed definitions in the left-leaning media to mean "nuclear" weapons of mass destruction, not biological or chemical WMD.

The other day, I read another report from a Think Tank that stated; "Congress believed the so-called WMD 'lies' too, long before Bush. In fact, British Intelligence still stands by the story."

This hardly surprises me, because we now know that the WMD (chemical weapons) left Iraq three days before we entered Baghdad, a Russian Convoy took them across into Syria, some actually made it to Libya, which is why the Bush Administration noted the axis of evil and three more countries were later added.
Gaddafi imm…

Royal Raider: Mahmud of Hazni


Indian history is a history of invasions, particularly from the North West Frontier. Here the high Hindu Kush Mountains formed an impregnable barrier, but some passes through these mountains made it easy to enter the rich and fertile plains of India. The most famous of these passes is the Khyber pass that connects India (now Pakistan) to Afghanistan and Central Asia., This pass has been the conduit for innumerable invasions of the fertile plains of India. Unfortunately as brought out by Field Marshal Viscount Montgomery in his " History of Warfare", these passes were never guarded by the Hindu rulers of India, who really lacked strategic sense regarding the guarding of these important passes.

These passes, notably the Khyber Pass was the conduit of the first invasion of India by the Muslims and the royal raider who first crossed this path was Mahmud of Ghazni. He was the first Muslim conqueror who rode into India and all along he displayed a shrewd…