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The Best Fifteen Of All '16 Albums

In the world of music, the year 2016 started with sadness. At the start of the second week in January, David Bowie passed away just a few days after his 69th birthday.

The demise of other rock icons soon followed, as we lost Glenn Frey of the Eagles and Dale "Buffin" Griffin that very same month. Before the year had ended, fans had to say final goodbyes to Prince, Leon Russell, and Paul Kantner, among others.

Fortunately, Bowie left us with a new studio album that was released just before his death. Titled Black Star, the album certainly provided a shining light for the rest of 2016 for music fans.
Here are the best fifteen albums that were released in 2016.

Breakin' Point by Peter, Bjorn and John

Contagious beats and a tenor as sweet as John Lennon's combined to make this album, featuring the single Dominoes, the best album of the year.

(White Album) by Weezer

The power pop band returned to its nineties heyday with this delicious Grammy-nominated album, hi…

Navigate the World of Theatre Auditions With Dignity and Ease

Theatre auditions inspire intense fear and anxiety for some actors. Stage fright and fear of rejection are normal emotions to have, both for new and experienced actors. What is the key to successful theatre auditions? Unfortunately, nothing can guarantee a winning performance, but with a little bit of knowledge, you can show up and play your best role.

First and foremost, prepare. Fumbling over lines conveys a sense of unprofessionalism and may cause
potential collaborators to question your work ethic and commitment.

Practice cultivating positive relationships with the theatre community, both with actors and the crew. You never know who can help you achieve your dreams or be a great co-collaborator. Theatre is not a nine-to-five job, but it is still of crucial importance to treat your colleagues with respect and to maintain a reputation of being a gracious actor to work with.

Show up with your full self. Bring your best to the table, and don't expect your collea…

7 Fuel Saving Ideas

We all love to complain about the price of fuel, and few of us understand the mysteries around the seemingly random increases and decreases in costs at the pump. There are things we can all do to improve our gas mileage, however, whether we drive a brand new car or an old beater. Take a look at these fuel saving tips and put some extra money in your pocket.

Tire Pressures

Get used to checking your tire pressures regularly, at least once a week. Under-inflated tires cause excessive rolling resistance which results in burning more fuel. Conversely, the right tire pressures will reduce rolling resistance and therefore use less fuel.

How heavy is your load?

It makes sense that if your vehicle is loaded down with stuff your car is going to have to work harder in order to run, which means that it will take more gas to operate. Obviously there will be times when this cannot be avoided. But there may be an accumulation of stuff in your car that doesn't really need to be t…

Aviation Lessons in Automation and Their Application in Autonomous Cars

In my day job, I am a First Officer on private jets. I am a professional pilot who flies all over the country to take the affluent where they need to go. One day I was flying into Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI) to pick up another airplane so, as a crew, we could fly our customer to his home. The aircraft had been on the ground for about a week and a half. It didn't make sense to keep us on-site for a week (and pay hotel, rental car, and meal expenses) so we flew home. I flew home back that morning and planned to meet my Captain at the jet, located at one of the satellite airports to BWI. I grabbed an Uber from BWI to the smaller airport and along the way my driver and I listened to the news. This day coincided with reports of yet another Tesla autopilot malfunction, pointing to the possibility of a recall of their automated systems. My Uber driver began asking about autopilot systems (since he knew I was a jet pilot) and it started me thinking.
The …