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Effective Ayurvedic Treatment for Depression and Nerve Problems

By Ajit Kumar With the anxieties and strains of present-day life, a great many people are enduring some type of pressure at the psychological level including nerve problems. This might be communicated by such feelings as dejection, nervousness, touchiness, frailty or a general sentiment of disappointment. Ayurveda has given careful consideration to such issues and has defined ayurvedic treatment for depression. Dejection is alluded to as Mano Avasad in Ayurveda. Medicine for nervous weakness is available in Ayurveda which effectively helps one to recover.Depression Treatment in Ayurveda in Hindi:Ayurveda additionally says Depression as "Vishada". In spite of the fact that this illness is kept under mental sicknesses, it can likewise influence the body; consequently, it can prompt any physical or mental issue. Despondency is a disease that penetrates your entire body. It influences the way you feel about things and circumstances.Sorrow strikes millions every year, frequently…

How could AR disrupt education in the coming years?

As our professional and personal lives are moving towards a more digital environment, it’s no surprise to see new and emerging technologies making their way to educational institutions as well. ...

As our professional and personal lives are moving towards a more digital environment, it’s no surprise to see new and emerging technologies making their way to educational institutions as well.

Today, EdTech Magazine reports that 63% of teachers are using technology in the classroom daily to improve student engagement — from making use of blogs, to playing educational games. A rising concept that some institutions are looking to use is augmented reality (AR), which blends our real-world environment with immersive, video game-like graphics through the use of everyday mobile devices. Given that today’s generation of students have grown up surrounded by digital technology, integrating AR within classrooms should be relatively easy and fun for them to adopt.

But how exactly can AR help students le…

Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy in Winter

Winter is coming! And with the arrival of dry, cold winds comes the need to double the care of your hair! As you know, that the icy winds, colder days and snowy nights will make your hair dry, dull and brittle, it is the high time you adopt a few guidelines and keep your hair safe & shiny.

It is true that everyone's hair is different, but there are some tips that are applicable for all! Want to know? Here are some of the best hair care tips just for you:-
Deep Conditioning! The best way to keep your hair nourished during winter is to give them a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week. This is necessary to retain moisture in your hair and keep them healthy throughout!Avoid washing hair each day! In winter, the main thing is to keep your moisturized. When you wash your hair or give them heat treatments, they get dry. So, to prevent your hair from drying out, limit the number of times you wash your hair. It is normal to wash two times a week. In other words, w…

Are You Experiencing Painful Cramps During Periods?

Severe menstrual pain (Dysmenorrhea) usually occurs before the onset of your menstrual cycle. This pain is observed in the lower abdomen or lower back which can range from mild to severe. Dysmenorrhea can happen at either stage: beginning of the periods (Primary Dysmenorrhea) or after 1-2 years of women having periods (Secondary Dysmenorrhea).

I feel high pressure in the abdomen before periods. Is it due to cramps?

Yes, having pressure in the abdomen is a symptom of menstrual cramps. Other possible indications of menstrual cramps are as follows:
� Severe abdominal pain

� Pain in hips, inner thighs and lower back

� Nausea due to improper digestion

� Loose stools

Why am I having so much pain during my periods?

Menstrual pain basically occurs due to contractions in the uterus. When the uterus contracts strongly, it builds pressure on the blood vessels resulting in loss of oxygen supply leading to pain.

I have secondary Dysmenorrhea. Why does it happen?

Since you are secondary dysmenorrhea, it is i…

Total Knee Replacement - Benefits, Risks and Post Operative Care

Total Knee Replacement - Benefits, Risks and Post Operative Care
By Sejal KakadiyaTotal knee replacement surgery answers the debilitating conditions that threaten patients with movement restrictions and pain. Severely degenerated and damaged knees cause pain in the joints and make movement difficult. The condition grows worse progressively. This surgical procedure relives the pain and brings back flexibility and mobility.Need for replacement surgeryPatients suffering from osteoarthritis and long term knee pain problems benefit from the replacement surgery. Patients with impaired movements due to knee related problems can consider this option.What is total knee replacement?Knee replacement is a surgical procedure. During the procedure Surgeons replace the damaged or diseased portion of the knee with plastic or metal prosthesis. In total replacement the entire knee is replaced.Function of the knee and how replacement helpsThe knee joint is crucial to lower limb flexibility and movement. …

What Is a Rapid Prototyping Service?

