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How To Trick Ticks For A Safe And Tick-Free Summer

Summer blooms not only with colorful flowers but also with various parasites, and there is no doubt that as a pet parent, you take considerable steps to control these pests especially ticks. Ticks can be picked up easily by furry pals and are huge in number whether it's urban area or rural area. These blood sucking creatures that belong to the spider group can cause a wide range of diseases, including Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain fever, which are highly dangerous for pet health as well as humans too.

Usually present on leaf litter, undergrowth and long grass within heathland, woodland, rough pasture as well as urban parks and gardens, ticks are picked up on hair, clothes when a dog or person brushes part them. Feeding on the blood of animals, they can pick up the infection and can pass on from one animal to another.
To avoid these blood-thirsty critters, follow the tick tips and protect your furry pal.

Round the WORLD Tick Tips
Buy a tick removal device such as a t…

More Affordable Homes Needed

The Government keep telling us they will build more houses, but there seems little action, certainly not enough, they are not keeping up with demand. However there is a way to build eco-friendly housing fast! One way is to build dwellings in the gardens of suitable properties, but this requires a change in current legislation, that's all.

This would create homes for the both the elderly family members and younger members not able to get on the housing ladder. The elderly would benefit by small cosy eco-friendly homes in close proximity to family members, but retaining their independence and dignity.

This could free up houses that are too big for their needs and costly to run, which could be perfect for families. It could free up hospital beds, and make caring for the elderly more convenient for relatives, and encourage family's to care for their elderly. It could reduce the need for so much community care and reduce the cost for the families. It could also sav…

What Are The Different Types Of Aerial Photography?

It may seem that aerial photography is very easy to define, which is taking a photograph from the air. This is somewhat true; however, there are several categories of it that it is very crucial for you to understand. Also, there is an increasing variety of photographic methods that are not obvious.

Main Branches

Oblique - Oblique aerial images are taken from some kind of aircraft, regardless of whether this is a fixed wing aeroplane, a balloon, or a helicopter. The subject is seen at an angle and thus the images are perceived by the human eye as having definition and depth. This branch is often used for promoting work, aerial construction progress reports, archaeology, producing an extraordinary photograph for display, in the sale of residential or commercial property, or in legal disputes.

Vertical - This is sometimes referred to as "overhead". Vertical aerial photographs are taken from directly overhead looking down vertically. Therefore, they produce a fla…

Social Media - Do You Have a Strategy?

Social media has the same principles as face to face networking and is the most important part of your marketing. It not only enhances your relationship building but reinforces the outcomes you want from your business. We need to have strategies for our social media to help us achieve what we have created by making sure it is in both our business and marketing plans.

Most small businesses are not aware of how important it is to have both a business and marketing plans so that they are moving in the right direction. If we do not know what we want our business to be in the future, we can't create it, so the clarity of our VISION for our business is very important. Social media gives us the opportunity to market ourselves to a wider group of people and businesses whom we would never have the opportunity to connect.

Are you aware that when you are using a social media platform, no matter which one, your aim is to create your likeability both personally and as a busi…

Are You at Risk of Being "Uberized"?

If you're like many Business Owners and Leaders you probably feel pretty good about the position you hold in your market... so did the taxi cab companies and drivers before Uber became a reality. Now they are scrambling and trying to find a way to survive... even to the point of trying to get political help in different cities to stay afloat.

Disruption and Commoditization have impacted virtually every industry today. There probably isn't a single industry that hasn't been impacted by a disruptive organization entering their market and stealing some of their market share. Uber is an excellent example but there are many others that have been equally disruptive.

Companies such as LegalZoom have taken billions of dollars away from attorneys over the past several years. They captured and disrupted a document and transaction-based business and turned it into a commodity by substantially lowering the pricing of document preparation... impacting attorneys all ov…

How Personalized Giveaways Can Boost Your Small Business Revenue

We are all looking for ways to increase the effectiveness of our marketing dollars, especially considering how mind bendingly expensive the cost of running a business is these days.

Personalized giveaways, in the form of promotional items with your logo and message on them, are one of the best ways to increase your return on investment. For a relatively small price, you can increase your brand awareness and reach more potential customers and clients, converting people who were not aware of your business into aware and appreciative partners.

Give Away and Get Customers

Do you like getting things for free? So do your customers.

