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Small Changes, Every Day - Real Change Is Only Days Away

The end of every year is a natural time to reflect on what's gone and to ponder what's coming. In reflection, there are things we can accept. In pondering, there are things we want to change.

I'm working on three things I want to do less, and three things I want to be more.

It has occurred to me recently that the signs are good I'm ready for change. I've made small changes that I didn't even decide to make consciously. The thought entered my mind - that would be good - and I practiced it twice or three times, and the habit's already in the shape of the making.

If we seek to change anything, our habits spring to the forefront.

Change is about habit challenge and conquest. We cannot change if we don't challenge our habits, and changing our habits necessitates a conquest. Change doesn't occur unless we're relentless.

Relentlessness is nothing if not a building force of enquiry and action in the direction of our goals. Small changes…

Disruptive 3D Technology Considered

The other day our think tank was discussing the challenges of 3-D printing and how "Capitalism will begin to suffer damage when 3D printing starts to affect the retail distribution chain." Consider if you will that in the future people will be 3D printing at home using carbon composite layering graphene, metallic materials, plastics, ceramic materials, etc. - people don't need to go to a retail store to buy cheap products, they can merely print them in their living room. What about the jobs at the major retailers, what about the management in retail, the buyers, truck drivers, warehouse staff? All those jobs gone?

When does this happen - as 3D printing technology matures. How fast will that happen - as fast as it takes for people to print out the new evolutions of their 3D printers at home. In other words, the technology will outpace the ability of the markets to react. Capitalism is very good at eliminating losers. The problem is that retail will be a …

3 Signs You've Got A Chronic Sinus Infection And Don't Even Know It

As the weather changes, our bodies feel as though we are being pulled in different directions. A continuous stuffy nose runs amuck, and even though we tend to attribute this to bad allergies, it turns out that we are actually talking about chronic sinus infections. Pain in your sinuses is quite high, you're dragging, and we've made these symptoms a part of just another bad allergy season.

This highlights one major point --- most people can't tell the difference between bad allergies and a severe sinus infection. Though that is alarming enough, very few will touch base with their doctor & simply taking OTC medication to alleviate their symptoms rather than find out what is really causing a problem.

For starters, inflammation is found in the nasal areas of your face. The inflammation causes some rather large amounts of mucus to fill up nasal cavities, which causes some serious pressure. This, in turn, causes the complaints of headaches and pain in the …

Cold Sore Remedies That Actually Work

Cold sores are red, painful, fluid-filled blisters found around the mouth and nose. They are contagious and are caused by herpes simplex virus type 1. If the sore is burst open and the fluid oozes out of the blister, it becomes highly contagious. They can be treated easily by use of natural remedies. Given below are some easy to use home remedies and you can get relief from your sores by following them.

Use of lysine
Lysine is an amino acid and is used to make protein. It can be obtained from supplements and various food sources, such as eggs, milk, cheese and fish. Lysine supplements are necessary for the duration of the sores.

Lip balms
Lemon balm is enriched with anti-viral properties. It also reduces the chances of recurrence of these sores.
The use of petroleum jelly is also beneficial against the sores. It also prevents any kind of secondary infection and accelerates healing.

Ayurvedic treatment
An ancient Asian medicine like Reishi, also known as Ganoderma lucid…

Tips To Ensure Your Safety and Health When Moving

Moving is a painful and stressful task to carry out. There are many people who prefer to plan a self move, but they little realize the danger and difficulties associated with it. You could hurt yourself or get injured during the move, if you are not well acquainted with the process. A list of tips given below can help you to carry out a safe and healthy move.

Do the right packing

Try to make the boxes lighter. You must remember that the boxes have to be carried by you. So, do not make them too heavy to carry. You need an extra person for help, if the boxes are heavy.

Prepare your back

Your back will get injured, if you do not move your stuffs properly. Stretch your body before carrying heavy boxes to avoid back injury. This will help to make your body suitable for the relocation.

Use the right clothing

You should wear closed shoes and loose clothes. Never wear sandals during a move. Always wear closed shoes for proper grip and support of your feet. Wearing loose clothe…