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The Light of Christ

Have you ever stumbled around in the dark-either at night or during a power outage? It's not a very pleasant experience, is it?

Darkness is associated with a number of unpleasant things. When we are in the dark, we tend to move slowly or wander aimlessly. We tend to be scared in the dark, mainly because we can't see the dangers that would be apparent if it were light. There is something about darkness that makes us scared.

We can also wander around in spiritual darkness. That darkness is caused by our lack of knowledge in or faith in Jesus. When we receive the Light of Christ, we don't have to be afraid of darkness or evil. Christ will be with us. When we are faithful, we will be rewarded.

The prophet Isaiah wrote the passage we heard earlier in this morning's service during a time of spiritual darkness. Israel was at war with Assyria and was on the verge of being conquered because of their disobedience to God. Throw in a crop failure, no welfare system, an economy that …

Ride On Sir Galahad

As the world turns another page in history we would be mindful to not only remember the past but actually learn from it. To often man has failed to understand the lessons that history is supposed to teach us. As a new President is about to take his place on the world's stage we are often reminded of great hero's that through their deeds accomplished great and marvelous things. They left their mark in history for others to follow their example.

Now, a new President is being sworn in I am reminded of one of histories greatest hero in a time of great upheaval and unimaginable hardship. A leader of men who championed the ideals that all men are equal and free. What he accomplished in this time of unparalleled adversity became the bench mark for all leaders, Kings, and even Presidents to aspire to. The peace and prosperity during his reign is a testament to his courage, leadership, wisdom and faith.

It can be arguably said that there is a similarity between King Arthur's knight…

The Bigger Picture

On Friday, January 20th, a new president will be inaugurated, the 45th president of the United States of America. Following a long and bitter election cycle, this country doesn't seem to be very "united" at the moment.

I rarely comment about political matters. However, I offer a perspective I've heard very little about from fellow Christians over the past two years.

There have been discussions, debates, speeches, arguments, vicious verbal attacks, physical attacks, hatred, lies, tears, depression, disbelief. None of that really surprises me. But the rhetoric of some Christians has. Perhaps they do not see the bigger picture.

I'm not talking about accepting the constitutional process of our republic. Regardless of the outcome of the recent presidential election, I would still be writing the same article. Many continue to stay focused on who won the election, with either exuberant shouts of victory, or disgusted and stunned disbelief.

There are those who call themsel…

We're Going to Be OK

It was 10:45 am on Inauguration Eve, I was sitting on my couch all alone in Nashville, the confirmation hearings were playing in the background, and I looked up to see an airplane flying in the sky on the upper right-hand corner of my tv. He was headed to Washington, in a plane that didn't have his name in big letters on the side. I wasn't sure if it was Airforce One or not, but I immediately turned off the television and sat in silence.

All week I have been torn and anxious about tomorrow, I've watched every farewell speech Obama gave with tears in my eyes. It was as if my parents were breaking up and I wasn't ready. Then he gave his final press conference, and he said: "We're going to be OK." When things are upside down in my life, I tend to chant to myself "You're going to be OK," "everything will be all right." Now here was my President telling me and everyone like me, all my friends, my family members who feel the same way as I…

Democracy's Fall, the Day of Deja Vu

HARDLY does the issue need to be named, yet many in the church today are falling for something that was only eradicated seventy years ago - the rise of a fascist threat on the global stage that promises clandestinely (at this stage) to take no prisoners; the church in its wake, ensconced.

It is appalling that people within its structure cannot see segments of the church go so easily to a potentially despotic regime. Yet, none of us should be surprised. It's happened before, and it will happen again. These cycles shouldn't astonish us, for they're clearly visible in God's Word, and these events litter humanity's short history. Not being astonished, however, such a history-repeating-itself should be abhorred.

A day is coming - a day humanity should all fear - and it's not the Day of the LORD.

The Disgustingly Redolent Day the Church Fell, Almost as One, to a Dictator

Hear this echo in the words of church historian, Justo L. Gonz�lez:

"Hitler felt that Christianit…