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Al Sharpton Calls For A 'Season of Disobedience,' But Is That Helpful For America?

Why is it that a Democrat Congressman with previous ethics violations continues to cause conflict in America? How is it that such people rise to the top of the food chain in the leadership ranks of the Democrat Party? Isn't inciting a riot a crime? We know a season is 90-days, or three months, but do we really need over 3-months of protests in America, isn't the American Psyche getting protest fatigue? Is this all the left-side of the political spectrum has anymore?

Besides Al Sharpton other democrat trouble makers are calling for protests, riots, and even hinting at the need for a Civil War. In fact, Michael Moore is promoting the concept of "100-days of resistance, starting with Donald Trump's inauguration," while giving an interview for Salon (dot) com. Didn't we just get over the BLM - Black Lives Matter protests and riots partially paid for by political operative Billionaire George Soros? Do we really need any more civil unrest in America?

The Salon story …

Why The US Citizen Needs To Limit The Political Clout Of Hollywood

Why are the elites of Hollywood busy eating filet mignon and drinking the finest wine, walking on red carpets with gun toting security in designer clothes giving themselves awards and accolades while they are selling us out to the Chinese? Why does Meryl Streep believe she can use the stage to trash our next president? Of all the hypocrisy in the world, this has to take the cake, and it is totally out of touch with Middle Class America.

Hollywood is slowly being bought by Chinese interests. It's interesting that China limits the number of US films allowed into their markets each year, but if those Hollywood Movie companies are run by Chinese interests, they will have inside clout to get those movies into what will be one-day a market as big as the entire world's market for movies today. Chinese pirated DVDs flood our markets, movies stolen from Hollywood, this limits the profits of the Motion Picture Industry - and in this weakened state, these large corporations can be bought…

Tweetplomacy and Thoughttweets: The Hallmarks of the Trump Presidency?

Presidential candidates have used media, and in more recent years, social media, to communicate and connect with their voters. After being elected, Presidents have continued to use various media to keep the people of the country informed of the administration's policies and notable actions and achievements.

Even before he assumed the Office of the President, Mr. Trump used tweets to convey what he thought about various events and issues. Such use of tweets can be appropriately labeled "tweetpolicy" when the contents of such tweets make reference to, for example, the current healthcare policy. Technically the tweets are not policy, but do provide clues regarding the direction that his policies will take.

When the contents of Mr. Trump's tweets include references to actions of other countries and its leaders, the correct term to use to refer to such tweets would be "tweetplomacy". Mr. Trump has used "tweetplomacy" to send signals to other countries.