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Wellness Coach India

Wellness is about being fit or well not just physically, but
mentally and spiritually too. It is a state of being well all
round. It is a very important state that we all want to be in
but often don’t realize or know how to achieve it. A wellness
coach India is your ideal ally to work with you to achieve all
the major things which make your life fulfilling. Wellness
includes eating right, not dieting, weight loss or gain, as
required by your body, right exercise as per your age and
physical state, knowing and managing your emotions, stress
management, knowing what is important for you and managing all
those aspects in a balanced manner.

It is no secret to us that our mental state is what controls our
physical state. All ailments, including the most serious ones
have their roots in the mental state that we maintain, and
manage (or mismanage) over long periods of time. Sustained
stress is a killer that manifests in many ways, even in young

While there is this popular belief that your genes play…

5 Keys To Stress Relief

Do you remember the last time you got caught up in a situation that pissed you off or made you so fearful that it completely dismantled your ability to respond in a constructive way? Sometimes it can feel like you didn’t really have a choice in how you responded, it "just happened". If you’d like to have a more conscious choice in how you respond to stressful events in your life, keep reading…

Imagine this common scenario: You’ve had a late start to your already overbooked day and are already feeling somewhat stressed when you get into your car and remember you needed to get gas as your tank is on "E", so now you have to make another stop, which will delay you further! Depending on your typical thought process, you may immediately begin to feel anxious and worried: "Oh no! I’m going to be late for my appointment", causing tension to build as you speed down the street, gripping the steering wheel tightly and swearing at the slow poke driving …

6 SEO best practices for ecommerce

It is no longer a secret that the ecommerce business in the Arab world is growing significantly on a yearly basis. Recently, Payfort generated a detailed ecommerce report, stating that the number of online buyers in the region increased by 14% between 2014 and 2015. This growing opportunity is encouraging retailers to join the trend of selling their products online. As a web agency with an experience that made us to create a cost-effective ecommerce solution, we advise every retailer in the region to consider selling online.

Merchants are aware of this trend, so sooner or later the competition will grow further more. Therefore, shop owners would want to gain an advantage over the competition. In order to build a successful online store , an investment in marketing should be done, and more specifically, in search engine optimization (SEO). (Learn more about what is SEO).

But what are the best SEO practices for ecommerce websites to succeed in selling online?

Designing a…

SEO Tips: 10 SEO Terms You Should Know About

What is a backlink? What is 404 error? What’s the difference between 301 & 302 redirect?... If you are a business that delegated the SEO activities to an SEO agency, then you have definitely asked about, or maybe checked on Google, the meaning of some of these terms. Well, as an SEO company, we were approached by several of our clients in order to clarify some of the "technical" words used in our reports and recommendations.

For this, we decided to make it easier on everyone by creating a not-so-technical guide for 10 SEO terms everyone should know about.

Let’s start..

1. 301 vs 302 redirect: 301 redirect is a permanent redirect of a page, stating that it no longer exists and that it has been moved to another location, to another URL. A 302 redirect is a temporary redirect, which informs search engines that the page, for a reason or another, does not currently exist but will be back later on. Asking yourself what is the difference in terms of impact? Wel…