Rapid Prototyping or RP is new development in the manufacturing industry. For the first time, this type of machine was introduced at the end of 1980s. Nowadays, these machines serve a lot of purposes. For instance, RP machines are used to produce tiny components of high-quality. Also, some sculptors make use of this technology to make exhibitions. Let's find out more.

Rapid prototyping uses different techniques like CNC machining, Rapid Injection Tooling, RIM, FDM, and SLS, just to name a few.Aside from this, it uses many latest processes like 3D printing and ballistic particle manufacturing. We call these processes additive manufacturing. Unlike the traditional manufacturing, RP starts with nothing and produces a completed part at the end.Importance of Rapid PrototypingFor best scale, performance and functionality, you may want to test your concepts before you build your database and application. Given below are some solid reasons why rapid prototyping is used nowadays. Reduce dev…

Different Encryption Algorithm

Different Encryption AlgorithmBy Dhiraj Kumar Ray There are basically 2 different types of encryption - Asymmetric and Symmetic Encryption. This both encryption is supported by Java.Different encryption algorithms that supports java are:1. DES - with Key size of 56-bit, DES is considered as slower encryption algorithm.2. Triple DES - it engages the key size of 112/168, but provides equivalent security of 80/112, which makes it a slower one too.3. AES - it reserves the key size of 128-bit, 198-Bit and 256-bit which is considered as a faster algorithm. Though it is a faster one, its speed depends on the Key Size.4. Blowfish - with key size of 128-bit up to 448-bit, it's considered as a better, faster algorithm. Blowfish is now superseded by Twofish.5. RC4 - Key size from 40-bit to 1024-bit, RC4 is the fastest java supported encryption algorithm.Now when it comes to choose between these different encryption techniques, DES and Triple DES are outdated.The best algorithms are the ones …

How Can a Threesome Spice Up the Bedroom Experience?

After some time, are your bedroom life becoming boring and blue? Here we are gonna know the ways to spice it up and how can a threesome work.

Many people believe that human beings aren’t monogamous by nature. Threesomes are a testament to that. But like every other thing related to human experiences, they work differently for different people.

Whether it works for you or not, there’s no use denying that you have, at some point in your life, fantasized about a threesome. In research, it was shown that around 80% of the participants, men, and women alike, fantasized about having a threesome. However, less than half the number reported actually having experienced them.

A gap exists between fantasizing about threesomes and actually having them. A number of factors come into play here, including fear, taboos, and insecurities. However, there is only one way of knowing for sure: having a threesome.

You can decide whether you want to continue having it or not, but everyone should experience it o…

The Love of God Is Deep

How much of God's love have you experienced? The love of God is awesome and deep more than your natural mind can imagine. The love of God is everything you need to be stable and successful in life. This article is aimed at making you desire more of God's manifestation of His love in your life.

That He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with might through His Spirit in the inner man, that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; that you, being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the width and length and depth and height --- to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge; that you may be filled with all the fullness of God - Ephesians 3:16-19 (NKJV).

The love of God is beyond description, but one thing I know is that it is wonderful. It is the answer to all your challenges. The love of God covers multitude of sin (Proverbs 10:12), it is the greatest of the great three (…

Leaders Never Achieve, Unless They START!

Have you belonged to any organization for over a decade, and when you sit through one of their present meetings, feel as if you've heard it all before? How many times, and how many ways, do groups discuss, talk about, and do nearly everything else, other than actually address what must be done, and begin doing something about it? How could any leaders, no matter how well - intentioned or well - meaning, or even talented/ skilled, achieve anything worthwhile, if they never START, and stop all the empty rhetoric, theories, and excuses/ blaming/ complaining? The adage, Action speaks louder than words, must be taken seriously, if one wishes to ever accomplish, achieve, and become an effective, relevant, sustainable leader!

1. Strategy; system: After 4 decades of identifying, qualifying, training, developing and consulting to thousands of actual and/ or potential leaders, I am baffled that so many either seek to remain within the safe confines of their comfort zone, proc…