The beauty of a personalized giveaway is threefold:
Happy customers Brand exposure Reciprocity Free gifts make your customers or potential customers feel appreciated. Their first impression of your brand is your generosity and your thoughtfulness. Thus begins a relationship that you can foster into a loyal customer for years to come.

With one free…

Five Unbelievable Facts About Cold Chain Technologies

In pharmaceutical, medical and biotech industries, the technology of cold chain used to regulate the temperature allocation solutions. It is most preferred in growth and deliverance of shielded thermal wrapping solution which safeguards the reliability of temperature prone goods. Since many periods of skills in the cold chain, they entirely recognize its management and practices, their requirements and limits.

Therefore, they are establishing in making and delivery of original thermal wrapping and emerging as the business's huge cold chain solution suppliers. Cold chain technologies provide a significant role for the numerous amounts of business, meticulously shipment, and retail. It refers to as the technology which regulates the temperature-managed supply chain. It is the technology that applied basically in, drug, food and chemicals shipments industries.

The crucial temperature series for this technology in the pharmaceutical fields are from 2 to 8 degree Cel…

Five Lessons Small Businesses Can Learn From Casinos

Exciting games, extravagant lighting, loud sounds, multiple entertainment options and the desire to make big money real quick are some of the things that come to mind when we hear the term 'Casino'. However, casinos are more than just this. The casino industry can also teach you valuable lessons in order to be more adept and successful as a professional.

Whether you're running a large corporation, a small business or working at an individual level, vital business lessons can be learnt by studying businesses practices at casinos. You'd be amazed to know the sheer number of factors that are involved in making a casino run successfully. Every decision made is critical as it can mean the difference between making or losing money.

Modern day casinos are built like "cities within cities." You can gamble, eat, sleep, shop, and get entertained, all without ever having to leave the casino complex. This phenomena is called 'vertical integration…

Vaser Lipo Hi-Def Treatment For Defined Muscle Tone In The Chest And Stomach

For men, especially younger men, the abdomen is a popular area to treat, as it seems that no matter how many sit-ups, work outs and crunches they do, that illusive six-pack can seem impossible to achieve.

Annoyingly, the abs are one of the hardest areas to lose that last bit of excess fat from. Although you might be fit and healthy, it can feel very demoralising to know, that even though you have a healthy diet and do regular exercise, some stubborn fat deposits just won't shift.

Men of all ages have Vaser Lipo treatment on lots of areas, but mostly, men's preferred treatments seem to concentrate on the abs, chest and flanks. Male clients often wish for a six-pack tummy, although with those who are not in tip-top shape, creating a twin pack is actually more realistic. If however they are slim and have good muscle tone and good skin elasticity, then they'll be suitable for the full six-pack look!

Image conscious men who are desperate to get rid of body fat…

Detailed Outline on Some Important Aspects of Breast Lifts

It is due to the natural aging procedure that our skin begins to lose the elasticity. Women also perceive varied changes in the breasts with growing age. The women possessing smaller breasts usually notice subtle alterations as the breasts droop downwards. The women who have heavier breasts perceive noticeable changes in breast shape. Opportunely, the advances in the medical ground have brought proper solution to these problems.

A form of plastic surgery known as breast lift is becoming popular these days to treat or correct breast defects. The breast lift is the trusted surgical procedure, which allows women to get perfect contours specifically by uplifting drooped breasts, which further provide a youthful projection. Studies show that women start feeling even more confident after this surgery. In fact, the women look more attractive, fit as well as young than before. Mothers who want to regain their pre-pregnancy outlook mostly prefer this surgery. To know more ab…

Whose Champion Are You?

When you think of being a champion, what comes to mind? Do you think of winning a competition or earning a title? Do you imagine being awarded a trophy or title and receiving the accolades of an adoring crowd? Let's add two more words and see how the image of champion changes. When you think of being a champion for someone, what comes to mind? Where does the focus go? Who notices? What is the "win"?
At a recent workshop with educators, the focus of our discussions turned to the need of every child to have a champion who believes in them and provides the supports they need until they can believe in themselves.

Many kids and teens have been so hurt by their experiences in the world that they react with anger and resist the efforts of those who try to help them. These young people seem to be determined to recreate the abandonment, rejection, and disillusionment that have been their experience in the world. Teachers spoke of their emotional stress as they tr…