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The More You Think About Money The More You Make

He who thinks consistently about a thing will usually tend to grow towards that thing, whether it be riches, poverty, love, hate or anything else under the sun. Have you ever noticed how when sometimes you are just thinking about somebody, they will call or send you a message. Or at times just when you are thinking about something that you need, that thing will show up? In the Jamaican culture, when one more people are talking about another person in a good or bad way and that person suddenly appears in front of you, it is now a common superstition that this person will live long. It is a common superstition which is a sign that this occurrence is far from rare.

This same idea holds true for the appearing of money. The more you begin to think about money, the more money will come your way. First you begin to think about gaining money, then you might consider how you don't have any money. Then you might begin to think about how you can gain more money. Then concrete …

The Money Making Power Of Thought

The only thing you need is your thought to make money in this world. One of the world's greatest actors was once down on himself. Unknown, he was poor and struggling to find any work as an actor and was so desperate for money that he even sold his dog (with tears in his eyes, a dog he would later buy back) and his wife's jewelry for money. The actor knew nothing was going on in his life but he still kept on believing that something could happen, at anytime.

One day while he was watching a boxing match between Muhammad Ali and another less formidable opponent. Ali would hit him and he would sway, he would get hit and hit but for some reason he just wouldn't quit. He was taking thunderous blows for the duration of the match but in the end he still lost. However, when the bell sounded to signal the end of the match, something magical happened.

The actor got an idea, the struggling actor got a thought that he should write a movie similar that would portray a cha…

Money Consciousness

We already learnt about becoming wealth conscious, so you remember that it is those things that you focus on that are going to come into your reality. While growing up in this philosophy,sometimes I couldn't find anything to uplift me and keep my vibrations up. At times,all around me optimism was lacking.

I may do my affirmations and begin feeling joyful, but when I turn on the TV to watch the news, there is violence and crime everywhere. Watching TV would bring my vibration down so then I would log on to the Internet to find some solace. However, when I log on to Facebook I see the same violence, crime, hopelessness, racism and depression. As a result my vibration gets pushed down even lower to where it was before I did my affirmations.

I noticed that it was hard for me to keep my vibrations up, I needed new material that would always be harmonious, uplifting, joyful, hopeful and inspiring. Unfortunately, this type of material was hard to find for a long time, so m…

How Concentration Can Bring You Wealth

Pick up a magnifying glass and bring it outside. Then find a small stick and hold the glass over the stick for at least a few minutes. In a little while you see that the rays of the sun being concentrated in time begin to light the little stick on fire.

Just as it is for the rays of the sun when concentrated to strike fire to a given area,just so the rays of your mind can be concentrated to bring unlimited amounts of wealth into your life.

Micheal Jordan he is the greatest basketball player of all time. However, at some point in time he wasn't. Funny and impossible as it seems Micheal Jordan actually didn't even make his junior varsity team.
Micheal Jordan was a good player but didn't become Micheal Jordan until he began to concentrate all his mental energies toward playing the game of basketball.

It all changed when he began to eat, sleep, live basketball. All of his thoughts pertained to basketball and so did his actions. He was the first to arrive to prac…

Why You Need Somebody To Help You Make Money

Micheal Jordan had one. Alex Rodriguez had one. Puff Daddy had one. Oprah had one. All of these highly successful people and more have one thing in common. They all at some point in their life have had a life coach. They had somebody in their life who was there to give them support and advice. This person can be a family member, a friend, a teacher or even a sports coach, just somebody around you who can guide you in the way that you want to go. Concerning money, you want to go for somebody who already has money or who has made big money in the past so you can borrow their experience.

In my life I've had many mentors as I am always looking to people with more experience than me for advice on how I can become better in any area. This is the only way to truly gain loads of money in the quickest way possible, because when you borrow from the experience of somebody else, you cut out the time you lose from trial and error.

I can remember as a teen how I looked up to an o…