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'Discover the Best You' With These Simple Lifestyle Changes

It would be great if we can just hold on to a magical diet plan and then in two weeks' time, achieve a slim figure like that of Cinderella. But reality proves otherwise.

No matter what diet plan you decide to go by, none of those plans have the power to transform you unless you stick on to it. The problem is not with the diet, but with your commitment. Now hitting hard on with that sensitive remark might be tough, but if you examine, you'll find what went wrong in your previous attempts.

The secret is rather simple. No matter how drool-worthy a meal looks, don't pay heed to its urgings, or else you'll end up feeling guilty for giving in to the temptations and would have lost another attempt with another worthy diet plan.

Being able to do this abruptly, especially when your hunger is at its peak, could be overwhelming and it's not going to happen overnight. Start with your little baby steps as you progress to a point where you can make a healthy choice between a plate …

Free Yourself of Envy and Malice, It Could Kill You

Our physical well-being goes way beyond just working out and eating right. Temperament is another major factor that has a great impact on a person's physical health.

Garnering negative emotions like envy and malice, make you a subject of a bad behavioral phenomenon. This not only isolates you from the social circle but it takes a huge toll on your physical health as well.

When your heart is filled with peace, it enriches your body. But contradictory to this, envy is so poisonous that it could even rot your bones.

How is this possible?

Though the fact that envy can be so lethal sounds puzzling, it is true. When you give room for negative thoughts like envy, the first target is your body language that is affected. Now speaking of body language, you feel tensed physically and emotionally, which in turn is reflected through the way you present yourself. As goes the saying that your face is the index of your mind, your body reacts each time you feel loaded with envy and bad thoughts of tha…

Should You Get Braces or Invisalign?

Whether through self-examination or from your dentist, you're getting the idea that you need braces. The thought of the bulkiness and unsightly appearance of braces terrifies you. They are also a long-term investment and you must go in regularly for adjustments.

Your dentist also mentions additional options: clear ceramic braces and Invisalign.

Invisalign sounds good. The teeth can get straightened without anyone ever really noticing.

Both braces and Invisalign have pros and cons. And the decision is not as cut and dry as you may think. The main factors that will influence your decision include how much you can afford, how disciplined you are, your lifestyle and your aesthetic preferences.


Braces involve two thin, metal wires, one for the top jaw and the other for the upper jaw. Metal brackets wrapped by colorful bands are attached to the wire and sit on top of each tooth.


� Most effective for severe bite issues and tooth spacing problems

� In the mouth 24/7

� Less expensive

Natural Stress Relief With Aquaponics

The Stress of Modern Day Living

It's a big issue today and almost daily we hear about how stressed out people have problems at home and at work, are unable to cope with managing their time and all kinds of other related issues. These people label themselves as stressed or extremely stressed and feel they just can't cope any more. And what's more the numbers are growing daily to the point where it is likely that someone you know will be touched by this debilitating condition.

This has resulted in the use of prescription drugs soaring as consumers seek instant relief for their Stress related problems. A consequence of this is that queues to visit doctors are getting longer and longer.

Natural Stress Relief through Gardening

But now, this is all beginning to change as alternative solutions are being found. Solutions which are focussed on more healthy, natural solutions for stress and anxiety relief.

Gardening has emerged as an All-In-One remedy that helps people to relieve stress …